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  • Marilyn Young

You Have The Power

Today Spirit is sending us an enlightening, uplifting and exciting message. It is a reminder that “you have the power.” Spirit wants to remind us that “YOU POSSESS ALL THAT YOU NEED TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU TRULY DESIRE”. The message is loud and clear and so very passionate because Spirit believes in you. Spirit knows that the power lies deep within you to have all that you want and need. Spirit knows that you are enough, you are perfect as you are, and you’ve got this!

So, do you believe Spirit? More importantly, do you believe in yourself? How do you feel as you read the above paragraph? Do you feel confident, elated, hopeful and see yourself at the top of your world agreeing “YES!” Or are your thoughts questioning my sanity or are you

perhaps thinking “what substance is she on?” Does your ego start producing the list of things that it thinks will disprove Spirit’s message to you? For example, “That’s impossible. I have no money. I’m not smart enough. I’m not young enough. I’m not pretty enough. I don’t have the credentials or credibility. I have no time. I have too much responsibility to focus on myself.”

If you have the initial response above, I celebrate you! You are on your way, or already are, living the life you are meant to have - one that brings you joy, happiness, peace, and love. You are in your power. If you are feeling more like the second response, I hear you! I have had every one of those self destructive responses over the years, and some many times over until I started to realize that I was working too hard and struggling way too much and still wasn’t totally living the life I cherished. Don’t get me wrong, I have been blessed to have so many wonderful things in my life like my beautiful family and friends, a comfortable home and food on the table. But there have also been many times of fear and worry around money, health, worthiness, etc. Thankfully, I have learned to leave much of that fear and worry behind, but not all of it 100% of the time. So, like many of you, I am still learning how to live fully in my power.

Spirit wants to share with us how we can get to the point where we are living the life we desire, where we recognize that we have the power to do so. As the energy of the world is shifting and as it has accelerated in doing so, now more than ever, we have the power to work with that energy to create the life we want. Quantum physics has provided proof that everything is energy. When we realize that everything is made of energy, from our thoughts to the chair we are sitting in, we suddenly have the power to have that energy move and create for us. Remember, as we talked before, the cycle of creating our reality involves the energy of our beliefs→ creating thoughts → which create feelings→ that prompt actions →that create the results/our reality →which in turn, modifies/affirms/changes our beliefs.

Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist and internationally known leader in bridging science and spirituality, talks about the study of epigenetics that tells us how consciousness/the energy of our thoughts controls our lives. When it comes to our bodies, it has been discovered that our perception of our environment controls the expression of our genes. Thus, we are not a victim of our genes because we can change our perception of our environment and consequently our response to it. Forbes summarizes this concept in an article referring to the science that answers the question Can Thoughts Influence The Expression Of Genes? Science Says Yes, Under Certain Conditions. A simple example of how our mind can change our biology is the placebo effect where the mind believes that a sugar pill is working to provide a treatment for something so therefor it does. If we can change our body with our thoughts, we can change anything!

Is it that simple you ask? Change our thoughts, change our lives as we see quoted so often? The answer is “yes” and “no.” There is another component to expressing our power and that is our beliefs. Many beliefs we are consciously aware of and can change to support what we want in life. Many can also be buried in our subconscious mind running as subconscious “programs” that can undermine our best intentions. So “yes” you can change your thoughts to

change your world as long as your subconscious is not running interference by projecting the energy of a belief contradictory to your thoughts. For example, you may want to purchase a new vehicle. You may consciously believe that you truly deserve that new car. Logically, you think that you work hard for your money, you haven’t had a new vehicle in 10 years, you have had your eye on the vehicle you desire for several months and have done all of your research. It is the perfect vehicle for you – safe and reliable – and would meet all of your transportation needs. You can picture yourself happily driving it. You have even created a vision board about it. You have emotion attached to owning it - you really want it. Somehow though, you can never get to where you actually purchase the vehicle. You get close to having enough money for the purchase and then your furnace breaks down and needs to be replaced. You have the money but then the vehicle becomes unavailable. You have the money and the car is on the lot but when you test drive it, it breaks down.

What do you think is preventing you from acquiring that vehicle? You could say it is a “string of bad luck.” You could say “it just wasn’t meant to be.” You might wonder if there is a reason you shouldn’t have that vehicle. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell you that you would have a bad accident in it so you should avoid the purchase. Is that true? If that was the case, why would the Universe have you wanting it in the first place? The Universe always has your back so why would it place you in a potential situation that could harm you and then tell you “No don’t go there?” Does that make sense? But what if I were to tell you that you were stopping yourself from acquiring the vehicle of your dreams. What if you had some subconscious beliefs about not being worthy of owning such a great vehicle? What if those beliefs were telling you that you will never have enough money to own that type of vehicle? What if your subconscious beliefs said that people who drive that kind of vehicle are jerks or always drive too fast and end up in an accident or with huge fines? If your subconscious beliefs have that type of energy, do you think you will ever own that vehicle?

So, even though consciously you think you have created the positive thoughts and feelings to manifest owning that vehicle, the counteractive energy of your underlying beliefs prevents you from bringing that vehicle into your life. I ask you then, what needs to change so the energy moves in the direction of creating the reality of that vehicle in your life? Yes, you have the right idea! The subconscious beliefs need to change and that is where working with your power comes in. You have the power to change your beliefs and the thoughts and energy they create. So how do you put that power into motion?

