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Creating Abundance With Spirit

As many of you know, 2024 is an “eight year” according to numerology. We spoke about

this in the first newsletter of the year “Time to Shine in 2024.” You might remember that the energy of this year is primarily about bringing abundance and prosperity into your life. Soooo, how are you doing so far? Do you have more money in your life than you have before? Do you have an abundance of other things such as health, love, free time, and joy to name a few? Or… has the year been a bit of a bumpy ride so far? Have you been clearing our leftover “yuck” from last year and just when you thought you were through it, something else comes up? Are you getting impatient waiting for the abundance to start coming into your life? Today Spirit is bringing you a reminder of what you already know. You know in your soul how to work with Spirit to co-create your life including bringing abundance. They have just asked me to remind you of the wisdom and will that you hold. Let’s look at what Spirit has to say...

Co-Creating Our Reality

To start, Spirit wants to remind us of a cycle that impacts how we create our reality. We have talked about this cycle before and I am sure many of you are aware of it. As the global energy is currently shifting into the Divine Feminine which is an energy of intuition and creativity, Spirit wants us to understand and integrate how we truly can co-create our own reality in the interest of our highest good and that includes creating abundance!

Do you recognize this cycle?

What we believe influences our thoughts and feelings which are the basis of our actions that bring results or outcomes. Those results in turn will reinforce or cause us to change our beliefs.

Can you think of an example of how this cycle has influenced your life in terms of abundance? Here is a story of my personal example: Up until the last few years money always presented a struggle in my life. As a child, our family had very little money and we often heard things were unattainable because there was “no money.” My parents worked very hard, and I believed them because, with five children, they struggled to keep us housed and fed. We moved a lot in their search for affordable housing and we didn’t have many of the things that our friends had but we were happy and accepted that we “had no money.” I remember deciding to inform my grade six teacher I could not sing in the Christmas concert because my parents could not afford to buy me the required red tights the girls had to wear. Her response was to berate me by asking me who did I think I was to refuse to sing for God. I stood my ground and refused to tell my parents about the needed red tights but, as it turned out, my mom did purchase the tights after a call from the teacher and I did sing in the concert. However, I felt like a burden to my parents because of that required purchase. How do you think that related to my sense of self worth?

I started early to earn my own money to help take the pressure off my parents. At age ten I made Barbie doll clothes by hand to sell at our Brownie and Girl Guide bazaars, I started babysitting at age twelve delivering handwritten flyers to our new neighbours when we moved cities, and at fifteen, I started working parttime as a waitress while going to school. I worked hard to pay for my first and subsequent cars, my university education, most of my clothes, and my social outings which were few and far between. That pattern continued into my adulthood as I began to have my own family. Finances were tight and we often were “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” We both were working long hours fulltime and were not spending beyond the necessities, but we “had no money.”

Then in 2009, I read the book “The Secret” and I was so excited about finding the answer to our money woes! By now, our family had grown to four children and money was even tighter. I was relieved to learn that all I had to do was think that we would have money and believe it and we would! But disappointment loomed. Even though I was trying to think more positively about us having a healthier bank account nothing was changing. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so sadly, I decided to work even harder. That didn’t help our bank account but did take a toll on my health and took my time away from my family.

I kept trying to figure out what was missing. I was thinking positively and speaking positively about money and tried to convince my husband to do the same. I was trying with all my heart to believe that we would have enough money. I knew that money was energy and had to flow so I was giving to charities whenever I could. I was practicing gratitude every time I paid a bill thanking the Universe for the money that was there to pay that bill. BUT we still struggled for many more years. Then one day, something shifted. For a few years before retiring, I

“crunched the numbers” to reassure myself and my husband that we could manage financially in retirement. The numbers looked reassuring, but I was still hesitating until the time came when suddenly, I felt in my heart that we would have enough. It was like a switch flicked and I just knew and felt in my heart that money was no longer a worry. I was able to release that worry to the Universe and completely trusted that the Universe had our back. Since then, we have had more money in our bank account than we ever had, despite my income being one third of what it was when I was working. Every time I go to make a purchase or pay a bill, I just know there will be plenty of money there and am so grateful for that and the release from the fear and worry of lack. Does this story sound familiar to you? Have you had similar experiences with money?

