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Spirit woke me up the other night with a list of things to talk about with you regarding time.

The first concept was about time itself and that linear time is only a construct of this Earth bound life in the 3rd dimension. We categorize events along a linear timeline to give us a sense of order – past, present, future. We talk about time passing, where we observe things changing with time. A primary example being the changing of the human body as time passes, as we age. The movement through time is illustrated through our physical world. Some of that movement is linear, such as aging, and some of it is cyclical such as the stages that trees go through with the four seasons.

How ever we experience time in our physical world, it gives us a sense of order but also of finality. How often do we hear or say, “time is running out,” or “I have no time,” or “time is up!” Often these expressions of time are coupled with lower vibrations emotions – sadness, fear, anger, grief, anxiety, control. Time, for some, creates a prison, a finite reality. It becomes something to just move through, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. So often we are focused on the past with regrets, guilt, hurt, sadness for missed opportunities. Other time is spent pondering the future most often with worry or fear. How much of your day is spent examining the past or planning for the future? How much of that time is spent in a lower vibration emotion which just brings in more opportunities to experience another lower vibration emotion?

In the metaphysical and spiritual circles, the belief is that linear time does not exist, that all things, all events exist spontaneously and that we experience them when we are meant to, that is, “on Divine timing.” I have mentioned in other newsletters but will repeat it here as it is relevant, that some believe before our soul incarnated into this life, we created a timeline for our experiences. The timeline begins at the moment of our physical conception and ends with the death of our physical body. Along that timeline we placed many possibilities for us to choose from, many possible experiences. Because we have free will, we are able to choose the various experiences we have as we progress along the timeline learning the lessons our soul chose to learn in this lifetime to grow. We make choices every moment which influence the next moment. That is why it is important “be in the moment”, to practice mindfulness, and to make positive choices so that we influence our next moment in a positive way.

Some also believe that all that really exists in the present moment and that moment exists

in countless realities. Some individuals have mastered the skill of “quantum leaping” where they can intentionally move into one of those alternate realities. To achieve the leap, the individual believes in what they want to manifest, releases old beliefs that might hold them back, and unequivocally believes that a reality already exists where they have achieved the manifestation. Others may experience only occasional glimpses of those realities that can be confusing if we don’t realize what is happening. The Universe is simply allowing us to ‘see’ more of the opportunities we created for ourselves to choose from. When we experience déjà vu, we may be remembering one of those glimpses into our own future or we may be remembering when we actually planned the even prior to our arrival here.

Perhaps the belief in moving into other realities, explains ‘bending time’ or speeding up or slowing down time. Are we actually changing the speed of time or just slipping into a different reality where we have already arrived at the destination or events are moving slower? Have you ever left home late for a destination but somehow arrived on time and wondered how that physically happened? Perhaps you just slipped into another reality where you had already arrived!

Some of the choices along our timeline also include the option to leave, to exit, to die. Some of you may have experienced those exit points and perhaps recall the exact moment you chose to stay. I can recall a few of those moments myself, the most vivid one being in an emergency department with an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting. As my body continued to swell while the IV beside me pumped in the treatment for my reaction, I remember fighting to stay conscious and repeating to whoever in the spirit world would hear me, “NO, I AM NOT LEAVING!” My oldest two children were young and there was no way I was going to leave them. It was simply out of the question. And so, I didn’t. The buzzing in my ears stopped, my breathing and vision came back to normal and then I felt relief knowing I was staying on the planet. Now, I know some will say this experience could have been a panic attack or just the drugs kicking in and that my conscious choice had no impact. All I know is what my perception was of my experience and I definitely believe I am still here because of that conscious choice. Can you relate? Have you experienced a moment on your timeline when your choice dramatically changed the direction of events in your life?

Spirit wants us to remember that we are infinite, that our soul exists far beyond this three dimensional world we are currently experiencing. They want us to understand that we have all the time we need to do what is in our soul contract, to accomplish what aligns with our purpose. Source would never see us lined up to achieve something but then rob us of the time to do it. There is always just the right amount of time available to us. The trick is whether we make choices that give us that time. When you feel stressed about time or wish you could do something but are sad because you “don’t have enough time,” tell yourself that you have all the time that you need. Feel the calm of that reassuring statement and as you believe it, time will open up to do the thing you wanted to do. Believe in your heart that you have the right amount of time you needed and you will have it!

As I recall, Spirit woke me with these messages at 3:59AM. It is interesting to decipher the angel messages from those numbers depicting the time on the clock. Three tells us that all those on the other side – Guides, Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones, etc. - are in our life

assisting us. Five tells us that changes coming and to prepare. Nine is the number of completion and time to move on. It tells us that it is time to stop procrastinating and go after our dreams, our passion, our life purpose. It is a call to spiritual service and focusing on others; to function at a higher vibration. So, the time that Spirit brought all these messages to me to relay to you about time, had a message in itself. It tells us that all our spiritual team is with us to assist us with a change that is coming that will move us to being in service for others in order to align with our purpose. Sound exciting? Have you already been experiencing a shift? It is also interesting that this message came through on the night of the Super Blue Full Moon which heralds a great opportunity for manifestation and change!

As you read through this, have you thought about your relationship with time? Do you “never seem to have enough time” or do you feel you “have all the time in the world?” Time can neither “be on our side” nor “be our enemy” if it doesn’t exist. Whichever your perspective, Spirit wants you to know that the time you have is perfect for you and that everything happens on “Divine timing” meaning the timing is always in your best interest. So, if you have moments of impatience or worry, let go and trust that Source has orchestrated everything to occur as it should. Shift your perspective to one that cultivates positive emotions and focus on the beauty of the present moment to the next beautiful moment for yourself in the most perfect reality of your choice! I will see you there!

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about Divine timing, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to deal with issues with time, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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