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Reach Out

As I reflected on my day, I asked Spirit what messages they had for us and simple two words came through “Reach Out.” For me, the message and its timing was perfect. At the day’s end I

was feeling a bit ragged. This has been a bit of a trying week energetically for me. Extended family has been going through some relationship upheaval that I have been trying to navigate and support where I can and should. News of devastating fires around the globe but especially those in Maui, Northwest Territories, and close to a friend’s home in British Columbia have been very impactful empathically for me, so I have been sending energetic support and prayers. Friends have been struggling with physical and emotional concerns and I have been supportive where and when I should. I have been trying to reach out but the opportunities to do so seem endless and I wonder sometimes if I am being helpful at all…Can you relate?

When we look at the world around us it may seem futile to entertain any sort of idea about helping to provide relief from some of the stresses – people experiencing financial difficulties, relationships lost and shifting, concerns about Mother Earth and her challenges with weather/climate disasters, wars, and all the other nasty things presented on a regular basis courtesy of the daily news available at our fingertips on any device we touch. Are you feeling pulled down by these events? Are you struggling with the enormity of it all and trying to keep up? Has that struggle led to health problems for you? Have you given up? Or have you found the “magic bullet” and are able to help while keeping yourself intact? What’s the magic bullet you say? Well, it’s what keeps us in the zone where we can reach out in the most helpful way and not feel overwhelmed. This “magic bullet” has a few components.

First, component is to recognize that we cannot solve all the world’s, or even our neighbour’s, problems nor should we. When we understand what we are responsible for and what responsibilities belong to others, we can help in a constructive way. It helps us avoid “overserving” so that we stay in a healthy state and are able to reach out where and when we are meant to. When we remember that we only have control over our own lives, we can have healthy boundaries but still help. How are your boundaries these days? How do you know who genuinely needs your assistance and who would be better served by you allowing them to problem solve on their own or allowing someone else the opportunity to serve them?

The best place for me get the answer to that question is to listen to my intuition, to my gut, to

my inner self. When I don’t “just know” intuitively, I am learning to pause and ask Spirit a specific question, “Is it Divine intended that I offer assistance to __________at this time?” I can be more specific about the type of assistance as well. Asking if my assistance is “Divine intended” is in essence asking if that offer would be in the highest good for that person or situation. Without fail Spirit answers. Sometimes the answer is not what I expect or what I would like to hear. But inevitably if I do not heed the answer and act accordingly, I regret it. It is so difficult to stand back and watch a loved one struggle and not solve their problems for them, especially when we think we can. But in the end, If we do step in when we are not meant to, the problem can get worse, persist, or return. Have you had this experience?

The second component is to release all judgement and understand that there are many different perspectives to each situation. What we might consider a horrendous disaster may be what another was meant to experience along their spiritual path no matter how difficult that experience might me. When I think of the fires, the sense of grief and devastation at the loss of life and property can be overwhelming. When I remember that everything is as Divine intended then I find comfort in the knowing that those people chose that outcome as part of their path in this lifetime. Why? We never know the whole story unless it is our own but I know and trust that there is a reason for everything.

When we start to judge a person or situation it clouds our perception, our ability to help. When we do not judge, we accept the current reality as it is. We do not see it as “good” or “bad.” We are neutral so that we can reach out without reservation. We remember that we have all come from the same place, a place of love and light. We don’t know why someone has chosen the path they have and the behaviours we see. If those behaviours make it difficult to reach out, it is helpful to try to see that person’s true inner self, to see their light. This has especially been helpful to me lately. To remember that we all come from the same love and light and to connect with that versus the behaviours that are hurtful or attacking or destructive. When I am reaching out, I am reaching out to that light in that person to help them on their journey as they learn whatever lessons those behaviours or the situation were meant to bring to them.

Lastly, the third component is to simply follow your inner voice, your intuition and reach out. When we reach out to help or support it can be physically like helping with disaster clean up or making a monetary donation to it. Physical assistance can also be just offering a hug. We can reach out emotionally with a listening ear, words of encouragement, or simply a smile. We can reach out spiritually with prayer and calling on our Guides, Angels, Source for assistance. The key to reaching out is that we do just that, that we offer assistance, support, understanding, encouragement, healing, to those we are meant to help. We reach out from a place of unconditional love and compassion. We reach out but it is up to the recipient to

accept our hand. We all have freedom of choice and it is their choice whether to accept our help or not. It is their journey and we may be part of it for a lifetime, intermittently, a fleeting moment, or not at all. When we created our plans for this journey, we did it with the agreement of those we would intersect with along the way. These individuals are in our soul group and we have soul contracts with them outlining what those intersections in our lives will look like. So, when your intuition is telling you to reach out, listen and follow through.

