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Angel Messages - Whale and Orca Elders

The Oracle Card drawn for today is from The Starseed Oracle deck created by Rebecca Campbell. It is card Whale and Orca Elders.

This deck is different than those we have worked with so far. This deck was created for Starseeds and for all those who “are interested in the mystery of the human experience.” The intention of this deck is to connect to the wisdom you have within, to connect with your heart and soul. To learn more about this deck see

Interest in the stars transcends time and geography. Monuments to the stars exist across the world from the ancient pyramids of Giza in Egypt to those of the Sun, Moon and Quetzalcoatl in Mexico – all of which align with the stars of the constellation Orion. The famous Stonehenge in the UK aligns with the sunrise on summer solstice. Many ancient cultures looked to the stars for our origin – the Mayans, ancient Greeks, Australian Aboriginal peoples, Mali’s Dogon tribe, ancestors of the U.S. Hopi people, and many more. They asked the same questions then, as we do today – Where did the soul come from? How did we come to be on this planet? Where do we go when we die? What and who else exist amongst the stars?

Starseeds are “old souls” who have experienced lives on places other than Earth. They often feel misplaced on Earth and spend time in their life “trying to fit in.” They have a yearning for the stars and to find the place that feels like home. The author notes that “they are souls who have a longing for all that’s mysterious and unknown.” (To learn more about Starseeds– Gaia – Am I A Starseed? Starseed Types and Characteristics Revealed, Ask Angels - Starseeds… What Is A Starseed? Plus 20 Signs You Are One!) Do you have characteristics of a Starseed?

My Messages:

This beautiful card aligns with the messages from Spirit over the last several newsletters regarding shining your light and standing in your power.

Whales are said to be the earth’s recorder keepers who encourage us to listen to our inner

voice. They are also nurturers highlighting the importance of family and community. The humpback whales depicted on the card are well known as the species to produce the whale song mainly as part of their mating ritual. It also brings to mind peace, love and harmony. Songs are specific to humpbacks within a certain geographical area, highlighting their sense of community. The card invites us to “Share your song.” In other words, to communicate within our community, to share of ourselves and our gifts. It may also be a specific reminder to speak truthfully or communicate clearly within a family – be that biological or your spiritual family.

The Orca represents independence and stability and that is what we find when we stand in our power. As whales they are still nurturers and also symbolize peaceful relationships and community. Their black and white colouring reminds us of the duality in our world, especially the darkness and the light. The wisdom of the elders helps us to understand that we need both in the world because without one, we would not recognize the other.

The reminder of duality also helps us to recognize situations where we need to change our perspective from negative to positive to keep our frequency/vibration high. “Frequency of sound” reminds us to elevate our vibration. As residents of the vast oceans, the whale’s home environment of water represents emotion. This card reminds us to tap into the higher vibration emotions such as love and joy. What is your level of vibration?

“Diving deep” is a call to go within, to connect with our inner self, our soul. It is s reminder to be true to ourselves as we “share our song” that is as unique as that of the whale.

The number of whales on the card is six which is the number that represents balance, accepting self and others, and being of service to others. The structures in the background appear to be houses with open doors reminding us again of the importance of family and community. The open doors welcome us to “come home” to who we are and to those we call family.

The whales appear to be in a water environment that gently merges into the stars in the sky reminding me of the phrase “as above so below.” This phrase signifies for me that we all come from the one Source. The turquoise colour is that of Archangel Sandalphon who literally stands with his feet on Earth (the ‘below’) and his head in the heavens (the ‘above’) in order to expediate the delivery of our prayers to Source and our receipt of the answers. As we dive deeper into out intuition, our true self, we become closer to Source. As the energy in the world around us continues to shift, the wise whale and orca elders are encouraging us to connect with our inner self, raise our vibration and communicate with love, so that we remember we are all connected, that we are one.

Guidebook Messages):

“The Whale and Orca Elders are benevolent cosmic beings here to anchor a frequency of love

into the planet. To harmonize it with their song. As they weave around the oceans they do so much more than any of us know. Their physical presence affects earth’s magnetic field and their harmonics call us to wake up and remember or own soul’s song.

Looking into the eye of a whale is something you will never forget. Whales see into your very being and in an instant, you are changed forever. They see beyond the physical, the woundings, the identity, the personality, the story. They see right into your soul.

If you pull this card, you are being called to surrender to your deepest truth and share it with potency. To bow to who you truly are. To stretch you heart wide enough to hold it all. To leave your fears, doubts and baggage at the door. To question any part of you that doesn’t feel good enough.

The Whale and Orca Elders want you to give others the privilege of seeing who you truly are – and for you to see the same in other beings. To drop your hang ups and personality flaws and get busy revealing the unique note your soul came here to sing.

Allow the song that echoes in the four chambers of your heart to emanate in all four directions. Peel back the layers of suffering and pain and reveal to others your soul’s true song. And endeavour to see the soul of all those you meet.

Starseed Soul Enquiry: How are you being called to share your soul’s unique song?”

I hope this was helpful for you. As timeless carriers of wisdom the Whale and Orca Elders remind me to stay connected to my higher self where I find the peace and love of Source.

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance connecting with your inner self, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about Starseeds or the meaning of numbers and colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


The Starseed Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Rebecca Campbell

Take a Number By Vikki MacKinnon


Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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