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Other Spiritual Resources for You!


Below is a summary of the "Spiritual Resources for You!" email series provided for Soul Messages clients Spring 2024. These resources are provided as part of Soul Messages' goal to assist you in your spiritual journey in whatever way feels right for you. 

All of these practitioners have incredible gifts and a loving spirit and may also provide you with the support and guidance you are looking for. They are available to assist you in your journey should you choose.

Quick Links:

A Spiritual Doctor

Meet Anika Stasiak

Healer, Empath, Clairvoyant Medium

Anika S2.jpg

Anika is a medical intuitive, empath, and psychic medium, with a deep-rooted connection to the spiritual realm as well as a strong academic background in Biology, Chemistry, and Applied Psychology. Her life's work is dedicated to guiding souls on their path to healing and self-discovery.


With the wisdom of Archangels, Ascendant Masters, and Spirit Guides, she offers you a gateway to understanding your true self, your purpose, and the tranquility that comes with spiritual alignment. Whether it's unearthing your life's purpose or soothing emotional and mental unrest, each session with Anika is a step closer to harmony, supported by her compassion, empathy, and an open heart.

From a young age, Anika recognized her gift to connect with the ethereal – a gift she has honed through a journey of self discovery to now supporting others in navigating life's complexities. As a talented intuitive, she shares her knowledge with her wide audience on the following platforms:

Facebook: Doctor Psychic

TikTok: Doctor.Psychic

Instagram: Doctor.Psychic

Anika has honed her intuitive gifts through much study and self work and is eager to work with her Spiritual team to support you. She also collaborates with me in our Soul Messages 2 for 1 Sessions where both Anika and I bring forward guidance from Spirit to assist you in your journey. Together, we would like to help you break free from life's challenges and soar towards your highest potential. 

An Amazing Spiritual Resource

Meet Ann Perry

Master Numerologist, Soul Coach & Intuitive 

Ann at desk.jpg

Ann is a very gifted Numerologist and Soul Coach. She has committed a third of her life to helping people reconnect to their Soul's Contract through Numerology readings, Soul Coaching, community-building and workshops. She confesses that her biggest thrill is to help you to connect with your soul's purpose and embrace your journey.


In addition to her one-on-one readings, Ann provides monthly numerology forecasts on You Tube as well as many videos on how numerology can guide you through life. She has created a number of amazing resources especially for those with a "Master 11" Life Path. You can also follow Ann on Facebook

Ann has also created an incredible online community to access a myriad of supports for your spiritual growth including:

  • Monthly Live Master Class with expert guest speakers

  • 95+ Master Classes in the library

  • MP4’S of all the Master Classes

  • PDF handouts

  • Live Numerology discussions

  • A library of Numerology classes

  • Community Chat Room with like minded members

  • Members' Open Mic monthly

  • Oracle Share Group 2x/month

  • Community Circles

  • Members Only Perks

  • NEW! Mobile App

A Remarkable Spiritual Resource

Meet Brenda Hammon

Intuitive Psychic Medium & Author

Brenda H.jpg

Brenda is a remarkable person with a unique blend of intuitive and psychic medium abilities. She is also a captivating speaker, an international Amazon best-selling author, a compassionate philanthropist, and a visionary entrepreneur. With many years of experience, Brenda has been a trusted source of both psychic and intuitive readings for her clients. Her profound spiritual gifts, coupled with her unwavering compassion, have enabled her to guide countless souls toward healing and peace. Her home is a sanctuary and often visited by energies seeking her help. She lovingly guides these earth-bound souls into the light, with the assistance of Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalena.

Brenda is a prolific writer. Her first book in 2015 about her own journey of healing, "I Can't Hear the Birds Anymore" was quickly followed by "Hear Me No longer Silent." She then went on champion other women's stories of healing from abuse in the "Sacred Hearts Rising" series of five books. She also created an accompanying colouring book guide and has co-authored three more books on healing from abuse. Brenda then ventured into humorous story telling with "Sooo... How Was Your Day?" to win the Gold Literary Titan Book Award.


Recently Brenda has turned her pen to document a different cause. Her latest book "Crossing the Centuries," is a spiritual memoir that delves into her family's history, starting in the late 1700s and 1800s. Brenda spiritually connected with and interviewed her ancestors and helped them share their stories of life, hardship, triumph, and migration across America in the 1800s. All of Brenda's books are available on Amazon.


Brenda can also connect with your animals to understand why they are having behavioral issues and help them overcome them. She is a compassionate animal Empath and healer.


You can contact Brenda through any of the following links:




Facebook: Brenda Hammon – Intuitive Medium

A Wonderfully Wise Spiritual Resource

Meet CeCe Converse

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, & Certified Intuitive Relationship and Leadership Coach

cece 9.png

Cece is an expert at assisting individuals in connecting with their true self and overcoming obstacles as together they navigate the path to their life purpose. Her vast wisdom stems from insightful life experiences, an extensive and varied education, and a lifelong clear connection with Spirit. She has been guided by the Angels since age 12 years when she had an angelic intervention that gave her hope and faith in her otherwise tumultuous life.


