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  • Marilyn Young

Finding Your True Path

As we come to the end of the first month of the new year how are you feeling? Has the quiet energy of this introspective seven year taken hold yet? Have you felt a shift? How was your first month of setting up your year for manifesting? Are you starting to look at what you really want in your life; what your soul purpose is? Are you on your true path? If not, don’t panic! You are not alone. The good news is this year of spiritual growth provides the prefect opportunity for us to get back on track and advance in our soul’s journey.

As we move into February, we have an opportunity to wrap up and finish releasing things, people, and situations that no longer serve our highest good. We are entering a nine month which is a time of completion. The energy of the month supports us in tying up any lose ends so we are free to transition into new beginnings in March. February is also bringing us a time to dive even deeper into our inner selves where we will find all the accumulated wisdom we have acquired from our past and from which we can grow. It is setting the stage for getting back on path, for finding our true path if we feel lost.

Spirit has given me several suggestions for us to consider in our journey as we reconcile the challenges we have recently weathered. Interestingly these insights have come to me in a dream this week. The dream was about seeking help for a young boy who was ill. I was desperately trying to get him to a clinic “on time” but was lost as I carried him through unfamiliar streets. I entered an old building that appeared to be a hotel, hoping to get directions to the clinic. But as I searched the hallways, no one was around. Frustrated and in a mild panic, I left the building through a back door and came upon a small open field. Suddenly exhausted from carrying the child, I laid him under a tree so we could rest for a moment. As I sat down beside him, I noticed a huge, beautiful oak tree in the centre of the field. I was interested that it had three trunks. I wondered briefly if the three trunks had any special meaning for me. I didn’t think about it further though, as I was in a hurry. Next, I pulled a compass out of my pocket to consult about which direction I should go to find the clinic. (Looking at this now, there is no logic in this but it seemed to make sense in the dream!) The compass was broken! But miraculously the hands still moved to point in the direction of north. I felt huge relief. Then looking at my watch, I noted I had 25 minutes left to get the child to his appointment that was in 20 minutes. It would be close but I knew I could make it. I picked him up and proceeded around the building to the street. At the end of the street was a T-intersection. I knew I had to turn right to go in the direction of north. Then I woke up. So how does this dream help us with moving forward on our spiritual path? When processing the dream, Spirit has provided me with some epiphanies.

Firstly, the feeling of being lost and not knowing which way to go was a reflection of the state

of so many people today in terms of their life path. As we begin to feel the energy of this year, many of us may feel confused, lost, or even anxious about the future. As a global community we have all been through a time of great upheaval, suffering, fear, and loss. The last three years have challenged us with many situations we have never had to face before and taxed us with making decisions that may have been perceived in opposition to others and perhaps even to our own core values and beliefs. Although many of us are fortunate enough not to be touched with an immediate threat of harm today, we still have daily reminders of the continuing worldwide state of chaos. As well, many are experiencing changed life circumstances, changed relationships as a result of the turmoil of the last few years. It is little wonder then, that as we enter a time of energetic self reflection, that we might feel off track or confused as to what direction our lives should be going in. Are you feeling lost? Are you questioning where to go next in your life and how to get there? Are you wondering “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” Has your focus in life shifted from what you previously thought was important, from previous goals?

When my dream had me needing to find my way to help a sick child, it symbolized to me how important it is for us to get on path not only for ourselves, but for the well being of our future generations. As an adult, a mother and grandmother, I strongly feel that it is my responsibility to protect, guide, and nurture our children so they are free to grow and shine in their amazing souls’ purpose. As I align with my soul’s purpose, I will have a greater ability to live up to that responsibility. My attempts to get to a clinic for help reminds me that I can’t do that alone. We all have a responsibility in making this a better world for our children. As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We all need to work together to build that better world.

