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Be The Light

As I headed out on some errands yesterday, I asked Spirit what messages they had for you this week. Within a minute, I received an answer through a sign very familiar to me. As I rounded a corner onto a street close to my home, I was greeted with a string of three streetlights shining brightly down on me in the middle of a sunny day. Then, I heard the familiar phrase that I hear when I see this phenomenon, “Be the light.” I smiled in recognition of this very meaningful sign. Let me tell you a bit more about it…

Several years ago, I met the most amazing woman who instantly became one of my dearest friends. We met by chance at a local body, soul, & spirit expo. Very quickly we discovered we shared many interests as well as several past lives! Over frequent hot cups of tea, we would discuss our belief systems and shared our stories. Very quickly, she became my spiritual mentor. I came to understand my gifts as well as how to better communicate with Spirit.

Early on in this friendship, we often met at her home for a visit or to have a writing session where we would both work on our fiction novels and bounce ideas off each other. On one of my initial visits, as I rounded the corner onto the street that led up to her place, I noticed that several streetlights on the block were lit up despite it being the middle of the day. I thought it was curious that only the lights on this one street were affected. It seemed too selective for a power glitch, but I reasoned that could be possible. Then I heard a phrase in my head, “Be the light.” The words were so clear! I smiled, as the phrase certainly was a reflection of my friend who was a beacon of inspiration, love, kindness, and spirituality to so many people. Somehow, it made sense to me that the route to her place would be lit up.

Interestingly, every time I went to her place over the years, this phenomenon occurred at least 80% of the time. But the streetlights also began to catch my attention at other times and in other places. I would be driving along a busy expressway or a local side street and notice a short string of streetlights on in mid day. Each time, I would hear “Be the light.” Eventually, I accepted that Spirit was speaking very clearly to me and not just about my friend! But my initial reaction was, “Me? How can I ‘be the light’? This can’t mean me. Wasn’t that role for someone super special and Divine like my friend, or a spiritual guru, or an ascended Master like Jesus?” Despite my lack of acceptance, the messages persisted on a weekly basis or more – on my way to work in the mornings, on errands in the late afternoon, out to visit friends – still during daytime hours, on cloudy or sunny days, and just a short section of lights (usually three).

As the incidents persisted, I started to ponder the message. What does “be the light” even mean? For a long time, I casually interpreted it as ‘live a good life and be an example to others.” So, I thought I would follow the message. I tried my best to be positive when faced with challenges, help others, and be as loving as possible to everyone in my life. However, despite my decision to make a more focused effort to follow the message, the daytime lights persisted. Their gentle reminder prompted me to look deeper at what “being the light” was to me. I was able to define it more clearly by expanding and living more according to my spiritual beliefs.

“Being the light” to me now means so many things. It means firstly, living according to my truth, trusting my intuition and in Spirit, and living in alignment with my life purpose. It means being positive and accepting life’s challenges as opportunities for growth as I work through my life lessons and help others to do the same. It means to see and hear the world around me with an open heart and without judgement. It means living in love and compassion for myself and others. It means growing my gifts and using them in service to others through respecting their journey no matter what their beliefs or actions are, providing hope, and being a source of inspiration and guidance. It means bringing light to where there is darkness, illuminating the choices along one’s path.

Since this message was for you as well as me, what does “be the light” mean to you? What is

your reaction to the message? Was it the same as mine initially? If so, let me help you come on board a lot quicker than I did! What I have come to know is that we are all of the light. We all come from Source/God/the Universe/the Creator. We are all sparks of that eternal living light; we are all connected; so how can we not “be the light”? Make sense so far? Good! Now consider this…

The key word in the phrase is the word “be.” We often hear the phrase “shine your light” which translates into specific actions such as acts of kindness. The word “be” refers to so much more. It means to live or exist. In other words, your living essence is that of light. So, as I mentioned above, you ARE the light. This not only includes your actions (i.e., what you do), but also WHO YOU ARE. Do you believe me? You don’t feel like you are the light you say? You are thinking of all your less than desirable thoughts, feelings, and actions you have and say how can you be the light? OK, stay with me a bit longer; keep reading.