CeCe's extensive studies include over twelve years with the esoteric mystery school learning the highest initiations as Oracle Teacher, Ritual Master and Guide. She is knowledgeable about astrology, working with crystals, and working through past lives and trauma.


CeCe's mission is to bring balance, self-expression, wellness, and transformation to all she does. She is especially adept at helping you find answers to the questions you are most afraid to ask. Through her online service, Intuitive Clarity, Cece offers transformative Coaching to discover your life purpose and heal what holds you back from living your best life. She provides intuitive readings, healing facilitation, energy clearing, chakra clearing, and teaching. Using several modalities, she assists in accessing Spiritual wisdom and connection with your Angels, Guides, Masters, and Ancestors to guide you on your journey.

Cece is a natural teacher and throughout the year she offers a variety of courses with spiritual content as well as individual coaching with either a spiritual, relationship, or business focus. In addition to spiritual insights, CeCe offers individuals, entrepreneurs and business people support with Bankcode personality profiles through Code Breaker Technologies providing enhanced insights into personal and professional communication.


Alongside her individual intuitive sessions, Cece offers courses such as "Introduction to Angel Communication." During the course you learn how to establish a profound connection with the 12 Archangels, inviting their presence into your life to offer guidance, healing, and support. You are guided to deepen your connection with each Archangel, learn how to integrate each into your life and find which one(s) you might work more with, including starting to receive your own personal guidance. You emerge with a deeper understanding of the archangels and their divine assistance.

For more information about CeCe's services & courses or for any questions you can can text CeCe at 415-885-9700.


Cece also shares her intuitive abilities every Saturday night through Facebook at 8:00 pm Central Time in her "Ask Me Anything " zoom session.

cece bkgrd.jpg

A Handy Spiritual Resource

Meet Chris Morton

"Handyman for the Home and Soul". Empath, Intuitive Counsellor, and Energy Healer

Chris is a gifted counsellor and healer. He has helped many clients access their inner strength to address life's challenges and create new beginnings for themselves. His unique insights often include information about past life issues and how to clear them.


Chris believes forgiveness is at the core of all healing and he is especially tuned into parts of your life where healing can be accomplished through forgiveness. He can guide you through the process as he has supported many clients on their healing journey.

Although Chris has worked with diverse groups of people, he has a special focus in assisting men with their spiritual journey. Chris's own journey and the obstacles he has overcome and the lessons he has learned have given him a deep understanding of the uniqueness of men's spirituality.


Through accessing messages from Spirit and the use of divination tools such as oracle cards, Chris brings in messages about and assists with topics such as:

  • forgiveness

  • past lives

  • astral travel

  • channeling

  • career choices

  • relationships

  • life purpose

  • helping you to find your path

  • physical healing

Chris's gifts also include advising on space clearing. He will assist you in creating a supportive energetic environment in your home.


Chris offers a free 15 minute introductory intuitive session or a brief call to discuss which of his services would be best for you. Chris provides his services via Zoom, What's App, or Messenger.

A Insightful Spiritual Resource

Meet Eileen Head

Transformational Coach & Live Your Best Life Mentor

Eileen is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable spiritual practitioner and offers many strategies to discovering and living your best life. Her passion is helping people thrive in all relationships using the Law of Attraction and manifesting principles. 


Eileen uses the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality as the basis of her coaching. She helps people get moving again through understanding very specific information on how each personality feels loved and appreciated.


Eileen bases her work on the Enneagram and incorporates other healing modalities such as past life regression, forgiveness coaching, and the principles of manifestation to help her clients manifest their dreams and live their best life.


Eileen invites you to take the 9 Paragraph Personality Test and get “freakishly accurate” descriptions which she will help you decipher and apply to improving your relationships and your life. The Enneagram helps you:​

  • Acquire deep insights into 9 fundamentally different personalities, each with their own way of seeing the world, their own perspectives, ways of thinking, reacting and behaving…and  most importantly how each types feels emotionally loved.

  • Recognize patterns that are sabotaging you and how to change them

  • Understand the 9 types to help you make sense of your life and relationships.

  • Shows you the “Path Of Development” to Become Your Best Self and create deep connected, loving relationships

To take the test click the button below or go to

You can also follow Eileen on Facebook

A Brilliant Spiritual Resource

Meet Louise P. Rouleau

Award Winning Canadian Intuitive Artist

Louise P. Rouleau.JPG

Louise is a brilliant award winning Canadian intuitive artist known as L'OR. Louise's passion is the exploration of color in our lives. She is aware that the eye visualizes and the mind interprets color. Her intuitive art reconciles the eye and the mind demonstrating how each color has meaning related to human and psychological characteristics. She has dedicated her career to researching the holographic effect of layering colors. Louise's art has won 23 prizes at international exhibits.


