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Complimentary Consultation

Are you struggling with some of life's many challenges?

Are you looking for compassion, understanding, healing and guidance?

Do you want to discover more about your spiritual gifts?

Do you see repeating numbers and wonder what meaning they hold?

Are you curious what messages Spirit has for you at this time in your life?

Not sure which service is right for you?

Book a complimentary 15 minute consultation 

to explore all services & for assistance in determining which one is right for you. 

Let's Get Started

Booking your session is easy and convenient through our Book Online page. Simply choose the "Consultation" service to request a booking for the date and time that best suits you.

Once you request a booking, you will receive an email confirmation and a second email with the Zoom link for your reading.

You will also be added to the recipient list for our free newsletter.

I look forward to meeting you and exploring how we can work together.

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