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  • Marilyn Young

Diamonds In The Rough

I had the privilege of doing Angel Card readings for an afternoon last weekend at a local event. Although we all have our own unique journey, I noticed a common thread in all the readings. Each person had been experiencing recent weeks or months of profound stressful

challenges. I have also found this similarity amongst my friends and family. The stressors have been related to “not enough time,” competing priorities, money, relationships, loss, health, and other matters of importance to each individual. The challenges have been from recent events or a resurgence of past events or even past lives. Some say they feel as if they are drowning as the stressors have been intense and seemingly “never ending.” How have you been feeling lately? Can you relate? Have you had a lot of “yuck” surfacing in your life recently? If so, don’t panic, don’t give up. As always, there is a reason and a way to grow through it. As most of you know, the energy of the planet has been rapidly shifting for the last few years and it has especially accelerated last month as we experienced several astrological events that normally don’t occur in such succession. As we continue into November, the energetic shifts for many of us will continue. Here is why…

From a broader perspective we are in a time of increased sunspot activity. As you know, the sun’s activity influences the energy of the Earth as well as our energy. Currently we are experiencing the peak of the current eleven year sunspot cycle called the solar maximum. Because everything in the Universe is energy, the energy of the activity of the sun impacts the planets and all their inhabitants. A solar maximum produces high frequency light and sound which rearranges the vibration of our energy field and our physical cells. Because of this, the solar maximum is thought to be a prime driver to higher consciousness and therefor can bring in many challenges to work through as part of the process.

On yet an even bigger scale, we are in the last few years of a 13,000 year cycle where the Earth’s anchor for her spiritual energy shifts. With this shift, we are in the final years of moving away from the predominantly masculine energy of taking action, assertiveness, physical force, decision-making, leadership, protection, logical thinking, and reasoning, achieving, being goal-oriented, and providing to an increased feminine energy of gentleness, kindness, heart-centeredness, creativity, intuition, acceptance, receiving, emotionality, communication, compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. As this shift happens the masculine energy appears to intensify in a final burst before diminishing. We see this in parts of the world and with some people as it is expressed negatively in conflict and control. This is obvious in our current events across the world. Do you experience this on a more personal level in your life?

Eventually, at the end of the cycle, the two energies will be balanced. This change and balancing of energies are referred to by some as the ascension process or a move of our planet and all on it from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension/the “golden age”/the New Earth. As we achieve the balance of the two energies as a planet and individually, we will move away from the duality of masculine and feminine to live in unity or oneness, acknowledging our interconnectedness. Before that time, there are challenges we must work through as we leave the energetic density of the 3rd dimension behind. Have you been experiencing more of the feminine energy or an energy conflict?

We can also look at how the energy of global current events has impacted us individually. The last month has seen much trauma and crisis on the planet – the continuing war in Ukraine, the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, ongoing conflicts in many African states, the risk of a global recession, and the growing climate crisis. As we take in the information about these events, we are also impacted by the energy of them. We experience challenging emotions – fear, anxiety, overwhelm – and they may also bring to the surface past traumas of our own that we have not worked through. Others, if not directly affected by the trauma, may be feeling extremely sensitive and compassionate to what the traumatized are experiencing. This can be exhausting for some. Those who are Empaths may especially feel overwhelmed. How has the energy of global events affected you?

As we experience all these pressures from the energetic shifts, we are like a “diamond in the

rough.” Speaking with a friend this week about this current state of the world’s energies, she reflected that diamonds are created by immense pressure. Immediately, Spirit told me that this comment was to direct the topic for this week’s newsletter. The following few days Spirit kept repeating the phrase “diamonds in the rough” and so I know that is exactly what we are at this moment in ascension. We are that uncut diamond being formed by intense pressures. We may appear harsh, unremarkable, or even ugly in our tough moments of transition BUT underneath the surface we are becoming the beautiful, brilliant light that we are meant to be. Some of us are unaware of the energetic bigger picture as we find the daily challenges to be all consuming. The pressure we may be experiencing as we work through this ascension process creates intense stress. Let’s take a closer look at the changes that are a source of this stress…

Physical changes: As the energy shifts impact your vibration at a cellular level, you may also experience unexplainable changes in the physical body. Muscles aches and pains occur as the new vibration releases energy blocks. Changes in appetite, body temperature regulation, and intense fatigue are all common as the body restructures. You may feel the need for “down time” or a “reset”. Disruptions in sleep and frequent waking between 2 and 4 AM occurs as this is a common time to easily connect with Spirit. For example, for much of my life I have been what is considered a “night hawk”, seldom going to bed before midnight. However, many times in the last few weeks I have been unable to keep my eyes open after 9 PM. This very unusual for me. How is your sleep pattern lately? Is your body presenting with mysterious symptoms that your medical team cannot explain?

