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Growing Your Gifts

In the last Ripple Effect Newsletter, we talked about the “clairs” and reawakening the gifts we

all have but might have shut down in childhood. Today, Spirit wants to expand on your knowledge about your gifts. Now, more than ever, it is time for everyone on the planet to reconnect with self, to realize who we truly are and why we are here at this time. As we come into the full moon tomorrow, Oct 28, it is the perfect time to release anything that is holding us back from rediscovering and/or expressing our gifts. Are you ready to explore? Are you ready to grow your gifts?

Let’s start with those gifts we listed in the last newsletter - Empaths, Psychics, Intuitives, Mediums, Channelers, Aura Readers, Remote Viewers, Astral Travellers, Energy Healers, and Counsellors. Many individuals do not have just a single gift. Often several are combined in a fashion unique to that person. Some gifts may be more predominant than others but that can shift with increased use and as other gifts start to open. At this point in time on the planet, this is the case for many people. They are discovering that they have gifts or they are growing what they have. Because each set of gifts is unique to the individual, it is wise not to worry about “what is it called?” Everyone with the same category of abilities does not express them in exactly the same way and there are different schools of thought which provide different definitions for the labels below. I have just provided you with the definitions I am most familiar with. This is a short list as the true list is endless and includes other things such as artist, musician, teacher, etc. But for today, we will review some of the more common spiritual gifts…


Putting a name to my empathic gifts about twelve years ago really gave me some understanding of many things throughout my life and kick started my spiritual journey into high gear. Those of us who are Empaths can feel others, so clairsentience is one of the gifts we use to sense those feelings. Our empathic gifts are as unique as we are. There are different types of empaths depending on what you sense from others or how you pick up on those sensations.

Physical Empaths can feel the physical sensations that others are feeling. For example, you may suddenly get a pain in your head when someone walks into the room with a headache or you may suddenly feel nauseated just before you get a call that your child has vomited at school. Emotional Empaths will feel the emotions of others. We can often sense “the vibe “when we walk into a room. Our mood may suddenly change for no apparent reason when we suddenly pick up on the road rage the person in the car next to us is experiencing. Behaviour Empaths suddenly unintentionally take on the behaviours of another person even if they dislike or are neutral about that behaviour. For example, when I am with someone who speaks with an accent, I will automatically speak with that accent. I need to be aware and concentrate very hard not to.

People Empaths sense people, Animal Empaths sense animals, Insect Empaths sense insects, Plant Empaths sense plants, etc. For each of these groups we can feel what they are experiencing and can communicate with them. For example, do you get a pain in your hip at the same time your dog with arthritis starts limping? I can “hear” my plants gasping for water when I may have forgotten them and when I trim them, they “tell” me if a wilting leaf is ready to be trimmed off or not.

As Empaths we may only sense people within fifty feet of us or we may pick up on people or a situation happening on the other side of the world. We may be meant to pick up on and serve only a few or countless other beings. I just used the word “serve” because we have this amazing gift for a reason. Empaths are healers and so we are meant to offering healing and wisdom to whatever we are picking up on. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you an Empath? Are you curious? If so, you can try this free online quiz to check it out.(For more information see Thyra Whitford: What is An Empath?)

Psychics and Intuitives

Both psychics and intuitives have access to information not gained through the five senses but

instead, have access to information from beyond the physical world via our connection to the universe, to our soul, our intuition. As John Holland reminded us last newsletter, psychic refers to “of the soul” and uses the “soul senses” or the “clairs” to access that information (See The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Discovering Our Gifts – Oct 13 for more information about the clairs). They may also be able to access information about not only the present, but also the past and future. Both may use various divination tools such as pendulums or oracle or tarot cards to help express the information accessed. Some draw a distinction between the two in terms of how the information received is processed – psychics needing to translate that information to have real life meaning on our physical 3D plain versus intuitives just having a flash of insight that needs no translation. For example, as I mentioned last time, when I “see” a beautiful meadow of flowers in brilliant sunlight, I interpret that to mean a bright future for the person I am working with. At other times, I will “just know” that someone will be attending a specific event within a certain time frame. Do you access information through the clairs? If so, which one? Do you have sudden flashes of insight when you just know something is about to happen or “just know” the reason for a certain situation or occurrence?