So, what flicked the switch? At first, I didn’t know, but on a closer look at my lifelong pattern of being told as a child and believing I had no money, I saw the source of that core belief and found a second source! I remember hearing as a child, a rhyme about your lifelong fate being based on what day of the week you were born. When I heard “Saturday’s child had to work hard for a living” I took that to heart and every time we experienced lack, I repeated that rhyme to myself as an explanation that it was just my fate for things to be the way they were. Consequently, I started earning money at age ten and worked harder and harder the older I got but still didn’t have much money. Can you see how that belief could make me feel it was impossible to have money in retirement? Once I understood the source of my belief and then consciously decided to take actions to change it, I was able to release this embedded belief and those I acquired from my parents. It took time, but I learned a lot along the way so, in retrospect, I believe the timing was in my best interest.

Changing the Cycle

So, the moral of my long story is that there is a process to truly creating abundance in our lives and if I can do it, so can you! Do you have a similar story? With this example or your own in mind, let’s look at the cycle and some concrete steps we can take to bring abundance into our lives. (You can also learn more in my newsletter from last fall entitled Money, Money, Money)

Is Abundance “in the Cards” for You?

You can start at any point in the cycle, but the most common place is with the results or outcome because that is where the rubber hits the road, that is the reality we experience. This is where we 1: Recognize the issue. When you look at your life where do you desire but lack abundance? Are you meant to experience abundance in this life and if so what type of abundance? OR are you already experiencing abundance in some areas but want it to increase?

Believe it or not, not everyone is meant to experience abundance in this lifetime. If you are wishing or praying that a loved one could “just get a break and have a windfall of money,” you may be disappointed if having an abundance of money is not part of their plan for this lifetime. What if part of their life plan is to experience poverty? If that is the case, they will not have money, and if they come across money, they will not be able to hang onto it. They may be content living in poverty because that is what they came to learn about this time. Remember that you only have control over your own life and not that of others. Whatever happens in another’s life is part of their journey. They may appear to be experiencing the worst hardships, but it may be perfectly aligned with their purpose and the lessons they have come to learn. Are you worried now that this might apply to you? Well, if you are wanting an abundance of money, you are likely meant to experience it and so the Universe will give you opportunities to obtain it.

Abundance is not only about money. What if you have sufficient material wealth but yearn for abundant health, love or joy? Remember that Spirit wants us to live a life of joy. As a child of the Divine, we are entitled to a life of joy. If you are struggling and/or frustrated and uncertain whether abundance is “in the cards for you” in this lifetime, as part of this first step, ask Spirit if it is Divine intended for you to experience abundance in this lifetime. Did you choose a path this lifetime that allows for abundance and in what area of your life? Ask through prayer, journalling, meditation, dreams, or just plain conversation. Pay attention and be alert for the answer coming to you. You may intuitively know the answer or hear or see an answer from your guides and angels. You can ask for particular signs from Spirit that would indicate a “yes” or “no” and those signs may occur through obvious or not so obvious ways or in your dreams. What signs speak to you?

A Matter of Choice – A Perspective on Thoughts and Feelings

Once we see the issue we can move backwards through the cycle to 2: Identify patterns in our actions, feelings, and thoughts that brought about the result of lack of abundance. How do you think and feel about lack of abundance and what you desire? What actions have you taken based on those thoughts and feelings that have created your current reality? Do you have a clear picture of what you want? Of what abundance would look like for you?

Spirit wants to remind us that we are here to learn our life lessons and ultimately to experience joy in this life. How we get there is up to us. When we receive signs or opportunities from the Universe to engage in action that will bring in abundance, we have free will to choose whether to engage or not. When certain opportunities arise for someone to create abundance in their lives some approach it with a defeatist attitude or even fear feeling it is “just bad luck” or “bad karma.” When we blame “luck” we are handing over the responsibility for our own lives to an external source, to “luck”, to events and circumstances beyond our control. We are placing ourselves in the “victim role.” We do not see ourselves as creators of our own reality.

Karma is simply the law of cause and effect and, as with all things in our lives, is intended to help us evolve spiritually. The most common perception of karma is that our previous actions or words may have created harm for someone, so we think and accept that it is now time for us to have a similar experience, time for “pay back.” In fact, this scenario simply indicates a time for learning through challenges that we have chosen prior to coming here.

These perspectives are also often tied to a life lesson in self worth. If we do not feel worthy, we often expect and therefor attract repeated negative experiences versus learning from them. When we don’t feel worthy, we experience lower vibrational emotions such as sadness, depression, or hopelessness because we think we will never have the life we desire. We may even feel envy of others who we think have the life we desire but can’t have, or guilt and shame because we think we have done something to make us deserve a life of lack. Have you experienced any of these types of thoughts or feelings? What patterns are there in the thoughts and feeling have you chosen to have about your current reality and abundance?

