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Enter the Dragon

This week Spirit asked me to share with you some thoughts from my recent experiences with a visit from a dragon. Yes, you heard correctly… a dragon. It started on our recent family trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. You may remember from my late March newsletter, “Beauty,” that while there, I was called to send healing to the land, which I have continued to do since then. However, I had another interesting experience there as well. One day, early in the trip, during my morning meditation where I bring in pure white light from Source through each of my chakras, my third eye chakra suddenly became a dragon’s eye! Usually when I check in with my chakras, I will see their colours. For me, for the past few years, my third eye chakra has been white light with multicoloured sparkles. I know, its colour is supposed to be indigo but not for me and on this particular day in Kauai it changed again! The dragon’s eye was huge with scaled skin around it and on its lid, the iris was a golden yellow, and the pupil was a vertical elliptical slit. As I focused on it, the eyelid seemed to be very heavy and opened very slowly and only slightly. I was interested in this second spiritual experience on the island but wondered, “What could it mean?”

The Dragon’s Eye

After returning home and for the next few weeks, every morning when I meditated, that

dragon’s eye was difficult to open and when it did open, it did so very slowly. When I asked Spirit why, I heard the word “protection.” When I researched the spiritual meaning of a dragon’s eye, I found that it is supposed to “synchronize with the spirits of all things” and give a person the ability to see past, present, and future as well as mediumship abilities. The dragon’s eye is known as a symbol of power and wisdom and is also said to bring in enlightenment, inner wisdom, strong intuition, and an elevated perspective. That all sounded pretty good to me, but it still felt odd that the eye was so sluggish, and I still wondered about the message of protection. However, I carried on with my meditations and eventually the eye began to open quickly and appeared to be alertly looking ahead during the meditation. Was the dragon’s eye bringing in any new spiritual gifts? I’m not sure, but in retrospect when doing sessions with clients, information seemed to come in more quickly and more passed persons started to show up with messages.

I didn’t really think much more about the protection message other than to be grateful to the dragon for being with me. However, later, as I researched further, I found that the colour yellow for a dragon’s eye meant “alarm.” I also found that there is a symbol called “dragon’s eye,” an equilateral triangle pointing downward with a “Y” inside of the triangle, where the inverted triangle means “threat” and the “Y” means a choice between good and evil. I don’t recall feeling particularly threatened or having to make a choice between good and evil but perhaps that is something we now live with daily. Does not the political and economic chaos and the warring around the world create an existential threat to me and my loved ones? By sending love and healing energetically everyday to warring countries and controlling politicians with the hope they will “see the light” and change their ways, am I making a choice? I am choosing to send love versus hate. Am I choosing between good and evil and is the dragon’s eye was helping me?

The White Dragon

I say “was” helping me because last week in one of my meditations, the dragon’s eye morphed into a white dragon and flew up into the beam of white light coming in from Source. The first time this happened I was sad to see the dragon go, and I wondered why she left and where she was going. But the next day and each day since, the scene repeats itself. I was glad to see her back but was still not understanding what was going on. I briefly researched the symbolism of a white dragon and found that they are connected to spiritual wisdom. When I checked in with a few friends, they heard “ascension.” Either way, I was content to be with my dragon and be open to any coming possibilities for spiritual growth. I continue, each morning, to send love and healing for world peace, send healing through the waters to Kauai as I had been asked to do, and also send healing to our city based on a more recent message from Spirit through a friend.

Then this last week more changes occurred in me. My dragon was still going on her daily journey into the light, but I was shifting. I was being hit by sudden mood swings. I would be going through my ordinary day when suddenly I would get the urge to cry or feel anxious, or out of the blue, I would feel extremely irritable even with no one around! As an Empath it is not unusual for me to feel the emotions of others, but these were rapidly fluctuating and more intense. My body began to experience times of real fatigue with times where it was a real effort just to walk through a store. Lately, I even feel off balance when walking. When I ask Spirit about these new symptoms, I am told that I am feeling global energy. Spirit reassured me and then I heard “shifting” but I have no clue what I am shifting into.