Mediums and Channels

Many see the Medium’s gift as being able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed. This may include people or pets. They are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm. They utilize the “clairs” to convey messages from the many in the spirit world to those still in this physical world. That is, the Spirits stand back and provides a message to the medium who then delivers that message to whoever in the physical world the Spirits would like to receive it. Mediums may also help those who have passed cross over into the spiritual realm. Have you ever connected with someone on the “other side?” Have you seen, heard, or felt them in any way?

Channels, on the other hand, allow Spirit to enter their body and use their voice. The Spirit merges with the energy of the channel to speak directly to those in the physical world. This often happens when the channel is in a trance but, less often, can also occur when the channel is conscious. Beings channeled may be Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, the Higher Self, or a collective of ascended beings. The channel develops a relationship with the being they connect with as the connections are with the same being consistently. Well known examples include Esther Hicks who channels Abraham who describes themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension,” or Sheila Gillette who channels Theo, an angelic collective. Have you witnessed a channeler? Have you had any similar experiences?

Aura Readers

Many individuals with the gift of clairvoyance can see people’s auras. The aura is the energetic field that surrounds you. We all have one. It is said to have seven layers reflecting our physical health, emotional state, mental state/thoughts, spiritual health, psychic abilities, intuition/dreams/creativity, and the last layer which harmonizes the others and guides us on our path. Some feel that the colours of the aura reflect the colour of the chakra that each layer is connected to. White in an aura indicates that the person is at a very high vibration and lives in the knowing that we are all one. Black in an aura indicates energy blocks. Others interpret colours based on their meaning regarding personality and life lessons. The colours in the aura change and move based on a person’s mood, health, and their response to their environment. Some clairvoyants can see these colours surrounding a person’s body with the naked eye and can interpret what the various colours mean for that person at that time. A master of this skill is Dougall Fraser – psychic, author, and cosmic coach. Some people also have their aura read through aura photography. Do you see colours in the energy field around people, animals, or objects?

Remote Viewers

Remote viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means.”(Source: Gaia – What is Remote Viewing?) Those who are psychic and have the gift of clairvoyance can also access information this way. However, remote viewing can be learned through training as well. A well known psychic in Calgary, Patricia Monna, uses remote viewing to assist law enforcement in locating missing persons. Over the years various militaries have trained individuals in remote viewing to spy on their adversaries. Do you think you could learn to remote view?

Atral Travellers

Astral travel or astral projection (also called out of body experience) means that the soul/consciousness leaves the physical body to traverse the astral/spiritual plane. This often occurs during sleep or meditation. Sometimes the individual remembers the experience vividly and other times the person is only left with a sense that they went somewhere but cannot recall any details. People with this gift do have control over where and when they travel even though they may not have clear memories of the experience. Have you been on a cosmic trip lately?

Energy Healers

There are many types of energy healers or modalities practiced. Some examples are Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Angel Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive Healing and many

more. All of us have the ability to heal to some degree or another. Energy healers have developed this gift a little more fully. They are able to send universal love/energy out to another being to assist with healing. Every healer has their own version of how they do this. What is important is to have the intention to serve, to ask permission if you may send healing to that person, and then to send it wholly, freely, unconditionally, and with love. As healers we send the healing or wisdom that we have been holding for that person to them. However, because we all have free will, the recipient can decide whether they want to accept the healing or not.

Healing is initiated in many different ways. Some is actually sent upon request from the recipient. Empaths will feel a pain, discomfort, or emotional dis-ease in someone and send healing. Medical Intuitives may use their clairvoyance to scan a body to see an abnormality such as a shadow or a discoloured area. Healing can be done hands on or hands off, in person or by distance. Some healers use crystals or sound or essential oils to assist with the healing. They often call in their spiritual team to assist with the healing as well. When I am working with someone in need of healing, I have felt the area at issue as an empath or “saw it” on a scan of a body area. I often call in Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing as well as other healing angels to assist. My hands often heat up as I send energy/love and light to the person. I also visualize the changes in that area of the body to look healthier. Sometimes I will energetically “pull out” or remove any shadow or block that I see. Do you see yourself as a healer? Do you offer healing to others? If so, what does that look like?


Last on the list for today is the gift of counsel. Many people can use their psychic abilities or intuition to bring in information from Spirit that would be helpful to someone else facing one of life’s challenges. The information may help the individual dig deep until they can clearly see their challenge and/or the root of it or it may point out very clear answers to a dilemma or provide options for the person to choose from. These individuals often have strangers telling them their unsolicited life story along with all their woes. They are often sought out for their opinion on important matters or their advice on a contested issue. They generally present to others as “the voice of reason.” Do you have the gift of counsel? Do others come to you to help them “talk it out?”

