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  • Marilyn Young


Aloha! I began to write this week’s newsletter while on the beautiful Hawaiian island of

Kauai. However, Spirit was not clear on the exact message they wanted to present to you until my return home yesterday. As they quite often do, they woke me around 3 AM last night with the information flooding in as I diligently took notes on my cell phone. After a full day of activities on Friday and an overnight flight back home, I had resigned myself to getting my newsletter out to you tonight, a couple days later than usual. Now I know why the delay. I needed to come home and come “full circle” for Spirit’s message to be clear to me. And as so often happens, the message was not what I originally thought it would be!

In preparing for my first venture to Hawaii, I recently joined a Facebook group that connects regarding Earth Energy, Earth Healing, Earth Ley Lines, etc. to learn more about spiritual places on the planet. I asked in that group whether there were any “spiritual spots” I should try to see when on Kauai. Some recommended specific locations or tour guides, but many just commented that the entire island was spiritually “charged.” I looked forward to finding out what that might mean. I have past life memories of Atlantis and I know the Atlanteans interacted with Lemuria. So, I was hoping to learn and feel more of the land’s connection to ancient Lemuria as there is a theory that Kauai, as the oldest Hawaiian island, was once the centre of Lemuria and that the land still holds its frequency. Lemuria was believed to be a peaceful land where the people were healers and were one with nature. Their main task was to connect the vibrations of the earth and all beings through water into one consciousness. However, they were not able to complete that task due to a conflict with Atlantis.

As it turned out, my visit to the beautiful garden island was of mutual benefit to me and to Kauai. The experience brought surprises, healing, opening of gifts and, of course, learning more lessons. The first surprise was the night we landed. Driving to the condo along the highway parallel to the shoreline, a heaviness suddenly settled into my chest. It was oppressive and at first, I wondered if it might be due to the higher humidity or just a different barometric pressure than the high altitude and dryness of the city where I live. But Spirit was quick to let me know that I was not experiencing any physical changes to worry about. It was the energy of the land I was feeling. Then I heard the word “scarring”. I wondered if the scarring was referring to the land’s Lemurian history. Before I had an answer, Spirit told me I was to bring some healing to the land. That message came in strong and clear and was robustly confirmed by a few very gifted friends who “tuned in” for me the next day. After that initial message, the strongest single message I kept hearing all week was “beauty.” I was confused how that tied into “healing”. It wasn’t until I was back home that Spirit put the pieces together for me.

Nature’s Beauty

The next morning during my meditation Spirit showed me how I could offer healing to the land with every footstep. As we sat on our porch eating breakfast a quick light rain shower gifted us with a sudden beautiful rainbow that was confirmation for me that I was on the right track. Initially as we were shown the sites by my daughter and her family, the heaviness was compounded by a sense of sorrow, of loss. At first all I saw was

signs of poverty in the village we visited. But as I looked closer, what Spirit explained to me

was that the people there did not want or need any more than what they had because they enjoyed a life of simplicity in the beautiful land surrounding them. So, as I continued to offer

healing, I decided to see the beauty where the sorrow was, and the heaviness started to recede. With each step I felt more connected to the earth. Despite the deep scarring, the sheer beauty of the island became, at times, overwhelming. Everything was so colourful and vibrant despite the deep scarring from her history. The various greens of the tropical vegetation, the hues of the flowers, the contrast in the colour of the stone walls of the deep valleys, the magnificent blues and greens of the rivers, the amazing sunsets – we were surrounded with incredible

beauty everywhere we went. Even as the mists rolled in over the mountains and I heard that the land was crying, the beauty of the skies was awe inspiring. Then Spirit would reassure me that the “crying” was cleansing for the land so its beauty could shine through. Perhaps seeing the beauty instead of the scarring was healing for the land in itself.


Although the land was incredible, I found the sheer majesty of the ocean mesmerizing. The endless ebb and flow of the tide was reassuring as no matter what happened anywhere in the world, the tides would continue their rhythmic flow. As I watched the huge waves roll in repeatedly, I couldn’t help wondering if the rhythm of the waves was the same on the far away North American shoreline opposite to where I was standing. The beauty of the giant waves crashing onto a rocky peninsula was in sharp contrast to the transparent calm waters in a sheltered cove where my family went scuba diving to explore the sea life. As I soaked in the scene before me, I’m sure I received as much healing as I was sending.