Finding the Block – Move from Your Head to Your Heart

Moving further back in the reverse cycle, the patterns of thoughts and feelings we recognize help us to: 3. Identify the underlying belief. What is the root of those thoughts and feelings? What is the core belief and where did it come from – childhood? past lives? traumatic events? Take time to explore.

What is stopping you from choosing to create abundance in your life or from the abundance you desire to be created? What are the blocks? Is it simply not knowing how? Do you believe it is “bad luck” or someone else’s fault? Do you believe your destiny is never to experience abundance of money, love, good health etc.? Do you believe you just aren’t worth having any abundance? OR is it something deeper? Do you hold a limiting belief that you are not even aware of? (for example, the belief I adopted from the childhood rhyme).

Spirit also tells us that creating our reality is based on our core beliefs which influence our thoughts and feelings that create our actions that result in the outcomes we experience in life. Those outcomes then influence our beliefs either reinforcing them or changing them. So, discovering those limiting core beliefs and changing them is critical to moving forward in creating abundance in our lives.

How do you discover those limiting beliefs? First, the patterns of negative thoughts and feelings will point you in the right direction. Understand that you are not a victim. Understand that you alone are responsible for your life. Then get curious. Rather than being disheartened or upset with yourself about those patterns, ask the questions: Where did this come from? What am I to learn here? Give        yourself the gift of time to reflect on these questions relating to your current reality. Spend the time in a supportive space, perhaps in nature, your favourite coffee shop, or a quiet corner of your home. Where is your serenity spot where you can reflect?

Most importantly move out of your head and into your heart. Put the mind/ego aside and reconnect with your higher self/your inner self/your true self where all the answers lie. For some, this is often easier said than done and is not a “one shot deal.” Start by visualizing yourself in your heart space basking in the pink and green loving energy of the heart and higher heart chakras. To do this you may want to try breathing exercises (for example through the Heart Coherence Collaborative), meditation, or journaling. Spirit wants you to be gentle with yourself and to remember that that this is a process and part of your spiritual learning/growth. Listen to your intuition for guidance. Be open to the answers that may come and the healing they will bring.

Believing as Part of Creating

Once you have found those limiting beliefs that are blocking the appearance of abundance in your life, it is time to 4. Change the belief by taking determined action: How can you change your thoughts and feelings to take new action to create the reality you want? The result will be a change in your core beliefs.

We can decide how we respond to any situation in terms of bringing in abundance. When you decide to embrace the lesson and change a limiting belief, you release the fear and being stuck in the negative cycle of self-perpetuating events. You open space in your life to bring in positive things including abundance. When we can change our perception from fear of a negative outcome to seeing the opportunity for learning, we create a positive outcome. Choose abundance.

Continuing in the observer role, notice when you have a negative thought such as “we have no money.” Consciously change your perspective and reframe your thinking to the positive. Get curious and wonder what if you had money? What would that look like? Recognize that you are the only one responsible for your life and you are in the driver’s seat. Take your power back versus thinking of yourself as a victim of external circumstances. Take some time to get a clear vision of what abundance looks like for you. Think about the details and voice it to yourself and others. Write it down – the more you “put it out there”, the more the universe will pay attention to it. Remember to use positive language so your intentions and desires are clear to Source. Feel what living in that abundance will feel like. (For example, to me, abundance in retirement meant being free to spend money on people and things that bring me joy, to approach obligatory charges, such as the monthly bills, with a calmness and confidence that they are paid in full each month. Notice: I did not use the words “no debt”, “no worry” because I would be putting out “debt” and “worry” to the Universe to bring into my life.) An important note is that once you have a clear vision of the “what” surrender the “how” to Spirit and trust that how you arrive at your destination will be perfect for you and always for your highest good. This is how we co-create our reality with Spirit. Can you trust Spirit to lead the way?

What we often forget is that cause and effect work in a positive way as well. Remember that everything – money, happiness, health, etc. - is energy and energy flows. What we put out comes back to us. So just as putting out negative behaviour may bring in challenges, so too, will putting out positive actions bring in positive things into your life. Or as the saying goes “What goes around, comes around.” Take positive action based on your new positive perception and feelings.

Stay in your heart and TRUST in the heart energy. As part of the Divine Feminine energy, we are moving globally to a more heart centred way of living. When you live from the heart, you set the intention to live in a state of love for yourself and others. You allow yourself to give and receive unconditional love with no attachments or preferences. Loving yourself you develop a sense of self worth. You can see the beauty in your life and the abundance you DO have and deserve. Can you feel yourself shifting into your heart?