Spirit wants you to “be the light” by remembering that you ARE the light. To do that, look inside, deep into your heart and into your soul. That is where you will find the true essence of you, the light! How do you connect with your soul you ask? There are likely as many different ways to connect with the soul as there are people on the planet but I will share with you how I discovered to connect with mine…

I don’t know about you, but almost every time I sit down to meditate, I immediately have a million things racing through my mind – the list of things to do, planning what to cook for supper, looking forward to the next visit with my grandchildren, etc. – or I fall asleep just as the meditation is starting! As I have learned, this is my ego just trying to help me out in this physical world. So, prior to trying to connect with Spirit, I thank my ego for its efforts to help me and have it step aside. I ask my Angels and Guides for assistance. I set the intention to connect with my soul. I intend to go deep within my heart space. I allow my imagination to open up and accept whatever it brings to me. If any disruptive thoughts or feelings come to mind, I allow them to drift through and out without me paying them any attention. Instead, I focus on what my intuition/imagination is creating because that is Spirit speaking to me. That is Spirit connecting with me through my soul. When you connect, you will just KNOW that you have. You will recognize your true self. You may also become tearful from the overwhelming love from your Spirit team guiding you or just from the experience as a whole.

Once you have recognized that connection with your inner or higher self/your soul, you will be able to recall it easily. You will more often live as the light; “being the light.” Now, I am not saying that in “being the light” you must never have any challenges or dark moments. On the contrary. No one is perfect or we would not be on this planet learning the lessons our soul has chosen for us to learn. We all still have our times when the ego takes over, or we lose that connection with ourselves. But know that your true self, your inner light is always there and that our biggest task in this life is to remember who we are. To remember the amazing, beautiful soul that you are to “be the light.”

As you are connecting with your inner light, ask Spirit for assistance to start exploring your spiritual gifts. We are all gifted in many different ways. Our gifts help us navigate this life and

our lessons. They are also tools we can use to serve others. Not sure what your gifts are? Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child. Did you have an imaginary friend you played with? Are you clairvoyant? Did you have a sense of events to come before they happened? Are you psychic? Did you like numbers and solved math problems way beyond your years? Are you gifted mathematically? Could you take anything apart and just know how to put it back together easily? Are you gifted mechanically? Have you always felt others’ emotions? Are you an empath? Your gifts are also found in your passions. Do you love to sing, play an instrument, write, draw, paint, sculpt? Is your gift that of communication? Do you have the most amazing ‘green thumb’ and love gardening? Are you a plant empath or have a special connection with Moher Earth? Your gifts often show up in how others perceive you. Do hurt or injured people or animals come to you for comfort? Are you a healer? Do complete strangers end up telling you their life story and all their woes? Do you have the gift of counsel?

We are all gifted because we are all of the light. We are meant to enjoy those gifts and use them to help make this world a better place for us and our fellow inhabitants of this planet. They are meant to help us have a joyful life. What are your gifts? How did you learn about them? How do you use them to serve others?

This year, as we come out of a period of crisis and chaos, we have more opportunities to

move forward as spiritual beings. I have mentioned in other newsletters that as a ‘seven year’ according to numerology, 2023 is a year of spiritual introspection and growth. It is also one of many energetic changes as the earth and all life on it accelerates its movement to higher spiritual levels. As part of this movement, Spirit is encouraging us to remember who we are; that we come from the light; that we are here to grow in love for ourselves and for each other; that we are all connected and that we are ONE in that light. So please, give yourself the gift of time to reconnect with yourself, with your soul, with the light. As I wrap up this week’s message, another request has just come in. Mother Mary has popped in to give us some final words of encouragement, “Be the light, just like my Son.” Now, who can say ‘No’ to that?

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about connecting with your inner self here are a few resources I have found helpful:


I Can See Clearly Now by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein


Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have the need a helping hand to “be the light,” I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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