A New Perspective

A few days ago, I met with a friend for coffee and after our visit, a few more things fell into place. She spoke about an experience she had where she was reminded to honour another being on this planet simply by witnessing their existence and their purpose.  We spoke about the privilege of witnessing one another and how energetically, that raises the vibration of the planet. Then we began talking about my dragon. Since the dragon’s eye appeared on my visit to Kauai, I showed her some photos from the trip. Amazingly, she found dragon images in several of the photos – in the sky, land, ocean waves, and rock formations. This was so beautiful, and, as I learned later, made so much sense. You see, the dragon is one of the most ancient creatures of Kauai. The indigenous people speak of the dragon as protectors of the pools, ponds, and streams of the island. I remembered the mountain range close to Hanalei which we visited frequently that was called the sleeping dragon. It is said that Kauai was once Lemuria and that is where dragons originated. So, it made sense that this dragon energy came in so strong. Was I to witness the dragons then? Was I to not only send healing to the island but also to acknowledge the history and role of the dragon? Perhaps…

Today, my dragon gave me an invitation. As she rose into the light, I heard her say, “Rise and ride.” Before I knew it I “saw” in my mind’s eye, myself climb onto the back of the dragon. With her magnificent wings spread wide, we flew up and out into the cosmos then circled the earth trailing the white healing light from Source until the globe was completely wrapped in it. It was a beautiful free feeling, and we were connected as if we were best friends gleefully getting our work done together.

When Spirit told me to write about this for you even more pieces started to fall into place. First

for the dragon’s eye to appear in my third eye chakra was significant. The third eye chakra is our connection to Spirit. It helps us to determine our reality and beliefs based on what we choose to see in the world. This topic has been reoccurring in the messages I receive for clients and was the core of a presentation “Creating Abundance with Spirit” that I did a couple of weeks ago. Was the dragon’s eye protecting me from a block created by a limiting belief or warning me of things to come? Perhaps it was about the shifting emotions and physical sensations I have been having and to avoid the temptation to slip into a negative state about them. I have discovered that those sensations are a response to the world’s chaos and that one of my shifting gifts is the enhanced ability to feel that chaos and, as my dragon showed me today, to send healing to it.

Our third eye chakra also allows us a visionary perspective on life. I have learned that the white dragon is a messenger between the mortal and the Divine and the guardian of knowledge. What better creature to help us gain a higher perspective of the world today? In eastern philosophy the white dragon is a symbol of longevity, transformation, renewal, wisdom, enlightenment, and good fortune. White is also the colour of truth, purity, and innocence. Perhaps my dragon is helping me shift or evolve or transform into the next version of myself who can see the big picture where good and evil need to coexist. It feels as if there is more to come in this regard as I was just given an oracle card the other day which referred to complexities within me, opposites, dualities. It was a call to be open minded and not to judge and to know that opposing ideas can exist at the same time. The card tells me not to choose sides but to look at respectful cooperation, to build bridges, and look at things in a new and different way. Perhaps this is what my dragon is here to teach me as the white dragon also relates to leadership and strength. Dragons in general show duality in their traits. Some are said to be destructive, destroying and punishing with their breath of fire. On the other hand, they are also protectors and purveyors of enlightenment. I am looking forward to what my dragon can teach me.

The Rise of the Dragon

Diana Cooper, International Speaker, Teacher, and Author tells us that dragons are elementals who originated in Lemuria and who exist on a different vibrational frequency from us which is why most people cannot see them. Dragons have big hearts and are very wise and are eager to connect with us if we are ready to tune into their wavelength/frequency. They offer companionship and protection, clearing out any negative energies we encounter. Apparently, we each have our own dragon and they are returning from the higher realms en masse now to assist us. It is reassuring that we have that support given the state of our world and the energies it is generating. 

So why did Spirit have me tell you my “dragon story”? Perhaps because your own dragon is

soon to arrive, and Spirit wanted to prepare you. Maybe it all sounds crazy or maybe you are eager to meet your dragon. All I know is what I have experienced and as I learn to trust Spirit more information and experiences come in that make my life better. Working with my dragon companion may help peel back another layer of that onion I spoke about a few newsletters ago (“Peeling the Onion”) on my journey to living as my true self. The journey with my dragon is far from over, but I was to share what has happened so far. Perhaps some of you have already met your dragon and can share some insights that will help me along this part of the journey! Or perhaps this was to prepare you for your dragon’s imminent arrival. Whatever the case, I know that we will all benefit as we continue to shift towards enlightenment and a better world. Now, enter the dragon!

Sending you love and light,




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