No Person is an Island – We Are All Connected

As with many things in life, we are not meant to make the journey alone. As part of your new action plan 5. Reach out for help and support. Those you love may be able to give you insights or identify triggers when you are searching for that sometimes-elusive limiting belief. They may be able to stop you in your tracks when you voice a negative thought or express a negative feeling and help you reframe. They may help you take your power back if you start to feel victimized. Some may also choose to reach out to professionals or the spiritual community for support. We are all connected so when you receive help from someone, they are also helping themselves through the domino effect created by their assistance to you. Be open to help offered to you. Know that you are worth receiving the help and that we are not meant to do everything alone. Trust your intuition to help you find what is best for you. Do you have people you can count on?

Spirit reminds us that as Children of the Divine we are so loved by Source/God/the

Creator/Universe, the angels, guides, ascended masters, passed loved ones, etc. and that the entire spiritual team is also ready and willing to help us. We only need to ask. Our Guardian Angels are with us 24/7 and know us the best. They are constantly by our side ready and willing to assist with any request that is on Divine purpose for us. The Archangels are also available to us. Archangel Ariel is the archangel of abundance and prosperity. You can call on her to assist you in creating abundance in your life. When we reach out for help, we need to trust that the help will come in the perfect way and timing for us. We need to be open to receiving the support and be aware of the messages from Spirit that they are receiving. Those may come in many forms depending on our individual circumstances and abilities such as messages through our dreams, intuitive thoughts, “seeing,” “hearing,” or just a “knowing.” They may come from people who cross our path, through different divination tools such as Oracle cards or a pendulum, or from objects such as finding feathers or pennies in response to a request.

It's All in the Timing

Now that you have a plan and help in place 6. Allow yourself time for change. This week may be the perfect timing to look at bringing in abundance. The full moon on May 23, as with all full moons, presented a time to release all that no longer serves us to make room for the new to come in. In addition, this full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius which is associated with the Roman Goddess Fortuna. She is the Goddess of good luck, fortune, and chance. It

sounds as if this is the perfect time to receive abundance into our lives. However, there is another influence on timing and that is your own unique timing. Remember that when we come into this lifetime, we come with a specific timeline for major events to occur to serve our highest good. We may be able to tweak that timeline slightly because we have free will, but most major timeframes are unchangeable, and we have agreed to them before arriving on the planet. Remember too, that co-creating is a process with many steps. So, this full moon may favour increasing abundance, but your own personal timeline may not line up with that. If that is the case, know that everything in your Divine life plan is for your highest good and if you are meant to experience abundance, it will happen in the best timing for you. Do you have patience? (Check out my newsletter from two weeks ago on Patience)

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Staying heart centred, remember to 7. Express gratitude for the wonderful things, people, animals, places, events, etc. along your journey to abundance. Practice gratitude for all things “big and small,” “easy and hard.” Most of all be grateful for you, for how wonderful you are and for all the growth you have experienced in life so far. Remember the biggest difficulties are there to present the best learning opportunities for our spiritual growth. Acknowledge even the smallest step in the direction you want to go and be grateful for the lessons learned along the way. As you know, the more things we are grateful for the more of those things we attract so why not be grateful for the abundance you do have?

Feel the Shift

You will know you have reached your destination when you 8. Feel the shift in your heart as you release all the limiting beliefs and trust that you are creating abundance in your life. As you know and believe in your heard that you are worthy of abundance and it is meant to be a part of your life, you will begin to experience it. Spirit will respond to the new vibration of your belief and desires and together you will co-create your new reality. Spirit is reminding me to add a caveat that there may be tweaks along the way as you grow stronger in your beliefs and learn other lessons that may be still to come. The key is to stay heart-centred in a place of love and to trust in yourself and the Divine. Trust and believe that you are worthy. Trust and believe that you have the power and ability to create your own reality. Trust that the energy of abundance needs to flow and so what you put out will come back to you. Lastly as you live this new shift, celebrate. Celebrate you. Celebrate the journey and lessons learned. Celebrate more good things to come.


Live Your New Reality

So, as we move through the rest of this year of abundance and prosperity consider engaging

in the co-creation of you new reality with abundance. As more people are waking up with the Divine Feminine energy, more are ready to live from the heart and co-create a beautiful future on this planet with an abundance of all material things and more importantly, an abundance of-the love we are all here to share. Spirit is waiting for you to work with them to bring abundance into your life. Are you ready?

Sending you love and light,




If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this newsletter, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray

The Magic of Eight by Vikki MacKinnon



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Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings


If you have the need for a helping hand with creating abundance with Spirit, I am offering intuitive counselling, angel card readings, and angel numerology readings online or in person (in Calgary).



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