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War and Peace

In my last Ripple Effect newsletter, I wrote about the lessons we are experiencing globally in judgement. I spoke about my lesson being highlighted by a tsunami of negative emotional energy connected to the Israel – Hamas war that washed over me. I spoke about the negative emotions of judgement connected to war and the other global crises we have and are experiencing and asked you to join me in releasing those emotions of fear, anger, and hatred to replace them with love. BUT… I forgot a very important step. As I continued to work through my own lessons in judgement, Spirit brought that step to light and has prompted me to share it with you in the off chance that it is helpful for your journey. This is how that step came to light…

 Over these last two weeks, Spirit has been providing me with experiences and memories to

gain insight into the deeper root of those negative emotions; into the shaping of the core values connected to judgement and more specifically to my judgement and emotions connected to war. The first nudge from Spirit occurred during a play my husband and I attended at the Rosebud Theatre. The musical play was entitled “All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914” by Peter Rothstein. Some of you may be familiar with this story from World War I where soldiers in the trenches on the front line had an impromptu truce on Christmas. As they sat in the cold, dark, silence, on Christmas Eve, a German soldier started to quietly sing “Silent Night”. The British soldiers in a trench a mere 300 yards away, heard the song and before long men from both sides joined in. That led to a chorus of more Christmas songs as well as a friendly soccer match the next day. Variations on the truce occurred along the front line in many trenches but did not exist in others. During the play, we heard snippets of the men’s thoughts on the war either from their personal recorded histories or as excerpts from touching letters sent home. As dawn broke on Boxing Day, the soldiers on both sides received orders that there would be no truce. The fighting resumed and those who stood shoulder to shoulder during the magic moments of Christmas peace once again turned on each other.

As I watched the play, the feelings of the men from that time in history struck me – the loneliness of missing their families at Christmas when they had thought the war would be long over by then  and they would be home with loved ones; the fear of going against orders and what that would mean to their own safety; the frustration at the senselessness of war; the realization that the men on the other side were just like them; and the glimmer of hope that it would all be over soon so they could return home. Those feelings and my compassion for those men now long gone from this planet had me fighting back tears for the last half of the play. I wondered if those fighting in the wars today were experiencing the same thoughts and feelings. My judgement hit me hard at the thought of the complete senselessness of war that this play illustrated and that 109 years later, we still haven’t learned to stop fighting. Deep sadness and hopelessness for mankind washed over me and all I could think to do was pray that we would soon learn.

Later that week I recounted that experience and my lingering feelings with a group of “spiritual buddies.” When I recalled the tsunami, I could see it in my mind’s eye picking up symbols of war from the ground it rolled across.  As I described this, I realized that as much as I was sending love to the current wars each time I heard about them either through media or friends, I was still feeling that I should be doing more but didn’t know what action to take that would not push me deeper into judgement. Luckily, my friends brought another perspective forward for me. Suggestions came about looking further into why war was triggering such emotional responses in me at this time. Thankfully, I had no close up experience with war, at least not in a way that I thought should be triggering me this profoundly, so nothing came to mind as an immediate cause. Within an hour of that discussion though, a second tsunami hit me with more “war” and some answers.

Suddenly I was exhausted to the point of barely being able to move and nausea set in. I cancelled a dinner out with friends and went to bed. The nausea was similar to that which I had experienced on waking a few days prior. It wasn’t a flu type nausea. It was more like feeling intense fear in your gut and, as I told my husband that day, I had a feeling that “something bad was going to happen.” That day, it occurred shortly after listening to the morning news and “war updates” so I assumed that was the cause was able to clear the nausea energetically. I did the same this time, and then immediately fell asleep.

