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Angel Messages - 6 of Forces

Today, Spirit prompted me to pull a card from The Akashic Tarot by Sandra Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor. From a previous card, you may remember that the word "Akashic" refers to "Akasha" which is the etheric, the Divine mind, or the collective consciousness. The more familiar term, the "Akashic Records," refers to all the wisdom, information, creativity, knowledge, inspiration, and discovery from throughout time - past, present, and future - held in the ether. They hold individual records as well as all the truths of the Universe. They hold records of every being's past lives and future potentials. The Akashic Tarot is a tool that helps us open the Akashic Records and access the wisdom within.

Today’s messages come via the card 6 of Forces. The Forces suit in this deck is about energy and consciousness which are forces in the physical and etheric worlds as well as in our lives. The suit is also about the force of Natural Law which states that consciousness creates reality and energy attracts like energy. These cards reference the external events in our lives but also gives us guidance about the energy within and around us. (Source: The Akashic Tarot Guidebook)

My Messages

As I look at this beautiful waterfall, I hear “big emotions.” Water is said to symbolize emotions

and what could symbolize “big emotions” better than a waterfall? I believe that “big

emotions” truly reflects what is happening in our world today and has been for a while now. We have seen a lot of “big emotions” on a population level over the past few years. There have been emotional protests and gatherings regarding pandemic issues, truth and reconciliation, Black Lives Matter, LBGTQ issues, women’s issues, countries going to war, economic issues, etc. Most of those gatherings were rooted in fear, anger, and anxiety. On a personal level, many have experienced “big emotions” over the past few years while experiencing loss, judgement, isolation, and fear. The waterfall is definitely showing us the “big emotions” in our external world and or internal world. What “big emotions” have you been feeling recently?

The waterfall is also showing us various states of our emotions. At the base of a waterfall the turbulent water tumbles and crashes on the surfaces below. I am sure many have felt tossed about emotionally by the seemingly endless traumatic events in the world lately. We may feel bruised and battered as if dashed against the rocks at the waterfall’s base as we have tried to deal with so many issues “hitting” lately. As the earth’s energy shifts, many have been especially susceptible to feeling escalating emotional and spiritual issues these last few months. Are you feeling as if you are being churned at the bottom of the waterfall and need to come up for air?

When I look closely at the image, the top of the waterfall appears to be frozen. The darker blue of deeper recesses has the appearance of ice to me. Do you see that in the image or is all the water free falling to you? The ice is showing me that for some people, some emotions are frozen. Some may just simply shut down their emotional response to an issue or situation if it is just too big, too overwhelming. Perhaps they are fearing the turmoil at the base of the waterfall. However, what I see the waterfall showing us is if we “take the plunge”, as we dive into the issue or concern, our emotions will start to flow again as the water is doing at its base. We may be tossed around as we wrestle with the emotions but we will eventually come up for air.

The image also gives us the promise of calm waters further out from the waterfall. If we take the plunge, we will eventually come up for air and can end up in calm waters. Just as the waterfall is reflected in the calm waters, we will be able to reflect on our turmoil from a calm space and see the learnings from our experiences. If we detach and “go with the flow,” trusting that we will end up in a place that serves us, perhaps the “ride” with the waterfall will take us to exactly where we need to be.

The waterfall in the image is also not small. Its height and the huge volumes of water passing through it reminds us of the power of emotion. It is a reminder that through our emotion, conscious or unconscious, we define the energy we will attract in creating our reality. Its power is also a reminder that we are powerful, that we have the ability to change our emotional responses to create the reality we want to live in. That reality can be as vibrant and plentiful as the surrounding lush forest that the waterfall feeds. It may also have some rough patches as the rocks in the foreground of the image foretell. Remember though, that the constant flow of water can erode and smooth out those rocks just as “going with the flow” can help us smooth out/resolve the bumps along our path. What type of reality are you creating for yourself?

As I continue to look at the waterfall, I start to see images of faces in the water/ice which bring to mind water nymphs and the Spirit of the water. They remind us of how important water is in our physical world for life, as is the flow of energy and emotions, for our existence. It is a reminder to thank the water Spirits for all they bring us. We can also be grateful for the emotions that flow through us. As we reconcile them, they illustrate the hard life lessons we came here to learn. What hard life lessons have you been confronted with lately?

The number six as an angel number asks us to pay attention to what is going on around us, pause, and then rethink our choices. It is asking us to reframe things into positive thoughts. As we consider the Natural Law, energy attracts energy, we might want to pause in taking up the big emotions of the world right now. We can reframe our response to all the negative occurrences we are being bombarded with and send love and healing to them. As a result, we will not be pulled down by bringing in more negativity into our lives with negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and fear. The number six from a numerology perspective is about responsibility, loving, duty, and self sacrificing. The six is also telling us to examine our perspective on responsibility. Are we taking on so much responsibility that we are drowning? Do we need to rethink what we are truly responsible for?

The entire beautiful image reminds me of Archangel Ariel who is known as “the strength of God” and is often found in nature. She is yet another reminder of our strength and the importance of spending time in nature to recharge and maintain that strength. This image of strength also reminds me of the resiliency of Mother Earth and that she will never fail us.  How is your strength lately? Do you need to recharge in nature?

Guidebook Messages

"A towering waterfall roars down into a beautiful body of water. In the upright position, this card reminds you of your incredible personal power and supports you in opening up to the force within. Know that you are a dynamo in the Universe. You have the ability to shape a situation in any way that honours you and moves your life forward.

The element of water if fluid; like the waterfall your personal energy never stops. Your lifeforce is never ending; it springs from your eternal past and roars into your limitless future, extending int the farthest reaches of the Universe. It is a time of deep thought and even deeper emotions as well as an expansion of psychic energy. Use this time to act on these and tap into your power that is ever flowing.

Akashic Forces

With a deep breath, fill every part of your being with the energy of a great waterfall. Feel the power that electrifies and lights the world pouring through you. How do you want to use it today?”

So, as you look at this beautiful waterfall, remember the power that you have. Reframe your emotions to create a beautiful reality for yourself. Go with the flow and you will reach the calm waters where you can reflect on the lessons you have learned. Remember too that as you create your beautiful reality there will be a ripple effect to those around you. This is your power and your time. We can work together to change the world. Are you ready?

I would love to hear your feedback about how these messages fit for you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with learning more about reaching the calm waters, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and tarot or oracle card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Akashic Records, or the meaning of numbers, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor – The Akashic Tarot deck



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