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  • Marilyn Young

Getting Into The Flow

By now many of you have heard of the supercharged abundance predicted for this year and

many are already feeling as if life is speeding up! How are you doing? Do you feel as if you have “hit the floor running?” Are you ready? Are you in the flow yet? Or are you feeling confused, scattered, directionless, irritable, frustrated, or even angry? If you are struggling, don’t worry. You are not alone. Like so many, you are having a response to the rapidly changing energy of this month. AND if you are empathic, your feelings are likely compounded by the feelings of others that you are picking up on. But don’t panic. You have time to sort a few things out and address any issues before you enter the fast flow of this year. Here are a few things to consider…

Rest and Respite


If you feel as if you are caught in the rising chaos of the world as if being swept away in a fast-flowing river, do not panic, and fight it. Instead, STOP, STAY CALM, BREATHE, and find the SILENCE. Carving out some time for yourself in the craziness of this month will be like rolling over and floating on your back downstream to safety. So, give yourself the gift of a few moments each day to relax and catch your breath. It might be having a slightly longer morning shower where you can use the flow of the water to really ground yourself in preparation for your day. It might be a brisk walk outside connecting with nature, finding the joy in appreciating the beauty around you. If you need to stay indoors, a seven-minute Qi Gong practice can bring you into calm energy for the rest of the day. You may prefer a five-minute meditation sometime in the day to connect with your guides and angels to ask for their support. While having a quick coffee or tea break you could journal a few thoughts to clear your mind or questions to get answered from Spirit. At bedtime you might take a few minutes of thanks and run through your gratitude list. Those brief breaks will help you feel centred, keep your focus, and give you rest and respite from the fast pace you may be experiencing some days more than others. Feel better?

If you find yourself shakily watching a tsunami of negativity coming at you, get to higher ground. In other words, when you are in a situation where negative emotions are threatening to engulf you, including your own, “pull back” or “zoom out” to get a higher perspective. For example, I found myself caught up in negative emotions earlier this month. For several days I would catch myself being just plain grumpy, scowling or snapping at the littlest things that normally would not even register on my radar. Initially when I saw myself behave that way, I just plodded through it, but it soon did not feel good. Responding to that gut feeling, I started

to question why did I react that way? On the outside looking in at my own behaviour, I seemed to be acting unreasonably. I looked more closely at what I was watching on television, reading on social media, and what conversations I was participating in. They were all negative involving fear, worry or anger. So, I decided to pull myself away from that; to be aware of what I was taking in and to choose my response carefully. We all have freedom of choice so I could choose how I would react. I could jump on the band wagon and go down the rabbit hole or I could just say “no” to all the negativity. I chose the latter. I could still read or hear some of the negative information but not embrace it or even take it in or I could ignore it altogether. For the information I was exposed to I decided to reframe it into a positive thought or event for myself and the others I was connecting to.

From that higher perspective, I could also start to wonder why Spirit had put all these scenarios in my path. Was there something more I needed to do to help others move away from the negativity. Could I help them say “no”? Looking at my own feelings more closely, I also understood that as an Empath, I was feeling the anger, anxiety, and fear of others close to me as well as that of entire populations on the other side of the planet. For those that I could connect with, I took the opportunities that arose to illustrate a different perspective of the concerns they were having. Perhaps there were silver linings, lessons to be learned, or they too could “zoom out” and make happier choices. For those I couldn’t reach, I could still send love to them energetically and ask Archangel Chamuel to help them find peace. He also helps me maintain my personal peace so I can assist others.


If you try some of these strategies but still find yourself drowning in a sea of negativity, Sonia Choquette, internationally known Spiritual Teacher and best-selling Author gives us a simple tip to raise our vibration and get back into the flow of positivity. It is simply three deep breathes – in through the nose and out through the mouth with each breath blowing out more forcefully than the last. With the third breath out, you slide into your heart and smile. (See Sonia Choquette on Facebook)


Letting Go and Getting Organized


Last Ripple Effect Newsletter we talked about January being the month to tidy things up in

preparation for a busy year. Remember, as a nine month, January is the time to clear out things, people, places, situations, etc. that no longer serve you. In his January 2024 Energy Update, Lee Harris, a globally known Channeler, Energy Intuitive, Author, and Musician, suggests that we look back at 2023 to discover what unfinished business we still might have. It is time to tie up loose ends on things like projects, relationships, lingering emotional issues, or prominent life lessons so you can move forward this year. Spirit reminds us that looking back also gives us an opportunity to see how far we have come, to acknowledge all our triumphs, our growth, and what we have learned. It is just as important to reflect on our successes as it is to tally up the work still to be done. We can build on the foundation of the energy, confidence, and knowledge of those successes to wrap up what is still left on our plate.

