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Welcome to The Ripple Effect Newsletter

Welcome to my biweekly newsletter distributed as part of my Intuitive Counselling Service - Soul Messages. “A newsletter?” you say. “What kind of newsletter?”

First a bit of background... Since retiring in Jan 2021, I have been able to spend more time pursuing my spiritual interests. As a result, a whole new world that I only had glimpses of before, opened up to me. I have learned so much, gained so much insight into things happening not only in my life but in the lives of others as well as into events happening around the world. I have learned to tap into the spiritual realm for that insight and understanding, for comfort and support, and even for answers and guidance. It has all helped me to ‘grow my soul’, to quote a good friend, and to be more aligned with my soul’s purpose. Part of that purpose is to continue to serve others. Since retiring from my long career as a Registered Nurse, I have been pondering how I could do that; how could I continue to help others, to be of service to others?

The answer has slowly become clear (I have had to learn to be patient!) and in the end, the answer is simple. I am to share what I am learning, share my journey, and share my gifts that I have to offer. One of the ways I am to share is through providing intuitive counselling so I have begun to offer that in one to one sessions. The second way is through writing. Hence, the newsletter. I have come to understand that those who need to hear the information I have to offer will read the newsletter and will take from it what they need at that time in their life. It is the same principle we used in our care with our clients in health care. I used to call it the "ripple effect" when talking with the staff about the information and support they provided for some of our most marginalized clients. What we have to offer will be picked up by those who need it, when they need it.

I am looking forward to providing you with some wisdom, messages from your soul to help guide you along life's journey. My hope is that if not meaningful at the moment, the information will have a ripple effect for you down the road or for others in your life.

Lots of Love and hugs,


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