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Spirit has come in today with a very simple message – SMILE! Yes, last newsletter I cried, and now today Spirit has been saying to smile. In fact, that has been the only word all week that they have offered until finally this morning a little more to the message came in. Spirit encourages us all to smile more, to greet each day with a smile, and to share one with all we

meet many times a day. Why? Because Spirit has labelled it “magic medicine for all that ails humanity” and “it is greatly needed now more than ever.”  Because “a smile is contagious – in a good way – and can lift up our fellow human.” Because it is “the quickest and easiest way to spread positive energy and raise the global vibration of the planet.” And, Spirit explains, that each of us has the inborn ability to administer this magic medicine at will. We don’t need anyone’s approval. We don’t need a license. We don’t need money. We are not restricted when (except maybe when a passport picture is being taken!) or where we can smile. We don’t need special education or training to smile. We don’t need to be a certain, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, political affiliation, etc. to smile. We have the freedom and ability to smile wherever and whenever we want. We have the freedom and ability to positively affect life on this planet!


What is a Smile?

Does the message sound too simple? Are you wondering if there is something more specific

that Spirit has in mind? When we look at a dictionary’s definition of a smile it is “a facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward and which expresses especially amusement, pleasure, approval, or sometimes scorn” and “a pleasant or encouraging appearance” (Source: Merriam – Webster Dictionary - Smile) Spirit, however, has clarified that the most important thing about a smile is the emotion, the energy, the vibration attached to it, aka the “magic medicine.” The majority of the time, a smile conveys positive, high vibrational emotions such as love, compassion, gratitude, hope, joy, happiness, caring, agreement, pride, acceptance, encouragement, comradery, excitement, anticipation, understanding, empathy, relief. The emotion is heart centered, that is, it comes from the heart not your head.

A smile is the most predominant form of a universal language. We can all give a smile. Yes, even those who may have a facial paralysis. A smile is not only conveyed by the mouth, but it is also seen in the eyes, and most importantly it conveys that unseen but truly powerful positive energy. We can all receive a smile. Yes, even those who cannot see the facial expression can feel the positive energy the smile portrays. What is a smile to you?

Change the World

Spirit askes us to “change the world one smile at a time.” First though, we are reminded to

start with ourselves. When we begin the day with a smile, it is not only a smile in response to happy thoughts, memories, or something in our environment, it is also a smile we give to ourselves. As you start your day, take a few moments to look in the mirror and make eye contact with yourself and SMILE. Give yourself the most loving smile you can, not just a fleeting obligatory grin, but a smile full of love and compassion for yourself. You deserve it. If you can give that positive smiling energy to others why not to yourself? It will lift you up just as it does others. Can you make that promise to yourself and start today?

 As you go through your day, Spirit askes you to look for opportunities to give the gift of a smile to as many other people as you can. Make eye contact and give them the gift of

positive energy. Each person will elicit a different type of positive energy from within you. Approach each situation with an open heart, versus being in your head and thinking/worrying about what you should do, and just smile. You will feel and convey the appropriate energy for that person. Your heart will respond. Be present and watch the magic of your smile work. Have you ever seen a crying child stop instantly when they see their mother’s smile? Have you experienced a harried store clerk stand a little taller and nod in response to your smile? Have you had a grieving friend reach out for a hug in response to your approaching smile? Your smile and its energy is truly powerful.

Your smile will also change the energy around you. Even if the person you intended your smile

for chooses not to accept it (they look away or even frown) that is their choice, but the energy of your smile will have a ripple effect. They may feel that energy later and others around you will feel it as well. Don’t underestimate the power of your smile! Can you start today? Do you do this already? Can you do it more? You could change a stranger’s life in the most positive way.

Spirit also reminds you to give the gift of your smile and all its energy to the other beings in your environment – animal, plants, insects, and even spiritual beings such as your Guides, Angels, passed loved ones, Ascended Masters, fairies, etc. They will feel your “positive vibes” too and benefit from them AND they will likely reflect the same energy back to you! Mother Earth is also welcoming your smile. Take time each day to pause and acknowledge all that she provides for you and those you love and smile sending her loving gratitude. That loving energy will support her as she copes with some of the negative impacts she is subjected to. On a more local scale, you can also give your home the benefits of your smile. With the joy and happiness that your smile transmits, the energy in your home will reflect it.

Give and Take

Be open to receiving a smile from others. Often, we find it easier to give than to receive. Can

you remember to allow yourself to receive the positive energy of another’s smile? When you allow yourself to receive you also are giving the “smiler” the gift of all the positives of giving a smile. It is a win-win. The positive energy spreads. Have you ever walked into a room where people are smiling and laughing? How did the energy make you feel? Have you ever experienced changing the energy of a situation with your smile? Have you encountered someone who was upset, frowning, and had “heavy energy” but when they felt the positive energy of your smile their face brightened, and you could feel the energy shift? How about when you were on the receiving end? Have you ever been “down” and someone’s smile has “lifted your spirits” and you suddenly felt lighter hearted? I know, my family, especially my grandchildren, can have that effect on me in seconds. Smiles are powerful so allow yourself to benefit from them too.

Do All Smiles Have Positive Energy?

So, you might be wondering about the “mean smile” or the “evil grin” you may have encountered or witnessed in your life? Spirit is reminding you that the smile they are asking you to embrace is the physical expression of a heart centred, high vibration, positive emotion. Even the numerology of the word smile expresses a positive vibration and message from Spirit. You see, the numeric expression of the word “smile” is the number 4 which in Angel numbers gives us the message “Your angels are with you so stop worrying.” How could anything be more positive than that?!

When the facial expression is attached to a negative, low vibration emotion it is not heart centred. It is associated with feelings that are based on negative thoughts. They are ego based versus heart centred so one wonders if it is a misnomer to call that expression a smile. Like all negative energy, it is cause for a pause to consider whether it contains a lesson for us, whether it is something that needs to be healed or rectified with a positive response from us, or whether it just presents an opportunity to walk away. In all situations we have freedom of choice regarding how we wish to respond.

An Everlasting Smile

As the Bee Gees once sang, “Smile an everlasting smile…” A smile is meant to be shared. So,

Spirit is asking you to share your beautiful smile far and wide and don’t forget to honour yourself with at least a smile a day. See the ripple effect of the beautiful green and pink energy of your heart chakra (and higher heart) spread globally as you smile. We have such a simple tool at our disposal to help make the world a better place. Makes you wonder why we don’t do it more often doesn’t it?

Sending you love and light,




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