Growing Your Gifts – Red Light, Green Light

Now is the time to grow your gifts, to shine your light. Those experiencing pain and suffering in our present world need you and your gifts. Does that sound scary or are you thinking “not me!” Let me try to convince you that yes, the world does need you NOW. First, for some perspective and understanding…

Red Light

Many people do not work with their gifts because they are simply unaware of them. They may have “interesting experiences” throughout their lives, but they never make the connection that those experiences were more than just coincidences or bizarre unexplained events. Too often we have a time when we access our gifts but the ego immediately steps in to discount it. We hear “that was just a coincidence.” or “that was your imagination – it didn’t really happen.” The ego tries to override and purge what it does not understand. Sometimes we do ignore the ego but are a bit confused by the experience. For example, you may hear a word or phrase and run around the house looking for whoever spoke it. When you find no one, you may scratch your head and persist in trying to find a physical explanation. You may be confused as to what you experienced or you may know what it was but you don’t know what to do with it/ what the next steps would be.

Sometimes our lack of knowledge turns into fear. We have been conditioned by the Hollywood depiction of spiritual gifts as scary or evil or harmful. Sometimes we have had negative past experiences with our gifts, in the current time or in past lives. These experiences make us reluctant to acknowledge our gifts and to grow them because we don’t want to relive those negative experiences. For example, many modern day healers or psychics hide their gifts because they met a brutal demise in a past life when they did work with their gifts openly. In truth, these are gifts from the Divine and are there to help us on our journey to fulfill our soul’s purpose and to serve others along that path. They are not scary or evil at all.

Other times we don’t grow our gifts because we simply aren’t able to. Some are stuck in a lower vibrational rut of fear, anxiety, anger where it is difficult to shift into a state of openness and love to work with their gifts. Some individuals in our immediate environment or society at large work to keep us in that low vibrational state because they don’t want us to shine our light. It would illuminate all the wrong in the world and their part in it.

Because our gifts may have been shut down since childhood when they didn’t fit with social norms, we may be very shy about “coming out of the spiritual closet.” We may be worried about being seen as “weird” or about being rejected by friends and family because we are showing them a different part of us that they do not know. (For further discussion see Empath Month – Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet) Another reason we don’t step out into our own light is that we don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t feel worthy of having those gifts and think we can’t possibly be as gifted as someone we hold up on a pedestal. OR sometimes we feel that the gift and the associated responsibilities are just too big to handle. We don’t feel that we have the energy or ability to work with such gifts. When we have these types of feelings, it is an indication that we have a life lesson in self worth.

Green Light

So, when we have all the above stacked against us how do we grow our gifts?? The answer is simple – do the same as you would to discover them in the first place:

  1. Set your intention: Have the intention to grow your gifts. Have only positive thoughts. Do not allow the ego to self sabotage. The Universe will hear you and work with you.

  2. Be mindful: Watch for the opportunities the Universe presents you to work with your gifts.

  3. Take action: Learn as much as you can about working with your gifts. Read books, take online courses, hook up with a mentor. Meditate, journal, go within. Ask Spirit all your questions and for clear answers.

  4. Practice: Work with your gifts every day. Solicit the support of family and friends who “speak your language.” Find your tribe. Ask your Spirit team to assist you. Allow all groups to be there for you and advocate for you.

  5. BELIEVE AND TRUST IN YOUR GIFTS. Practice gratitude for them and they will grow.

In summary, Spirit is asking you to answer the call of your gifts, to wake up to them and to

shine your light; to use them to live your fullest life in the journey to fulfilling your life purpose; and to experience the joy they bring as you use them in your work to serve others. As you read some of the descriptions above, I am sure there were some things you could identify with, things that sounded familiar. Now that you have started to recognize your gifts that lie within, what are your red lights? Find them, see them for what they are, and release them. This full moon is the perfect time to do that in preparation for the full manifestation of your gifts that can become a reality starting with the next new moon. Once you have addressed all the things holding you back, go with the green light. Follow the simple steps of growing your gifts. Get ready. Start on your path of discovery and growth. Believe and trust in yourself and your Spiritual team to get you there. Enjoy the journey!

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about growing your gifts, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to grow your spiritual gifts, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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