Emotional changes: Buried, unresolved issues/life lessons still to be learned, and past traumas will be coming to the surface. You may experience the fear, panic, sadness, anxiety, frustration, or depression rooted in these issues. Heated emotions such as anger may arise, tempers may be short for seemingly no reason, arguments may occur, and people can hurt others intentionally or unintentionally. Crying may be experienced more often. You may no longer be able to tolerate people, places, routines, or situations of a lower vibration – they literally will make you feel sick inside so that you will avoid them. You may experience heightened sensitivity or be overstimulated by crowds and loud noises. This is especially true for Empaths. Within families it is important to remember that children, teens, and animals are more sensitive to energetic shifts and therefor may be greatly impacted at this time. Their emotions may be difficult to understand, dreams or what they feel are nightmares may become a challenge. Have you been experiencing emotional challenges lately? Are there life lessons you thought you had successfully navigated that are reappearing?

Mental changes: Some people are experiencing signs of movement between dimensions. This includes a sense of time speeding up or a loss of time. It also involves disorientation, a feeling of not being in the body, or memory loss as we move to a different dimension and release the past. You may feel a sense of a loss of identity as you release “the old you” as your values, beliefs, interests, and routines change. Because of all the above, some people feel they are going insane when they are experiencing these fast moving shifts. Are you ready to release the “old you”?

Note: The above discussion of physical, emotion, and mental changes does not replace seeking out medical care if you are having health concerns in any of these areas.

Spiritual changes: As your energy continues to shift, you may have increased psychic experiences. You may begin to “see” and “hear” things that are not physically present. This occurs as our “clairs” (see The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Discovering Your Gifts) open. You may have increased moments of inspiration, develop the ability to channel, have past life recall, or begin to astral travel. (see The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Growing Your Gifts). You may experience a “longing to go home” as you develop a desire to be closer to Source. As a need to do shadow work arises you may experience what some call “the dark night of the soul” as you realign with your purpose. As you learn and grow spiritually you will express yourself differently to the world. As the “new you” emerges other circumstances in your life may change such as relationships, location, career etc. Is there a “new you” emerging?

Relationship changes: Some relationships may shift due to the resurrection and clearing of old traumas. The current energetic shifts are supporting truth and honesty. As people become more authentic, truer to themselves, more soul aligned, and more honest in their communication, relationships may change or end if values and beliefs no longer align. Personally, I have experienced shifts in family relationships as well as with friends. I know others have seen the same where strained relationships have improved or ended, long time relationships have faltered, and new relationships have been embraced. Are you experiencing any changing relationships?

Environmental changes: As our energy is shifting it is often a good time to purge and clean out

our physical environment. Some may even feel the need to move their residence within a certain area or move across the country to be in an environment that feels more comfortable. Some of us suddenly feel the urge to travel to a different location for a while to connect to a different environment. For me, I have had the unexplainable urge to travel to the west coast to be by the ocean for a period of time for each of the last couple of years. How is your physical environment changing?

Career changes: As your energy shifts and you become more aligned with your purpose, you may no longer feel satisfied or interested in your current line of work. Interests and skills may change and your career may change or take a different path within an existing employment. I know of many past colleagues who have retired in the last few years (as did I) and more who are planning to. Personally, when I retired, my way of helping people shifted to a more spiritual perspective. How are you feeling about your work?

So, as we continue to experience these huge energetic changes, be reassured that they will wrap up in November. According to Lee Harris, an internationally known Energy Intuitive, Channeler, Author and Musician, the energy of 2023 will be closing out in November. It will be a month to wrap up unresolved issues and to release what no longer serves us. This is why the Universe has been presenting us with opportunities to reconcile old issues, complete life lessons, and go with the flow of our transition. This is in alignment with November being a “nine month” which according to numerology is the number of completion. In angel numbers nine is the number associated with functioning from a higher vibration which we will be doing once we complete our work of transition.

As we move through this month of completion let’s look at some ways to cope with all the changes and stressors we will be experiencing. The first place to start is with self care. This includes many strategies that help us realign with who we are. It can include extra rest and sleep, more leisure activities and exercise, good nutrition, drinking enough water, and grounding or earthing. Spending time in nature, in the sun, and looking up at the sky/cosmos brings about calmness and allows us to receive the light codes we need to integrate as part of the ascension process. Cleaning and purging your physical environment facilitates improved energy flow as well. Turning off the mainstream news and social media that bombard us with all the negative energetic events across the world is an important strategy. It is one thing to be informed but if you are obsessed with the messages, it is time to release them and their negative energy. Replace that with sending love to the world and all the crises.