All the beaches we visited had a soothing calmness to them. The first time I stepped into the

water I was overwhelmed with an incredible sense of love that brought tears to my eyes. That time I was sure it was my turn to receive some healing. Looking out at the distant cresting waves, I felt a huge draw to a space just beyond them where it felt as if my “mermaid sisters” were playing. As I sat on the beach with my infant grand daughter, the waves came gently closer and closer as if to say “hello” and then would gently recede. With each beach that we visited my energy felt lighter to the point one time where I needed to hold onto my husband as we walked so I could keep my balance. Every time we were near the water I could not get enough of the beauty of the waves crashing in on the shore.

Kauai also showed us the beauty of nature in its animal inhabitants. We met a few geckos -

one when it fell off the ceiling of our deck down and out my daughter’s shirt the first morning of our visit! I don’t think I would have been as calm about it as she was! We also saw several different birds including cardinals that visited looking for leftovers from our meals consumed on the deck, a beautiful peacock, the national bird the Nene, and many, many wild chickens wandering everywhere on the island including the roosters that woke us each morning. When my family was snorkeling, they were excited to discover several large turtles. All of nature’s creatures were so beautiful in their own way.

Beautiful People

The island also gave us the gift of meeting some beautiful people. All the shop owners and market vendors were pleasant and engaging. The visual diversity of the people on the street was interesting and reminded me of the cultural history of the island which we learned more about in the stories told at a Luau we attended. The island’s history told of the strength of its people’s ancestors as well as the pride of the integration of cultures. As I visited the ruins of ancient temples and the very room where past island royalty was born, the heavy energy of what their lives must have been like in terms of hardships weighed me down. But as we visited the next site, the energy felt lighter as a testament to their strength and resilience in their time.


This vacation also gave me time to pause and appreciate the beauty of my own family. Their

love for us in wanting to ensure we were enjoying the trip and the simple beauty of their smiles as they enjoyed each other warmed my heart. The friendly waves of my five-year-old grandson lit up strangers’ faces with a smile. The wide eyes and quick priceless smile of our seven-month-old grand daughter brought obvious joy to everyone who made eye contact with her. I watched as strangers on the street, in the airport, and on the plane, broke into a grin as they watched my grandson happily dance for his sister or as she met their gaze and gifted them with a smile.


The Beauty Within

As we explored many beautiful places on the island I kept waiting to “feel” a difference in myself. I thought that I might have an obvious “spiritual experience” but that never came so about halfway through the week I set that expectation aside. I continued to offer the land healing in my morning meditations as well as with every footstep. I happily did this until towards the end of the week when I heard it was my turn to receive healing. As suggested by my friends who had “tuned in” earlier in the week, I spent more time barefoot to allow myself to receive some healing. As the week progressed, my health improved – aches in my joints and my back as well as a sinus cold I had. I was grateful for the healing.

As I focused on working energetically on the sinus cold and clearing my third eye chakra, a new gift opened for me which I am still exploring to fully know it and how to use it. I also could feel different spirit presences more intensely than I have before. As I visited some of the different tourist spots during the week they would come through to at one spot gently push me on the back to ensure I viewed a beautiful look out point by a local light house. Another visited and walked with me to the beach after I checked out a large cave close by. I am excited to continue to explore these new gifts.

Then on one of the days when I was getting ready for one of our trips out, I looked at myself in the mirror and really saw ME. The condo had one of those large, magnified mirrors and when I went to use it, for the first time in a very long time, I looked into my eyes and saw ME. If you read my newsletter Peeling the Onion a couple of weeks ago, you will know what I mean when I say that mirror peeled another layer away. I saw me not only as a healer but as deserving to be healed. I saw me as having important gifts that were helpful to others. Instead of seeing the face and body that I am often not too happy with, I saw the real ME. I saw the beauty within.

