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Angel Messages - Ladybird (Archangel Preminilek)

I am excited to share with you, a card from a new deck, given to me today by my dearest

friend. The card is from The Archangel Animal Oracle Cards deck created by Diana Cooper. The card is Ladybird (Archangel Preminilek).

This deck brings us messages exclusively from the amazing creatures that we are blessed to share the planet with – animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Diana Cooper states that, like us, they too have a soul and are here to realize their purpose. She reminds us that, as part of our ascension process, it is important for us to understand and respect the members of the animal world that cross our path during our journey, Whether we encounter them in a picture, on media, in a sound, or face to face, they are here to show us something, to bring us a message. They do that through “mirroring our behaviour or by demonstrating ascension qualities like joy or devotion, or by imparting information telepathically.” (Source: Archangel Animal Oracle Cards Guidebook)

There are Archangels that oversee certain sections of the animal kingdom. Archangel Preminilek looks after the insect world. He helps them coordinate their work in service and helps them to ascend. Also, like us, each creature has Guardian Angels. Each of them has two Guardian Angels who help guide them through their life.

My Messages:

The Ladybird card brings such a beautiful, simple message for this month of manifesting –

“Accept happiness and good fortune.” It is a reminder to be open to all that is good, that we CAN manifest what we truly want, and, as we discussed in the last couple of newsletters (Angel Messages – Don’t Settle for Less, The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Self Love), to feel worthy enough to accept what comes our way.

The image on the card shows us the beautiful golden light of Archangel Uriel, the Archangel of epiphanies and opportunity. What opportunities is good fortune bringing to you? The ladybird (or ladybug, as I have always known them) floating on what appears to be a dandelion seed, brings in a feeling of lightness, being worry free, and a sense of freedom to effortlessly move into a bright future. The colour red is the colour of emotion, of love, of joy, of passion. The red ladybirds tell us to look to the bright future with love. The red tinge on the seeds brings to mind “ride your passion” or move forward working with your passion. What is your passion? Can you use it to move forward into a future where you feel more love? In the card’s image, the ladybird on the spiral appears to tentatively check out a water droplet. Water is the element symbolizing emotions. Is there an emotion that you are playing with currently? Is there a shadow red emotion, such as anger, that you are needing to work through to move into your bright future? If so, perhaps look to the ladybird to show you the way. The green foreground is the colour of Archangel Preminilek who oversees the ladybirds in their insect world. The green spiral is Archangel Preminilek supporting the ladybird. Green is also the colour for Archangel Raphael who is the Archangel of health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. He is always available to support us to move towards healthy emotions.

The card holds messages regarding matters of the heart including the emotions of acceptance and happiness. The colour red and emotions are connected to the heart. Green is also the colour of the heart charka. The green spiral appears to be winding inwards towards a bright star in its centre. It feels like that star is the infinite cosmos, the never ending universe. It is a reminder that that is where we all come from. It is a reminder to go within to our core, to our heart, to our inner universe, to the love that we come from and to self love. It is where we will find the support we need to move forward, to find our way to happiness and good fortune. It is a reminder that we create our own reality, our future with what we have within – our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Perhaps this card is also simply telling us to look to your heart’s desire for happiness and good fortune.

Also of note is that there are two ladybirds in the image. Two is the number for partnerships and cooperation. Are you in a partnership that will bring about good fortune and happiness? Do you need to consider new partnerships to realize your good fortune? Is there a current partnership that needs some emotions worked through or more cooperation to realize happiness? There is a distance between the two ladybirds with one of them moving towards the brightness and the other being more predominant in the foreground. Are you in a partnership where your partner is moving forward and you are hanging back to work through some emotions, some matters of the heart? Or is it vice versa? Does either situation reflect your partnership? Does the distance between the two ladybirds symbolize a separation of a partnership? Whatever the situation, Spirit is urging you to accept the happiness and good fortune it brings.

Guidebook Messages:

About Ladybirds

These bright little insects from Orion (their soul’s planet of origin) carry wisdom and joy in their energy fields. They spread angelic qualities of peace, harmony, co-operation, joy, love, and higher understanding wherever they go. People sense this and love them for it.

If you feel delighted when you see a ladybird, your energy shifts and this opens you to experience joy, blessings, and good fortune from the universe.

While the service mission of ladybirds on earth is to eat aphids that damage crops, their soul mission is to assist all plants. They work with the fairies and sylphs, who are air elementals, to blow away from fauna and flora, any lower energy that is holding back their development and growth. They also communicate with those insects who are damaging plants and try to persuade them to move away. If you are graced by the presence of a ladybird, you are very blessed.


If you choose this card, it signals that you are about to receive a blessing from the universe. An angel may touch you; happiness awaits you; you are illuminated with new understandings or good fortune is coming your way. Give thanks for all that you have received already, so that you are energetically prepared for the new before the gift flies away.

Ladybird energy invites you to spread angelic qualities today. (Qualities such as joy and love.) This will make a difference to those you touch, and you may be surprised how people and animals will appreciate it.

You are also asked to communicate graciously to all the people you meet or write to, in a way that will nourish and support them.” (This is an important part of cooperation)

So, as you move towards your future, remember the ladybird and what messages she brings. Your work is bringing you wonderful things! Take a deep breath and be open to accepting the happiness and good fortune coming your way!

I hope this was helpful for you. For me, I have recently decided to “take my own advice” and have been letting go of things (27 a day for the past 9 days) and emotions that no longer serve me. I have made room for what I want to manifest and am now excited for what is coming. I am also so incredibly grateful to be able to share this message with you!

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with preparing for or accepting the happiness and good fortune that is coming for you, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels, the meaning of numbers and colours, or the animal kingdom, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Diana Cooper – Archangel Animal Oracle Cards deck

Vikki MacKinnon – Take a Number


Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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