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Angel Messages - Don't Settle for Less

The Angel Card drawn for today is from The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle deck

created by Radleigh Valentine. It is card #10 Don’t Settle for Less.

This deck brings us messages exclusively from Archangel Michael who is one of the fifteen major Archangels. Archangel Michael is often referred to as the “warrior archangel”. But in the decks’ introductory message channelled from him, he does not care for that label. He states that there is “no war amongst God’s angelic children” and that the only fight he is in is one “against fear, worry and the illusions of lack and separation from the Divine”. His main assignments as an Archangel are to protect us, help us feel safe and to assist us in discovering our true life purpose. He also wants us to know how much we are truly loved by our Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and the Divine. He states that if we knew the depth of that love, we would never question our value, our beauty or our perfection as children of the Divine.

Archangel Michael carries a sword of light as a symbol of his role as our protector. We can

call on him any time to assist us with feeling safe or giving us freedom from unwanted energetic attachments to things, people or situations that no longer serve us. As Archangels are omnipresent, he will always respond as he can be with many people at once. His colour is sapphire blue. When you are feeling in need of protection, you can envision yourself wrapped in a bubble or blanket of that colour as you ask him to help you. Michael can also help us have heightened awareness of our intuition, inner thoughts, and true feelings and he will help us act on them. As we work with Michael, he will help us live according to our own truth and bring us clarity about our life purpose. All we need to do is ask for his guidance and then listen and watch for signs. (For more on signs see The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Touched by Angels)

My Messages:

The card #10 Don’t Settle for Less could not be more fitting for this week as we enter the new

year and the month of January, which is an eight month, a month of manifesting. What clear encouragement to reach for the stars! To know we can manifest what we ask for! This card is a perfect follow up to the last card we had on Dec 23 – Seven of Raphael where we were encouraged to go within, to make a decision and act on it. Today’s card is telling us that work will pay off in realizing our dreams, on those decisions coming to fruition.

When I look at the image on the card, it is full of signs of a bright future – the brilliant golden light in the background appearing as rays of sun, the look of pure joy on the woman’s face, and the many sparkles of light throughout the picture. Because butterflies go through a metamorphosis, they symbolize transformation, change and even rebirth. They are showing us that we can manifest wonderful welcome changes in ourselves and in our lives. Metamorphosis is hard work for the butterfly. The changes coming for you could be welcome ones based on hard work that you have done to this point. Are there things that you worked at letting go of? (See last week’s The Ripple Effect Newsletter – Letting It Go) Have you been working hard at bringing about changes in your future? What decisions have you made lately that you want to manifest?

The message on the card Don’t Settle for Less “You are a child of the Divine, and you deserve to have your dreams come true. Don’t give up!” is a message of encouragement channelled from Archangel Michael. He does not want you to give up on your dreams. If you have been working hard to achieve a goal and are tired or discouraged that you have not reached it yet, don’t give up. If you are suddenly experiencing delays in your progress, remember that 2023 is a seven year where we go inward and reflect. So, things may take longer to achieve than we first expected. Trust that everything comes in its own Divine timing. Michael askes us to hold onto our dreams and not settle for less. The message here, is that you deserve to reach your goal, that you ARE worth manifesting your dreams. Remember, “you are the boss of your dreams.” (see The Ripple Effect Newsletter – You Are the Boss of Your Dreams) When you settle for less, you are not valuing yourself and you may be holding onto a belief system that you are not worthy of achieving your dreams. Archangel Michael knows that you are wonderful and that you ARE worthy and he wants you to believe that too!

Photo by Anne Lambeck on Unsplash

The butterflies and sparks of light are coming from a treasure chest again emphasizing the wonderful treasures we long for. The chest is labelled with Archangel Michael’s initials and the butterflies are Michael’s colour showing us that those treasures we receive are to help us move closer to our true purpose. The butterflies’ transformation can also symbolize our expanding consciousness and insight. There are sixteen butterflies in the picture. When we reduce that number, it becomes a seven which is the numerological number for the year 2023. Seven is a number about insight and spirituality. Perhaps the treasures are to be found within us. Perhaps, for some, we are on a journey to discover new spiritual gifts. Are you ready to move towards your full potential? Are you ready to advance in your spiritual journey? Don’t worry. The blue bubble behind the woman shows us that Michael “has your back”.

The colour blue is also the color of the throat chakra which is about communication and expressing yourself. The blue butterflies may also be encouraging you to speak your truth, communicate your spiritual beliefs, in your journey to your true purpose. Communication is also about listening. Listen to others, listen to your higher self, listen to Spirit. Listening is part of learning which in turns helps us grow. A deeper blue (indigo) is associated with the sixth chakra, the third eye, which is where you perceive spiritual information. As it opens, your consciousness expands. Are you ready to grow in your communication with Spirit? Archangel Michael will free you from anything that is holding you back.

Guidebook Messages (channelled from Archangel Michael):

“Opportunities beyond your wildest dreams await you but only if you allow them to manifest. The first step in doing so is believing that they are possible. (Let go of any belief systems that stop you from believing you can manifest your dreams.) What the Divine has in store for you is pure joy expressed through the evolution of your soul. It is embodiment of dreams come true, dreams that you don’t even know you have.

It is important now to get clarity on what you really want. What do you truly desire when you set aside familial pressures, cultural expectations, and anything else influencing what you think you “should” want? (This is a very important part of the message. Take time to really do some soul searching about what you really want in your life. Having gone through this exercise recently, I know that is not an easy task but it can be done when you give yourself time to work through it. As a seven year, 2023 is the prefect time to do that! How often do you act out of obligation, expectations put on you by others, or just to align with social or cultural norms? Are you living your life the way you really want to?) You may benefit from advice from others, but don’t let anyone else dictate your choices. (Only you will know your true soul and heart’s desires. Listen to your inner voice, to your intuition, to your gut.)

Where I am, time has no meaning, so I can see the past present, and the future. You have dreams for yourself and they may seem big, but in comparison to the scope of what you can and will accomplish, they’re actually rather small.

I wish I could show you the details of your future. If you could see that, then for the rest of your life, you’d never settle for less than the loftiest goals. But don’t worry. Like a butterfly, you will realize your fullest potential. You will transform, and there’s a life full of magical experiences waiting for you.”

All in all, what exciting words of encouragement from Archangel Michael for the new year!!! Dream big and don’t settle for less. Beautiful opportunities are coming your way for you to manifest your dreams and draw nearer to your truth, your true purpose.

I hope this was helpful for you. For me, taking the time to go inward to clarify what I really want in my life will help me clearly envision my dreams so I can manifest them. Clearing out what no longer serves me will make room for the new.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with finding what you really want or seeing the signs of those opportunities presenting to you, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



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