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Intuitive Counselling 

Intuitive counselling sessions access your soul messages and guidance from Spirit. Each session is as unique as you and your current questions or situation. 

  • Provides in depth intuitive guidance 

  • Provides a variety of supports

  • Includes a detailed Angel Card reading specific to your situation.

  • May also include an Angel Numerology reading

  • Conducted in person or via Zoom (recording the Zoom session is optional)

  • Book a series of 3 sessions at a discount

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings are conducted using your choice of an angel card oracle, angel card tarot deck or animal, starseed, crystal or goddess oracle decks.

  • A one-on-one session that will provide insight into your question with a 3 card reading (1 card for Introductory sessions)

  • Conducted in person or via Zoom (recording the Zoom session is optional)

  • Group sessions: Each individual receives a single angel card reading. (Max 10 people)

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Angel Numerology

Did you know that numbers have a unique energetic vibration that speaks to us? Would you like to learn about the energetic messages associated with your birthday and your name? Would you like to know your personal numbers for the year and current month? Are you curious about numbers or number sequences that you see repeatedly? Angel Numerology Readings can answer these questions and more. The sessions are conducted using your choice of an angel card oracle or angel card tarot deck.

  • A one-on-one session that will provide intuitive guidance and an interpretation of your numbers.

  • Provides a written report of your numbers

  • Conducted in person or via Zoom (recording the Zoom session is optional)

2 For1 Sessions

In our 2 for 1 sessions you will be receiving guidance and support from 2 gifted intuitive counsellors/healers in 1 session. These sessions often have a specialty focus based on the guest counsellor's area of expertise but the flow of the session will be guided by the client's needs.

  • Provides in depth intuitive guidance from both counsellors

  • Includes a detailed angel card reading from Marilyn. The guest counsellor may or may not provide a card reading.

  • Provides a variety of supports

  • Conducted via Zoom (recording the session is optional)

  • Book a series of 3 sessions at a discount

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Breaking Free from Life's Challenges 

New Direction in Life

Do you have questions about what your experience will be like?

See the "Testimonials" and the "What to Expect" sections below.




"I'm so thankful to Marilyn for her angel card readings and intuitive counselling sessions. The messages that came through were so accurate, positive, and helpful. Her guidance helped me get through a very difficult time and gave me hope for the future. She is such a supportive, empathic and genuine person. I would whole-heartedly recommend an angel card reading and intuitive counselling session with Marilyn!          Shazia

"I have seen first hand the work Marilyn does. She is kind, caring, compassionate and understanding. Her insights are always positive and supportive. Her readings give an accurate message that align you with your purpose."      I.R.
I had a reading with Marilyn yesterday and it was so insightful and helpful. 
I have been struggling with a few unanswered questions and hard times. 
Marilyn was very kind and knowledgeable. The guides and Marilyn gave me so much insight and what I have to work on. 
The reading was bang on with what I had been going through and the insight of what I need to do and how to move forward. 
The next day, I was high on life, my stress, worry and fears were gone. I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
I can’t thank you enough Marilyn for the awesome reading. It was incredibly helpful!                                                     Crystal  Pellerin
"I was nervous not knowing what to expect.  Thank you Marilyn for making the sessions feel so relaxing.  Your reading and help from the Angels was very positive and that alone made me feel grateful, looking very forward to the future.  I wish you much success."                                                             J. L.
" The reading with Marilyn was amazing.  She hit the nail right n the head.  Very Intuitive.  Marilyn is great at what she does."                                                                                                                                                 Linda C
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" Marilyn was somehow able to zero right in on the big overarching issues underlying all of the things going on in all aspects of my life (something I’ve struggled with for a while).  I really feel like I had a breakthrough.  I also found it fascinating that through the angel cards (which I think are a form of tarot?) the themes were identical to those my astrology are pointing to.  It was a great session.  I would definitely do it again."

What To Expect

Intuitive Counselling Sessions:

  • As an Empath, I may feel your emotions or physical concerns and send healing to them.

  • As an Intuitive I will also tune into what I hear, feel, or see for you at the time regarding your questions or concerns. Most times I will “just know” the information that comes from Spirit (Angels, Guides, Source, other dimensional beings, passed loved ones). If you have booked a 2 for 1 session, the other intuitives that I work with approach the session in the same manner.

  • The information will come in different forms - words, colours, pictures, numbers, crystals, Spirit animals or feelings that will have meaning for you and bring some healing.

  • Sometimes specific Angels come through or information about a past life.

  • I will often use tools such as Angel Oracle Cards or other decks such as animal, crystal or starseed – whichever I am guided to use.

  • I may also refer you to other resources that might be helpful for you.

Angel Card Readings: 

  • Angel Card Readings only are one on one sessions to address non-complex questions.

  • Group Angel Card Readings provide a single Angel Card Reading for each person in the small group. (Maximum 10 people)

Angel Numerology Sessions:

  • Angel Numerology will provide intuitive guidance regarding a specific question using an Angel Numerology angel card spread and/or interpretation of repeating numbers that you have been seeing

  • Further information can be brought forward from the perspective of the numbers associated with your birth name and birthdate. 

When your booking is confirmed, a Zoom link will be forwarded by email or an in person location will be determined (in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area) - whichever is your preference.

An invoice will be forwarded for payment after the session. Payment is accepted by credit card (via Stripe or PayPal), e-transfer, or cash. 

Questions? Please see our contact page or email

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