Developing more of a spiritual practice will also help to reconnect to your higher self – meditation, prayer, expanding your heart chakra, and ask for help from your Spirit team to work through your challenges. Looking after your heart is important as it is where we hold the love and light that we receive and then in turn, that we send out into the world. Difficult times can make us close down our heart because we don’t trust the world. Ask yourself whether you are feeling your own feelings or whether you are projecting them out into the world. Rather than healing your wounds are you striking out at others? Do you recognize this in someone else? When we are triggered or old wounds come to the surface, we need to feel the emotion and let it cycle versus shutting it down and getting stuck in it. It is helpful to have someone to lean on through this, someone who can help you change your perspective so that you can work through things. When we heal and release relationships or situations that no longer serve us, we should also be grateful for lessons learned and release them with love and healing. We need to recognize that soul contracts have expired and it is time to move onto people and events that align more with our soul.

As we resolve issues we will learn to trust and surrender. When we do this, we are open to receiving more from Spirit, to growing more, to becoming who we truly are. The more we trust, the more we can be open to new opportunities for growth. However, we may also be exposed to lower vibrations in November attempting to force us to surrender to what we do not want or need. It is simply an attempt to keep us at the lower vibration of fear and worry. Surrounding ourselves with positive language, positive thoughts, happy people and events help to open the heart. It helps us to trust and feel safe. Being with the people we love who support us is extremely helpful. Find your soul group, that is, those who have beliefs and values that align with yours where you are on a similar spiritual path is also helpful.

Going inward and focusing on the type of world you want to live in is also very important. The Universe wants to hear what makes you happy, what is important to you as that is the world

you can create for yourself. Harris suggests that many of us spend time in the future already to bring our light back to the present to spread love and healing. Are you thinking about your future? If your thoughts are only about the present and the past, it is important to shift your perspective to a positive vision, focus, and expectations for the future. Sometimes as we are addressing our challenges it is difficult to sort out what we really want for our future, what is important to us. This week, I ran across an illustration of how to connect with what we hold dear. The fellow was describing a near death experience and explained that all that went through his head was thoughts about his family – nothing else mattered. His suggestion was to look back five years and recall your most vivid memories. They will hold the hint as to what is most important to you. They will help you think of your future and the future of the world as a more beautiful positive, loving, peaceful place. Create a beautiful future - write down your dream of 2024 for you and world.

As your transformation continues you may develop a sudden knowing that brings you peace which will affect all parts of your life and will have a ripple effect on others. As you continue to work on opening your heart, express gratitude on a regular basis. Implement random acts of kindness and watch the joy that they create spread. Soon you will feel peace and love then ultimately more joy. The planet is in desperate need of these high energy vibrations right now. As you cultivate them for yourself, share them with those you know and send their energy to the rest of the world.

In closing, I cannot neglect to refer to a very important date in November – tomorrow, Nov 11. It is significant in so many ways. As Remembrance Day in Canada, we are reminded of the sacrificing of those who fought for our freedom. They endured or succumbed to the lower vibrations that still exist on our planet perpetuating conflict and hate. I am grateful to all those who served trying to put an end to that reality and bring about peace. Decades later we are still working towards that goal. As part of our ascension process our higher vibration will bring the world closer to that reality. On the same date it is said we will have the opportunity to step through the 11:11 portal to the higher realms by connecting with our Spiritual team of Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and those who have passed from this life. There we will earn more to contribute to our spiritual growth and perhaps facilitate that peace as well.

The final messages come to us from three Ascended Masters who spoke to me as I explored a new oracle deck I have just received. Mother Mary, who leads the angels in bringing peace to the world, wants to remind us not to be afraid of our power. She reassures us, especially women, that it is safe to be powerful in who we are and to bring our light to the world. Ishtar, the Goddess of Love and War, tells us to follow our heart when there is a war between the head and the heart. She encourages us to open our heart and follow it to seek the truth in our challenging times because truth always prevails. Sopdet who embodies the feminine energy and bears the Egyptian name for the brightest star, Sirius, reminds us that we come from the stars. As we continue our ascension, we will recognize that we embody the light and the power of the stars and that we have unlimited power and potential. She tells us that our wishes for the beautiful future will come true and to carry on shining brightly.

So, as you brave the last challenges of the year in November, know that you are an amazing

Child of the Divine and that you are destined to succeed. You will bring many things to completion as you release all people, places, situations, and things that no longer serve you. You will be connected to who you truly are and will be a bright light to help others complete a similar journey. Remember too, that you will emerge from the pressures you are experiencing as a beautiful diamond shining your light as brilliantly as the stars. Are you ready for the final leg of this year’s journey as you reach your new soul level? I know you can do it!

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about ascension, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to cope with the energetic shift, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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