Harris also tells us that January is the month for us to reorganize. That may refer to your physical space, events in your calendar, or even your personal priorities and goals. Reorganizing will get you “into the flow.” Changing your physical space at work and/or at home can improve the energy flow so that it supports you in all areas of your life. Many integrate the principles of Feng Shui to promote free flowing energy that supports harmony with your environment, prosperity, and wellbeing. Using numerology to determine the number of your personal year, month, and days allows you to organize events or tasks to align with supportive energy. Angel numbers and other signs/communication from your Guides and Angels can help you prioritize your goals. Some predictions say that the fast pace of January will continue throughout this year so being organized will give us a leg up in how we approach the rest of the year and manage its pace. Our energy will be focused and purposeful.


Clarity and Alignment with Purpose


At any time, the clearer our vision of our life purpose is, and the more aligned our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions are with it, the more growth we will experience on our spiritual journey. The beginning of the year is of course, the best time to get clear on where we want to go in life that year. As with any journey, if the destination is not clear you may end up on a lot of detours, convoluted paths, dead ends, and reversed trails. If the destination is not clear, you may never get there, it may take an extraordinarily long time to get there, or you may arrive and not even realize it! Being clear on your life purpose gives you a definite destination and direction for your journey.


So, how do you achieve that clarity? Some of you may already have a clear picture and know exactly where you are going. For others, the picture may be a bit foggy. What about you? To help the fog dissipate, you may want to spend some time “going within,” connecting with Spirit to find the answers. This is usually not a short simple process. It takes time, patience, and persistence. However, it is time well spent up front to avoid setbacks. An important tip: If you get to a point when you feel your patience has evaporated and you are ready to give up, that is usually the time when you are just about to break through to success so don’t give up – keep swimming! If you find you need assistance, a spiritual mentor, an intuitive, an akashic record reader, or other type of spiritual counsel may help. Archangel Michael is reminding us that he is always there to assist us in connecting to our purpose. All we need to do is ask him for that guidance. Whatever method you use, you will know when the answers are what you are searching for because they will ring true to you. They will be positive and bring you joy.

Once you have a clear description of your purpose, you will advance on your journey more quickly and easily if your choices in life align with that purpose. We all have freedom of choice, and we use it all day long, every day. If you are making choices that do not completely align with your purpose, you may feel uncomfortable about them; you may have second thoughts; and the results will be a more difficult path. Sometimes, I refer to this as feeling like a salmon swimming upstream – everything is such endless hard work where you run into so many blocks and detours that you feel hopeless. When this happens, it is a sign to change course, to take another route to get to your destination. Testing the waters with baby steps is ok. Even though this year is fast paced, it is still better to take small quick steps in the right direction versus a huge leap in a less supportive direction. The energy of this year may be “go big or go home” but if you are not ready to do that, Spirit is reassuring you that baby steps are just fine until you are more certain about the direction you are going. When you are more aligned with your purpose, you will experience more joy and you will move forward in life more easily. Those baby steps will grow into leaps and bounds as you gain confidence and momentum.




As you check things off your list from last year, your perspective may have changed regarding what is next. As the saying goes, “When one door closes, another will open.” This is your time to choose what is behind door number 1, door number 2, or door number3! In this year of abundance and rapid manifestation, January is a time to prepare to create. We are all co-creators with Source. We may only think of activities such as the arts – writing or playing music, painting, sculpting, writing – as creating but it is so much more. Creating a restful space in your home, creating activities to enjoy with your children, creating a business, creating opportunities to feel joy for others, and of course, creating another life are just a few examples of how we are creators. In fact, every moment of our life we create the next moment. We can do this purposefully or not. Sometimes we create as if we are on autopilot and many times, we recreate the same thing over and over again then wonder why things don’t change for us.


How do we create? Remember that everything is energy and in that energetic flow our thoughts and feelings based on our beliefs become actions that create results. So, this year and especially this month we are encouraged to be more mindful about our amazing abilities as creators. We are encouraged to take the time to plan what we want to create. Harris brings forward a very important distinction for our planning at this time on the planet. We are in a rapidly changing time when old ways, old structures, old energies are failing and no longer serve us. So, the guidance he shares with us is to create differently, to use new approaches, new ideas and to not just “do more of the same.” The Angels are standing by to assist us in our creating. Archangel Uriel is stepping forward and is asking you to call on him to bring to you brilliant epiphanies for your creation. Archangel Gabrielle is also stepping forward to help us unlock our creativity.