When we reach out, we often think of that being to family, friends, coworkers – people we know at some level. But often we are also called on to each out to strangers. Lately, I have been prompted to give cash to people walking down a line of cars stopped at an intersection. I hate to admit it, but usually when I came into that situation, I would uncomfortably avoid eye contact and hope that the traffic light would soon change so I could simply drive away. Sometimes, I was afraid they may harm me through an open window and other times, I would wonder if what money I gave them would be helpful or just feed an apparent addiction. But more recently, that familiar discomfort has vanished and I am happy to give them something without judgement or fear. I realized that it is just my role to offer the money and what they do with it is part of their journey is up to them. Instead of worrying that my donation might buy them their next “fix” I chose to think more positively, that it might buy them a meal so they could carry on in their life. Giving without any “judgemental energetic strings” feels good. So, I now carry cash specifically to use when Spirit presents someone who needs it. Interestingly, I just recently learned that my husband also keeps a good chunk of change in the car for the same purpose!

The memory of one fellow in particular that we met stands out for me. My husband and I were

stopped at a red light and the fellow was walking the line of traffic with his hat in hand. I don’t remember what he was wearing or how he walked. All I remember is seeing the light in his eyes when I handed him some cash and we made eye contact. I COULD SEE THE LIGHT IN HIM. He smiled and said, “Thank you. God bless you.” I felt in that moment that he was truly grateful and meant what he said. Automatically I replied, “God bless you too.” With those words, I felt my heart open and I had a sudden wish for him to be safe and live the life he deserved with all the respect and love a fellow human being deserves. As we drove away when the light changed, I wasn’t sure who benefitted more from that interaction – him or me!

Reaching out has a huge ripple effect. We can never know how many lives we positively impact just by reaching out to one person or situation. When we help an individual, not only are they benefitting but so are the people they next interact with or are connected to. For example, they may share the meal they buy with the money we gave them with another person in need. By smiling at that store clerk who feels like they need “a little lift” may have them in turn, smile at the next customer who also might need a little lift. By donating to a fire relief

cause you may be providing safe shelter for a family or better equipment for exhausted and dedicated workers to get the job done quicker. By praying or simply keeping positive thoughts we impact the energy of the situation for a positive outcome.

Part of the ripple effect of reaching out is that it also sets an example for others. Our children, grandchildren, colleagues, friends, strangers can learn from seeing “acts of kindness”. They see and may even feel the positive effect on the recipient AND the giver and may chose to adopt the same type of behavior. It also reminds the recipient(s) that they are not alone and can provide hope. It reminds them that they are loved, they have value. As well know author Neale Donald Walsch commented in a recent Facebook post, “Let everyone whose life you touch feel worthy. Give everyone a sense of their own worthiness as a person, a sense of the true wonder of who they are. Give this gift and you will heal the world.” Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, reaching out can raise the vibration of the people, places and situations involved. The positive vibration you are creating is a counterbalance to the strife in the world.

So, when you hear of a disaster or an incident or person in need located far away from you, don’t get lost in the sorrow and feelings of helplessness. Everything you do has an impact. Large world disastrous events such as war, mass murder, fires can leave us full of fear, sadness, or anger. You may meet others and talk repeatedly about how awful these events are. That is almost an automatic reaction and is so easy to do. But is it not helping and those emotions are only magnifying the low vibration of the event. We can start to help by recognizing this response and changing our perspective. As a result, we help to change the energy of the event. Spirit reminds us that every disaster is an opportunity to experience the best in humanity. Yesterday, I listened to many interviews of people directly impacted by the Yellowknife and Kelowna fires. What overshadowed their loss, fatigue, and sadness was the outstanding support they received from family, friends, government services, companies, and random strangers. The examples of strength, resilience, generosity, leadership, community, and gratitude were uplifting. I remembered that disasters give us an opportunity to act in a positive way by reaching out. They give us a chance to shine our light for one another.

So today, pay attention to when Spirit presents you with an opportunity to reach out. I think we

have many in a day and we most often respond by doing just that, reaching out, but some we may miss or even chose to ignore. As you go forward see if you can recognize those opportunities. Grasp the ones that you might have missed and pat yourself on the back for the ones you didn’t. As I have been writing this, Spirit keeps bringing a song to me to share with you. It is an oldie by the Four Tops, “Reach Out, I’ll Be There.”As the song says, we can be there for those who feel their world is crumbling, or who are alone and unloved and feel they are not good enough. We can reach out with understanding and all the love they need. Have a listen to the tune and thank you for reaching out.

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about reaching out, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to reach out to you, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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