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Don't Look Back

Today I cried. A seemingly well intended collage of pictures from the past put together with music by some AI algorithm on my smart phone, popped up, caught my attention, and brought me to instant tears. I was overwhelmed by a surge of nostalgia and loss, loss of that time and all the wonderful things in my life then. They are gone from the present. I wanted to hold onto the joy and love of those moments, but the feelings disappeared just a quickly as the images that moved through the brief video on my phone. They slipped away just as water trickles through the fingers of a closed fist leaving me empty handed. As much as I wanted to hold onto those precious moments, the realization that they were gone, a part of the past in this time continuum, brought me to unexpected tears. The thought that accompanied the tears was “What is happening?”

I recalled having this type of reaction before when I remember times throughout my children’s younger years. The same nostalgic sadness hits, seeming to come from nowhere! Wiping the tears away I am confused and wonder why the sadness and pain in my heart hits so hard. Why do I react this way? I have a great life now and my beautiful family is still with me. My husband is still at my side and my children have grown into amazing, loving adults with wonderful partners. My grandchildren are cherished lights in all our lives. What was I grieving the loss of then? The answer is one I have heard before - life seemed so simple then. As a young family we just moved through each day, working, looking after family, watching our children grow, and at time, just “trying to survive” financially. Looking back, I realize that I was asleep to the bigger world around me, to my place in it, and to my purpose. My world reflected the innocence of my children. I was just dealing with the joys and day to day struggles of my own life within my own little world. Yes, life was simpler then even if it didn’t feel like it at the time. Do you have any nostalgic pulls to a time when “life was simpler”?


As the nostalgia continued and with the tears brimming up in my eyes blurring my vision, Archangel Michael spontaneously came in with the following message which I believe was not only for me but for all of us:

“Look ahead at the beauty you can and will create. So much is coming for you and for them (I believe he was referring to my family). Embrace it and walk away from the pain and sorrow – it is no longer needed by the human race – don’t miss it – it served you then with its lessons, but you no longer need it. Embrace the freedom, the sheer joy of the love you will find in the new world. It is right around the corner. The hard work is done so keep loving your fellow man/human as we love you. (Tears welled up more as I could feel the

love in that statement so much) We are creating “heaven on earth” as you humans say, so lift your downcast eyes up, dry the tears, and smile. Breathe in the collective consciousness you have come home to. Rest and reap the benefits of your work for nothing is lost. You all have come home and will embrace it in due time. You will lose no one. In fact, you will gain those who were lost. Because we are all one. The shackles of individuality are cast aside. See your world with new eyes not those with tears and illuminate it for others. It is wonderful and we are with you. Embrace us as well as your fellow human and dance with joy. And so it is.”

Then, suddenly the tears stopped obliterating my vision so I could finish the rest of Spirit’s messages for you.

Time to Wake Up

Taking Archangel Michael’s message in, and pondering my reaction further, I gained more insight from him and saw that looking back forces me to see how so much has shifted the last few years. I have woken up to the negativity and chaos of the world stage has been brought to our doorstep - all of mankind’s vices, shortcomings, “perils of the ego.” It has felt as if all our life lessons have been heaped upon us all at once threatening to break us under their weight. But we did not break. Instead, we have realized our strength, our allies, and found our inner light. We have come closer to our soul truth and have found love for ourselves and our neighbour. We have turned our back on old ways that once inflicted harm in our attempts to protect ourselves from the same harm. We have opened our hearts and closed our minds to the disharmony. Instead, we walk beside our brothers and sisters – not in front or behind. This reflects the true essence of embracing the feminine energy that is flooding into our reality, an energy of partnering, cooperation, compassion, and respect.

Healing Mother Earth

At the same time that I/we are waking up, the Earth Mother Gaia is stirring. She is rising to the challenge of the wounds we have inflicted on her. Like a loving mother, when we need calming/grounding, need to remember the beauty around us, to slow down and breath, to experience joy or challenge our physical limits she is there for us cradling us in the arms of nature or reminding us of our strength.  She is also the Mother who realizes her children often don’t know any better but must learn, so she is shifting and responding in the only way she can. With the four elements she burns way, buries, washes away, or blows away the wounds inflicted upon her. She askes us to change the physical acts of humankind that scar her and invites us to bestow our love and healing on her as well.

Many of us have been called to heal Gaia and to use her waterways and energetic pathways of the crystalline grid to move the healing to where it needs to be. On our recent trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai, I was repeatedly mesmerized by the ocean. I could have sat for hours watching the endless rhythm of the powerful waves roll in, crash on the beach, and then recede. The first time I stepped into those transfixing waters, I was overwhelmed with emotion and fought to hold the tears back. It was the same feeling I experience when I can feel the unconditional love of my angels nearby. I heard then to send healing through Gaia’s waters. Since then, I have been doing that daily by bringing in the light from Source and energetically sending it through the crystalline grid and the waters of the world. Do you have a call to heal Mother Earth?