Full Circle

As we prepared to leave the beautiful island of Kauai, I was slightly disappointed that I had not pulled together a newsletter for my usual Friday distribution, but Spirit again reassured me it was not time. Having safely landed back home, I began to reflect on our trip. As I looked out the car window at the dried grassy fields alongside the roadway, the comparison to the tropical land we had just been in was stark. But as I recalled the beauty of nature, we had just enjoyed thousands of miles away, I was reminded of the beauty of nature in my own backyard. I refocused from the dried-up grass on the hill to the warmth of the beautiful bright sun shing down on us. I was reminded of the snow capped majestic Rockies we can view from practically any hill in the city, the brilliant white purity of freshly fallen snow, the plentiful blue skies we are blessed with in our province, the flowers that will bloom in my garden as spring arrives, our own parks in the summer, the river that winds through the city, and the beautiful sunsets we enjoy from sitting in front of our lakeside cabin.

That night Spirit had more to say. On waking me, the important message to remind you of was to see the beauty in your world, that there is beauty everywhere, to remind you that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that we can change any negative into a positive to see beauty. We are reminded that we “find what we are looking for.” When I compared the poverty in small village Kauai to the million-dollar estates along the shoreline, I could not see the positive in the lives of the “poor people” until Spirit showed me. The island showed me its beauty despite “deep scarring.” Spirit now tells me that the scarring was necessary to allow for an easier life for the people there now. Just as we work through our trauma, “our scarring” helps us to grow, to benefit, to find beauty in our lives. Can you see the beauty in your life?


Spirit also showed me that just as the waves show us the rhythm of nature, mankind too, can create that rhythm to help maintain the beauty of nature. Spirit showed me that when we create an issue for nature, we need to balance that out with a remedy to the issue. We need to “cultivate the positive” versus being in conflict and blaming over the issue. The latter only makes the issue grow. Instead, as we provide a remedy for the issue, we restore a balance and stay in the ebb and flow of the rhythm of nature. Is there any area in your life where you are in conflict with nature versus in rhythm with it?


Spirit continued to remind us that not only is there beauty in the land, but there is beauty in every soul you meet. Spirit reminds us that people are the same everywhere – there is beauty within. We are reminded to look beyond the physical appearance and actions to the light within others and ourselves. Spirit acknowledged that we get tired and don’t see the beauty allowing negative energy to “pull us down.” Do you have moments like that? That is when Spirit wants us to make a positive shift to see the beauty in our world again. It is always there. At times we just don’t allow ourselves to see it. That shift may take time, so we need to be gentle with ourselves and patient. Listening, really listening, and paying attention to those around us can help. I had an “aha moment” in the middle of the messages Spirit was delivering last night. I realized that Spirit has been speaking through my husband for years trying to have me see my beauty within. Despite my discontent with the changes in my aging face and body, he has always reassured me that I am beautiful to him. I finally got the message on the trip and again last night from Spirit that my husband has been telling me for years – he has been seeing the beauty within that I was not seeing. As the realization hit tears flowed. I am so grateful for him and for Spirit confirming the message I discovered with the mirror. As I see the beauty of my soul, I also see the gifts that I have allowing me to be of service to others.


While I continued to take notes on my phone as Spirit download the nighttime messages, my phone suddenly started showing me different series of photos I had taken over the years – a

series of animals at the zoo – beauty in nature; a series of photos of the incredible works of art at the Louvre – beauty in creativity; a series of photos of family – beauty in people, in our

loved ones. It was a beautiful summary of the messages I had just received. Then the thought occurred to me that I can see why as souls we chose to incarnate on this planet. We have such incredible beauty all around us and in us. I am sure one of the reasons we come here is to experience that beauty. Somehow, though, some of us get lost along the way so today Spirit is helping us get back on track. Spirit is reminding us that just as the land with its scars – be it powerlines or open mines – is still beautiful, we are also with our scars – whether wrinkles or hidden trauma – beautiful too. So today, look at the beauty all around you. Then take a long look in the mirror and see the tremendous beauty that lies within. Then enjoy – that is one of the reasons you chose to come here.


Sending you love and light,




If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this newsletter, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



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