Louise sees color as conveying specific messages to those who work with color. She believes that color has a profound influence on our lives especially in bringing us joy. You can learn more about Louise, view some of her art, and learn more about color from her on her website Color Your Life.

In addition to being an incredible visual artist, Louise has recently created a beautiful Oracle deck, Magical Dreams & The Power of Determination.  


The deck was channeled by Louise through fairies. The cards have intricate beautiful imagery which includes many colors, numbers , angels, and other mystical beings. The intention of the deck is to provide guidance towards your goals in life but Louise also encourages each user to bring their own unique intuitive perspective to interpreting the cards.


You can purchase Magical Dreams &                                              The Power of Determination on Etsy.

A Spiritual Magazine

Introducing Psychics4U

An Online Psychics magazine

Psychics 4U.png

This new resource is the creation of Ro, a gifted psychic with over two decades of experience. Over the years, Ro has provided countless psychic readings, including tarot reading, dream interpretation, astrology, numerology, spiritual guidance, and many more methods to enlighten and help others.


In a quest to grow the spiritual community worldwide, Ro has created this magazine for those pursuing personal growth to connect with professional psychics. Ro has carefully selected those profiled on the website for their expertise, honesty, and focus on spiritual empowerment. functions as a trustworthy place for everyone who is interested in psychic phenomena and wants to get answers to their life’s questions.

I am honoured that Ro approached me recently to provide an interview for the Psychics 4U online magazine. The interview questions were insightful and thoughtful helping me to articulate more clearly why and how I do what I do as a spiritual practitioner. (You can read my interview here.) There are many more practitioner interviews as well as informative articles on psychic insights.


In addition to the website you can access the interview on the following social media platforms:

A Masterful Healing Resource

Meet Thyra Whitford

Master Empath, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Business Coach, Visual Artist, and Author,

Thyra is a Master Empath, Business Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, and Energetic Healer. Since discovering her soul's purpose over sixteen years ago, Thyra has provided countless emotional, spiritual, and physical healings to individuals. As a Master Teacher, Thyra has taught numerous Empaths to understand the power of their gifts and embrace their potential. She has created an intensive course for Empaths - "The Healthy Empath" - and another course for those wishing to understand the energy of body types and health - "The Healthy Body." As a Spiritual Mentor she has guided and supported many along their spiritual journey in "growing their soul" to be of service to humankind. She is also a dedicated and passionate Business Coach for those who are embarking on their own journey of developing a spiritual business.

Thyra is an incredibly gifted visual artist. Her custom mixed medium paintings or drawings of Spirit Guides bring their energy and essence into a tangible form for you to connect with. Her one of a kind, hand crafted etheric healing units made with natural stones & copper wire bring healing & connection to Spirit for all who use them.


As an author, Thyra has contributed to several anthologies about finding healing through personal trauma - "Heal: YOU have the Power", Sacred Hearts Rising: Courage Under Fire," and "Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence." She is also the creator of a Body Healing Cards deck where each card refers to part of a healing system based on understanding and releasing unwanted energy stored in the body consciousness. Her handbook for Empaths is currently under revision and she is in the process of writing a spiritual fiction series. She has also produced many videos for Empaths on her YouTube channel Thyra Whitford.

Thyra's vast wisdom acquired through her own life experiences and continuous connection with Spirit provides the foundation for her how she lives her life and how she serves others through her various services and creations.

An Awesome Spiritual Resource

Meet Vikki MacKinnon

Life Purpose Coach & Master Numerologist

Vikki is an internationally known speaker and author who shows us practical ways to integrate numerology into our everyday lives.  Vikki's mission, passion, and purpose is to help people understand how the energy of numbers affects all areas of life, and how we can work proactively with that energy for Peace of Mind and Positive Results – especially in our career and relationships.


She believes that “Numerology is a Life Skill. It is unsurpassed in its ability to connect you with your purpose and guide you in the process of making your dreams come true.”  Vikki has prepared numerology profiles for individual clients across North America, and in Britain, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and Japan. As founder of the Born to Thrive Numerology Course, and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, Vikki has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists in Canada since 2008 and in Japan from

2008 to 2010.

Vikki’s ground-breaking book, “Make Today Count: Take Charge of Your Time and Your Life with Numerology”, was released in August of 2017. Her latest book, "The Magic of 8 – How to Recognize, Activate, and Integrate the Energy of Prosperity", was released in December of 2023 – just in time to help everyone reap the very best rewards of Number 8 in 2024. You can find both books for purchase on Vikki's website or Amazon.

Vikki posts a birthday forecast every day of the year as well as interesting and uplifting articles and pictures on her Face Book page, "Know Your Numbers." Find Vikki on Face Book

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