The Cosmic Shift in You

As we look forward, and not back, the cosmos is now shifting us into a new reality. The eclipse and new moon aligned on the same day this week to bring in the strong energy of new beginnings. Planetary alignments highlight the duality we are moving away from and beckons us towards new beginnings of unity and remembering that we are all connected, we are one. Our bodies, minds, and souls have at some level been impacted by this eclipse energy. Do you feel it? What has shifted or changed?  Are you fatigued? Are your restless or super energetic ready to take on the world? Do you have headaches, nausea, or other unexplained physical symptoms? How is your mood? Are you suddenly grumpy or grieving? Confused or have a new knowing? How is your mind? Are you having difficulty concentrating? Does sleep elude you or plague you? Have your dreams changed? Do you feel new gifts opening up? Are your current gifts coming in a bit differently? Do you feel more connected to Spirit, or do you feel shut down? OR is everything status quo?

Whatever you are experiencing during this shift, it is the perfect thing for you. We are all unique and Spirit reassures us that we have all woven this experience into our timeline as well. Metaphysical gurus say that the shifts can continue to happen over the next six months which is a greatly accelerated speed when we consider our speed of spiritual growth up to this point. Spirit also wants you to know that everyone on the planet is or will be shifting. There will be no one ignored or left out of this process. We are all evolving as souls having a human experience and this time that evolution is global. Spirit wants to tell us that those who leave the planet during this time of energetic upheaval have chosen this station to “get off the train” of this human incarnation. It is not a tragedy – it is their choice made of their own free will.

Spirit is also reminding us that this is the time we chose to release so very many things we have been holding onto that no longer serve us. We need to “jettison their weight so that we are free to soar”. The more we hold onto them, the more weighted down we will be and the slower our soul’s evolution. This is the time to develop the ultimate trust in Spirit and in ourselves and in the amazing path to joy we have designed for us. This is the time to allow our Guides and Angels to take our hand and lovingly lead us towards our bright future. So don’t resist. BUT, if it feels scary, ask Spirit to help you gain more understanding of what is happening. Just as I could not understand my tears at the beautiful memory video on my phone, Archangel Michael came in to reminded me/us to look forward, not back because there is more beauty to come.

Are you are struggling with this recent upgrade? If there are things that you are holding onto so tightly that it feels as if they have a death grip on you, Spirit reassures us that just as the darkness of the eclipse is short lived and the light soon returns to the earth, so will the dark times end for you and your enlightened life will emerge. Grab the life preserver Spirit offers you; trust that they are guiding you along the perfect path. Fill your heart with love and gratitude for the lessons the dark times have brought to you and acknowledge your strength and brilliance for getting through them and growing as a soul.

More Messages Through the Numbers

As I pause in writing this, I glance at the time, and it is 3:30 on the afternoon of April 12, 2024. The number3 in the time brings the message to us that our entire Spirit team – Guides, Ascended Masters. passed loved ones, fairies, dragons, etc. are all with us supporting us through these energetic shifts. The 0 is reassurance that we have a direct connection to the Divine and we are loved and supported. We are coming full circle closer to being back to our “soul’s space”, back to who we are as Divine beings with this shift. When we add up the digits in this time stamp as well as today’s date, they both add up to 6 (3=3+0=6, 4 (April is the fourth month) + 1+2+2+0+2=4 = 15, 1+5=6). This angel number cautions us to slow down and rethink decisions we are making, to look at all the angles and take our time before deciding to move forward. As you go through the energetic shifts of this time are you making life changing decisions? Spirit is advising you to pay attention to what is happening in your life; to be thorough in reviewing all your options when making decisions, not to rush, to keep your thoughts positive, and to reach out to Spirit for help when needed.

Additionally, this is my 44th Ripple Effect Newsletter since I began writing them on Aug 12, 2022. It is fitting at this time of change and energetic shifting, that Spirit adds in the message of Angel Number 4 which is “Your angels are with you so stop worrying.” I have also written 35 Angel Messages newsletters and when you combine the two newsletters, that is a total of 79 newsletters. Those numbers have a message for us as well, otherwise Spirit would not have drawn my attention to them. Angel Number 7 tells us that that we are on the right path, that our spiritual quest at the moment is correct and beneficial to us, that Divine magic is happening in our lives, and that opportunities are arising for us. So, in other words, you are on track and moving forward. Angel Number 9 tells us that the time is right to pursue our life purpose, to chase our dreams; that we are in a time of functioning at a high vibration and to focus on service to others. Both numbers reassure us that whatever shift we have or are experiencing, it is on Divine purpose for us.

No Need to Look Back

So, in summary, at this time of great energetic shifts which you may or may not be feeling

intensely, Spirit is reassuring us that everything is OK. If you are experiencing fear or any type of angst, remember that your entire spiritual team, including the angels and the Divine are supporting you to move forward on your path of spiritual growth; that they are clearing the way for you to make it easier and more “expeditious” (their word not mine!) for you. They are saying that your hard work is done and to look forward to a beautiful future for everyone. To not hang onto the past. To look forward. Lastly, they are saying “don’t look back, but if you do, make it only a fleeting glance just to see how far you have come.”

Sending you love and light,




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