For the next seven hours my sleep was interrupted with memories surfacing from my childhood and even past lives that were connected to war, conflict, and judgement. They included reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank as a child and feeling her fear as if I was living her life along side her; learning about Remembrance Day and feeling the sorrow in the poem “In Flanders Fields”; hearing stories of my grandfather’s narrow escape with his life working as a cook  on the front line in WW II when half of the “cook shack” he was in was blown apart in a raid; hearing stories of my husband’s uncle’s kind treatment of people whose homes were taken over by soldiers as the war moved across Europe and then his surviving the landing at Dieppe on D-Day; hearing of distant relatives who came back from WWII so emotionally damaged they could not function in society and became reclusive; hearing about the Vietnam war’s American “draft dodgers” coming into Canada and feeling fearful for all those who went to serve in that war. Pictures of the current wars cycled through my mind as I tried to sleep.

When I finally woke, I found I had my hand on my heart and a profound sense of lost innocence struck me. In my mind’s eye, I could see a young soldier on the battlefield watching the carnage unfold in front of him and I could feel him forever changed. Then more memories surfaced as I lay in the dark. Memories of past lives during the crusades and during the witch hunts. I was amazed that things I thought I had forgotten about were coming to the surface. I asked Archangel Michael to help me release all those memories that no longer served me and brought the light in to replace those memories. Then I was able to fall back asleep.

The next day as I reflected on the night, it struck me that all those things that surfaced came with unrecognizable trauma. It was that trauma that I was reacting to. That made sense. I have never been able to watch war movies or read books about war as they disturbed me too much. I would have visceral reactions to the death and destruction. I realized that I had buried those past events and the emotional trauma connected to them. I became calmer as I continued to work with Archangel Michael to release those experiences, emotions, and beliefs. He reminded me that everything happens as Divine intended and helped me to understand that war has its place on the soul journey of those directly affected.

Although I was releasing old traumatic events, I still felt as if there was something more connected too the current wars. Then I recalled a simple comment from someone in my group. It got me to change my perspective. As I repeatedly sent love to the war trauma, I referred to it as “serving the wars.” My focus was on the wars, the one thing I wanted to go away, but by focusing on them I was adding energy to perpetuate them. Instead, my friend had suggested, “You aren’t serving war. You are serving peace.” That simple shift was profound! To replace thoughts involving war with thoughts of peace definitely served myself and others much more positively.

So, as I circle back to the very important step I omitted in my last newsletter, that step is recognizing the trauma. If we are reacting strongly to events and can’t understand why, chances are we have some deeply buried personal trauma connected to similar events. We need to find the root of that trauma and release that as well. Working with Archangel Michael definitely helps us to do this. THEN we need to replace that trauma with love and personal peace. Once we are at peace, we can send that to the world and the events that disrupt our peace.

Since my change in perspective, I have added to my daily spiritual practice not only sending love but also sending peace to the world. Archangel Chamuel came in today and reminded me that he is the archangel to assist us with finding our personal peace and world peace, growing unconditional love, removing worry and stress, and eliminating war or conflicts between people. He also helps us with tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, and love. As I connect with him, I send energy the colour of light green out to the world. Green is the colour of our heart chakra and is also connected to healing.

I have heard repeatedly over the years that planet Earth is a harsh school of life lessons. Violence abounds in all corners of the planet and lately, that has been escalating. As Empaths, we are especially sensitive not only to the physical pain of war but also to the emotional trauma that others are experiencing. Remembering that we chose to be here at this time, I know it is because we can help heal the Earth and humanity by first finding our own peace and then sending it to the world.

So, how do you feel about my story of tsunamis, war, and peace? What’s your tsunami? Are you experiencing strong emotional responses to the conflict on our planet? Can you recognize the triggers and understand their root? Are you struggling to release judgement? Do you need to work with Archangel Michael to release past traumas? Do you feel a need to work with Archangel Chamuel to find your peace? Can you do all of this so you can add your energy to world peace?

As we move into the Christmas season, I hope we can honour those soldiers who found a few moments of peace amid the insanity. I hope we can work together to clear out old traumas that are still disturbing our personal peace and that we can heal and grow to share that peace with the world. What better time than the season of the birth of the Prince of Peace? Thank you for bringing more hope and healing to our world. Peace be with you.

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about war and peace, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to cope with the finding personal peace and less judgement, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).





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