As I panicked at not being able to find anyone to give me directions, Spirit reminded me that I could find the answers within myself and that I had the answer if I just took a pause from my desperate search. Many times, we look for answers outside of ourselves, in our environment and from others, when all along we have the answers within. We need to pause more often to listen to our inner self, to Spirit, and we will find the answers. The energy of this seven year of introspection will assist us in doing that. We will have more opportunities to get closer to Spirit, to learn more and to adopt more Spiritual practices. As more and more of the world is waking up, we will find others on a similar journey with whom we can share our experiences and insights. We can learn and grow together.

Once I paused in my panic about being lost, I found the compass in my pocket. On a larger scale, Spirit told me that it represented the moral compass of the world which over the past few years has appeared to be broken. At times, the world has seemed to be turned upside down and life did not go as we normally expected. It left us feeling lost and confused, even fearful and anxious about the future. But the broken compass in the dream still worked! To me, that was a sign to continue to have faith in humanity. That the fundamental morality of humanity, the knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” is still alive and well despite the negative actions of some that seem to have high visibility in our world. It reminded me that we all come from a source of love and that we can all support each other in “going in the right direction.” And what is that “right direction”? The compass told us – it is to find our “true north”, which is commonly defined as “to find or proceed on the correct course or in the right direction” (Source: The Free Dictionary). Your “true north” is based on your core beliefs and values. The compass was pointing us in that direction to help us get back onto the path towards our true purpose. To redirect towards our true purpose that is grounded in the love and goodness that is deep within all of us. To let that love shine as we move into a bright future. Once we find that direction, we will feel relieved as I did in the dream. We will feel reassured and excited about our journey.

When I think about the world’s moral compass, I also wonder perhaps if it is those who have the negative actions perpetuating fear and hate are the ones who are lost. Are they disconnected from their true selves? If we all come from the same source of love, perhaps they are the lost ones. Do they need us to help them find their true path? The stronger we are in our own light, the more we can help.

When I looked at my watch in the dream, saw that I had 25 minutes to reach the clinic and that it was sufficient time to reach my destination. This told me that we all have sufficient time to realize our purpose, to reach our goals, to connect with Spirit. Do you ever have a day, a week, or a month where you feel so pressed for time that you think you will never complete what you need to? That you will never “get it all done”? Or are you so pressed for time in your daily schedule of tasks that you cannot envision any time to set aside for yourself to listen for messages from Spirit, to attend to your inner self? Spirit is telling you via the dream that you DO have time. Even when you feel panicked, if you take a brief pause you will discover that you have time for yourself and for Spirit. If you need help managing your time, Archangel Metatron can assist greatly with that. The more often you pause to communicate with Spirit and to connect with your inner self, the easier it is and the more you can integrate it into your every day.

The last image from the dream was the most illuminating for me. It was the huge oak tree

providing a beautiful canopy supported by three trunks. The energy from the tree was calming, protective and welcoming. The more I reflect on it, the more the loving energy of Mother Earth comes through. She is always there for us, providing continuous unconditional support both literally under our feet and energetically. She nourishes us and shelters us. The vast expanse of the tree’s protective foliage provides the shelter within which we can continue our soul’s journey. Mother Earth is a reliable unwavering source of energy to support our resilience as we “get back on path.” When I recalled the unusual three trunks as part of one tree, I instantly heard “trinity” which reminded me of the “Holy Trinity” that I learned about in my Christian education. The Holy Trinity refers to three separate beings in one God. The Father, who is God the creator, the Son, who is the creation (humankind), and the Holy Spirit, who is an agent of Divine action and communication, bringing life into humankind and pulling us together. (Source: 3: The Perfect Number – Trinity Symbolism in World Religious Traditions, Wikipedia: Holy Spirit) For me, because it is said we are created in the image of God, this trinity represented my belief that:

  • Like the Father, we are co-creators of our reality with Spirit

  • Like the Son, we are part of humankind. Remembering Jesus and humankind as the Father’s creation restored my faith in the foundational “goodness” in people despite the negative acts we may witness.