The New You


As Mother Earth continues to go through all her energetic changes, so do all the creatures she supports including us. Because we are energy, we too are shifting and changing as does the world around us. You may have experienced very big dramatic changes in your health, your beliefs, your thought processes, your spirituality, even the people you relate to over the last year or even last few months. Conversely, you may have been changing more slowly and less noticeably over the last several years. Have you recognized any of these changes? How has your health been? Have you had struggles or great improvements? Have you had odd conditions that have baffled you and your health care providers but eventually resolve on their own? Has your diet changed where you can no longer tolerate foods you used to love? Have you had great “aha moments” that have initiated a change in some of your beliefs? Do you approach things differently in your thought processes? Do you see the world around you differently than you did a few years or months back? Have your relationships changed? Have you had the insatiable urge to change your location; to move your home or visit specific locations? Have you discovered new spiritual gifts that you have? Are you suddenly able to connect to your Guides and Angels? Have you begun to explore your life purpose and reconnect with your true self?


Whatever shifts you have experienced, be they subtle or dramatic, sudden or gradual,

welcome or confusing, Spirit wants to reassure you that they are a necessary part of your journey as a Spirit having a human experience. All of us on the planet have chosen to be here at this time of great change, to learn and grow as spiritual beings. 2024 will be a year of accelerated learning. Never has there been a time in the Earth’s history when so many of the human species will awaken to who they truly are. Amongst many other beings waiting in the wings to assist, the Angels want us to know they are there for support through this time of transformation. Archangel Ariel is a constant companion to Mother Earth and all of nature. Archangel Raphael is there to support those struggling with shifts in physical and mental health and, together with Archangel Raguel, they help to heal and bring harmony to relationships. Archangel Haniel and Archangel Jeremiel are also standing by and eager to help those exploring, developing, and learning to trust their spiritual gifts.


Many, if not all of you reading this newsletter, are lightworkers. We too have gone through many changes with more to come but we also have a role to play in assisting others with their transformation. As spiritual beings everyone has spiritual gifts, everyone has a connection with the Divine, and everyone can communicate and co-create with Spirit. As more and more people realize this, as they connect to their true selves, they may need guidance and support to trust in the process. This is a calling for us to be of more service to others. For many of us as our gifts were opening, we needed to learn to trust in the Divine, in those gifts, and that everything that happens in our life plan is in our highest good. Now, as part of being of service to others, it is time for us to help others develop that trust. As we all continue to grow Archangel Raziel is with us to help us “understand the secrets of the Universe.” Personally, I have felt Archangel Raziel around frequently when I see the prism reflection from crystals in a window or from beveled windows in our front door, because his colours are those of the rainbow. I believe his main message is to trust in the Divine and in the beautiful positive future we can create for this planet, but I am listening for more!


Another vital energy for the planet right now is the love and compassion of the heart energy. It is extremely important for everyone to become more heart centered as our transformation continues. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, best-selling Author, Teacher, Researcher, Lecturer, and Scientist, when we relax and place our attention on our heart, we produce more heart energy with its own unique frequency. This heart energy then communicates to the brain that we are safe to create, it’s safe to awaken, and it is safe to rise to a different level of consciousness away from survival mode where the ego lives. When we are at this level of

consciousness, we are very aware and can see many more possibilities to create what we want in life. We are in a state of joy. We are also in a state of heart and brain coherence which has immense benefits for physical and mental health. Since this emotion is energy and energy is constantly in motion, and since we are all connected energetically, others will feel this energy of love, compassion, and joy. So, as we all become more heart centred, we support all on this planet in processing the chaos and creating a better world.

Last, but not least, as we transform, it is important to connect to our inner child and remember to play. This is a place where we can find creativity and a simple “joie de vivre,” the joy of living. When the child feels safe, the pure innocence and connection to Source brings forward the joy that we are all meant to experience in this life on a constant basis. Uninhibited, imaginative play brings forth creativity and joy. So, in the middle of this busy and sometimes stressful or confusing beginning to 2024, remember to be kind to yourself, breathe, ask for assistance from the Angels and the Divine for clarity on your purpose, for learning how to create in new and different ways, for support in transforming into the new you and turn to the children to show you how to play and embrace the joy in life. As you work through all of this, I look forward to walking with you as we get “into the flow” on this new and exiting path into this transformative year!


Sending you love and light,



If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this newsletter, here are a few resources I have found helpful:




Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to cope with the intense energies of this month and year, I am offering intuitive counselling, angel card readings, and angel numerology readings online or in person (in Calgary).







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