The first step is to “stay awake” as well known spiritual teacher Radleigh Valentine

recommends. Pay attention to what is happening in your world and what thoughts and feelings you have. Recognize when you have negative thoughts or feelings and how they impact outcomes. How many times have you wanted something but had doubts that it would work out? What language did you use? Did you state your wishes in the negative? For example, you really want it to be sunny for an occasion so you keep saying “I hope it doesn’t rain.” You put a lot of feeling into hoping it doesn’t rain and keep repeating that phrase to everyone you talk to about the occasion but guess what? You guessed it - it rains on your occasion! You manifested what you were talking about – rain! For many, this negative thinking is habitual. Keep in mind too, that part of our negative thoughts stem from comparing ourselves to others. Please break this habit of self judgement. Remember that we are all unique and beautiful beings on our sole specific journey.

Next, make a choice whether to hang on to or let go of the negative limiting beliefs, thoughts, or emotions. Source has given us freedom of choice so you can choose to maintain the status quo or change what is happening in your life. You have the power to make the choice that is right for you; a choice that is aligned with your purpose. You have the power to say “yes” to that change and you have the power to say “no.” If you choose change, use your power to take control of the negativity. Keep your beliefs and thoughts in the positive through language - “I’m so glad it will be sunny for my special event.” Change your perspective to replace negative emotions with gratitude. For example, when a child runs through your prized flowers, breaking a few stems in their eagerness to give you a loving hug, you can see those broken off flowers as a grateful reminder of the love the child has for you, versus being angry that the broken stems ruined the aesthetic appeal of your garden to those passing by. As always, if you are having difficulty letting go or changing what you believe, think, or feel, ask for help including calling on Archangel Jophiel who can assist you with creating uplifting thoughts.

Then, be curious. When something is not working out for you despite you thinking you have all the right ingredients in place, look deeper. Ask yourself and your Spirit team “What is stopping me? What is in my way?” Listen to your intuition/your gut and it will guide you. If you have trouble finding the answers ask for help – your Guides and Angels, family and friends, a counsellor or other resource. Archangel Uriel can assist with giving you insight into those deep beliefs. If you feel they might be routed in past lives, Archangel Raziel can assist with remembering and healing those past lives. Once you have uncovered those self sabotaging beliefs you can work to understand and then release them or change them. Visualize them leaving you and Spirit transmuting them into love and light. You will truly just know when the belief is gone. Then, you can replace it with a positive belief such as “I am worthy of having the fine things in life.” This takes time and work so be patient with yourself. Everything happens according to your Divine timeline.

Be present, live in the present. Being in the moment is when you can most easily connect with Spirit. Relish each moment for the present is really all we have. See and feel the positives of the moment. There is no point spending your energy on low vibration emotions about the past – regret, guilt, anger, sorrow – because if that is where your focus is, that is what you will create in your future. There is also no value in spending your energy on negative thoughts and emotions about the future – worry, anxiety, apprehension – because that is what you will create for yourself. Instead, use the power of the present to see the joy in the moment and project that into your future. Also be aware of signs the Universe is giving you to guide you in your journey. Many people are seeing angel numbers such as 222, 444, or 1111. Be reassured when you see these, that your angels are working with you.

Lastly, trust in your power. Trust that the Universe has your back and only wants the best for you. It is your birthright to be happy; to live a joyful life. You have the power to make that life happen. The answers are within. This may feel counterintuitive as much of our lives we spend attributing things in our external environment as the cause of things we experience. For example, you may blame the economy that you can’t take a vacation. Don’t give your power away to something outside of yourself. In this example, don’t give the economy any power over you. Realize that you have choices you can make to have that vacation happen. You can choose to spend the money you have differently to save for the vacation. You can choose to sell something you own. You can also generate the energy that will create that reality for you. You can create positive energy around the belief and expectation that you will be going on that vacation. Once you do, the Universe will open up other opportunities to make that vacation possible – opportunities to earn more money, a reduction in the price of the vacation, a gift from someone to make the vacation happen, etc. All you need to do then is simply act and “allow.” Act on the opportunities presented to you. Allow the positivity into your life; allow the joyful outcome that you wished for. You have the power to make it happen!

As I work on expressing my own power, and watch the world around me, I am seeing more and more examples of people believing in and accessing their power to co-create with Spirit, to manifest what they desire. My dear friend Thyra Whitford is a gifted healer and spiritual mentor who has the most incredible trust in Spirit and her gifts. Over the years, I have witnessed her help so many people because she believes in herself as a healer and how her gifts can help others. She has been an immeasurable source of guidance and support for me as I have come to know and tap into my own power. Recently, she healed her own injury caused by a horse who decided to grab hold and lift her up by the forearm! I also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on manifesting your best life hosted by my friend Eileen Head. The stories shared by Eileen and the women attending the workshop were amazing illustrations of how they have harnessed their personal power to manifest what they want in life. Eileen for instance, has manifested living in Mexico for several months the last two years as well as travel to other exotic places. Another friend, Chris Morton, who is a gifted intuitive healer, manifested the money over a few short months that he needed to move to Mexico. His trust in Spirit and tapping into his own power as a manipulator of energy brings him opportunities to earn enough money to live and travel in his new ‘homeland.’

So now it is your turn. You can shift energy to create the life you desire in terms of health,

money, relationships, or anything else. Consider the tips mentioned above. Work with your solar plexus chakra as well. It is your power centre. In your mind’s eye, see it a vibrant yellow expanding out from the area of your torso just around the height of the belly button. Archangel Michael can also assist you with your personal power.

In closing, I encourage you to start today to use your power to create the life you want. Start big or small – you choose. You can have the joy that you deserve and all the good things in life that it brings because YOU HAVE THE POWER!

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about connecting with using your power here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Manifesting Your Magical Life by Radleigh Valentine

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need for a helping hand to access your power, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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