  • Like the Holy Spirit, part of my soul’s purpose is to communicate, to spread love, to do my part to unite humanity in that love to make a better world.

The trinity of the three trunks reminded me of who I am and what my path is. What does the trinity symbolize for you? Can you feel the energy of Mother Earth supporting you in your journey?

As we move forward in 2023, we have exciting spiritual growth to look forward to. Are you ready? Do you feel as if you are at a crossroads? Have you released what no longer serves you? Have you wrapped up tasks, relationships that are no longer needed in your life? Have you let go? Are you ready to go within to connect to your higher self, to explore and expand your gifts, to work through the life lessons before you? Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions to help you find your way:

  1. Know that you have time for yourself. Make a commitment to set aside a few minutes every day to connect with Spirit, your intuition, your higher self. Perhaps 5-10 minutes in the morning on waking, or in the shower, on a coffee break, or at the end of the day, at bedtime.

  2. Connect to Spirit in any way that is comfortable for you. Find your “true north.” You have the answers and Spirit will help you find them.

    1. You may want to just sit in quiet and listen, meditate. Any thoughts that intrude can be acknowledged and released. Visualize them going down a drain or floating by your mind’s eye into oblivion. Allow them to pass so your mind is not distracted. In the quiet, you will notice any thoughts, visions, sounds that come in from Spirit. There may be nothing at first, but as you continue to practice and relax, more will come through. Asking a question may be helpful.

    2. You may prefer a walking meditation. For some, a gentle activity quiets the mind so spiritual messages can come through. Walking in nature also grounds us, connecting us to Mother Earth.

    3. Try journaling to connect. Write down your question and then write whatever comes to you whether it makes sense or not. Just write – don’t interpret until you are finished writing. Then go back over the content and interpret it based on its relevance to your own experience.

    4. Asking for information to come to you in a dream is another strategy. Just prior to falling asleep ask Spirit to bring you answers to a particular question or just information Spirit has for you, in a dream. Ask that you remember the details of the dream clearly on waking. Keep a dream journal at your bedside and record the dream as soon as you wake up. Specific interpretations may come as you are writing so you can record those as well. Some may come later in the day as you are reviewing the dream. If nothing comes to you about the dream, ask the next night for more information to clarify the dream’s message.

    5. Prayer is another obvious way to connect with Spirit. You can ask Archangel Sandalphon to assist in getting your messages quickly to Source and getting a clear response back to you.

  3. In addition to having a specific time devoted to working with Spirit, you may want to dedicate a specific space where you are comfortable and can have uninterrupted time.

  4. When you work with Spirit do so from a place of love, not fear, and ask for what only is “Divine intended.” God has a plan for you and “Divine intended” will be aligned with your highest purpose.

  5. Keep positive, keep your vibration high. Turn off the news, try to see negative situations from a new, positive perspective. Remember, like attracts like. Spend time with positive, like minded people. We are all connected as part of humanity. Find your tribe.

  6. TRUST. The more you trust in your connection to Spirit, the more you will feel it. Know that you are heard and that Spirit is always there reaching out to you, supporting you. We just have to learn how to hear and feel that.

  7. When you start to hear from Spirit, you may be tempted to “verify” the answers through kinesthetic testing. For me, that helped build my trust in information I was receiving.

  8. Let Spirit help you as you move forward. Ask for help on a daily or situational basis. Approach the ask expecting you will receive it and express gratitude for it. You are not alone.

  9. Take courses in your spiritual interests or sign on with a mentor to help grow your gifts along your journey.

So, I hope you can use this year to go on a fantastic inner journey of discovery and growth.

As you venture through your life lessons and come into your true self, shine your light far and wide. Be a beacon for others. Spread the love and find the good in our world. This is your year. You can do it and together we will create a beautiful future.

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about how to find your true path, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection by Kyle Gray


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need a helping hand to move towards getting back on path and finding your soul purpose, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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