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The Ripple Effect and Angel Messages

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Welcome to Our Weekly Newsletter


Since Jan of 2021 I have been able to spend more time pursuing my spiritual interests. As a result, a whole new world that I only had glimpses of before, opened up to me. I have learned so much, gained so much insight into things happening not only in my life but in the lives of others as well as into events happening around the world. I have learned to tap into the spiritual realm for that insight and understanding, for comfort and support, and even for answers and guidance. It has all helped me to ‘grow my soul’, to quote a good friend, and to be more aligned with my soul’s purpose. Part of that purpose is to continue to serve others by sharing what I am learning, sharing my journey, and sharing my gifts. One of the ways I am to share is through writing. Hence, a weekly newsletter.

The Ripple Effect is comprised of life messages that come to me from Spirit. I am guided as to what to include in the writing and at times Spirit even gives me the precise wording! Angel Messages is also guidance from Spirit provided with the added benefit of the cards’ beautiful images as well as the author’s of the decks channelled message in the deck’s guidebook. (More on the process of reading the angel cards later.)

I have come to understand that those who need to hear the information/messages in the newsletters will read and will take from it what they need at the time when they need it. My hope is that the messages are helpful and hopeful to you on your journey.

The Process For Angel Messages

If you are new to Angel Messages, this is a little about the process I use for card readings. To start, I must point out that divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, runes, etc. are just aids to help us express or put words to the interpretation of the messages that we receive from Spirit. To clarify, when I say Spirit, I mean the Divine/God/the Creator/the Universe, as well as Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, those who have passed including ancestors, and importantly, your soul/your higher self. After asking for Spirit’s assistance, I draw a card randomly once Spirit has told me that the deck has been shuffled adequately. When I provide a card reading, I will give you the information that comes through for me and then we will look at the information for the card from the deck’s guidebook. The guidebook’s info will be in italics. Anything not in italics are my comments. What is important to understand, is that each of you will pick up on different pieces of information that resonates with you and has meaning. Just looking at the card or reading the text or comments may also bring in additional messages for you through your own intuition, a dream, or synchronicities.

As you read the messages or look at the cards, certain elements will stand out for you or feel applicable to your life. For those things that do, you might want to meditate or journal on them for more clarity or ask your angels and guides for assistance. If nothing feels applicable to you at this time, that is OK. It may mean many different things – that you are in a place where you are not needing any assistance or guidance right now, or the messages are “on hold” until such time as you need them, or you are getting or will be getting your messages via another method. Whatever and whenever  comes through for you will always be for your highest good.

If you have questions or comments about any of the newsletters please feel free to leave them below the specific newsletter or connect with me through our Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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