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Touched by Angels

So here , in my first newsletter, is the first bit of my journey to grow my soul that I would like to share with you… It is about my newfound connection to angels and how you can connect with them too. Yes, you read correctly. Angels. I know, some of you may have difficulty getting your head around thinking about the nurse/manager/policy writer you knew now talking with angels! But it is really what started to ramp up first in my early retirement. With the chaos, pain, anxiety, and negativity escalating in our world recently, having a connection to the angels, or any aspect of the Spiritual realm, can provide anyone a calm reassurance for a bright, positive future.

When I really think about it, angels have always been present in my life, in some form or another.

As a child, I learned early about angels in school. I was always comforted with the belief that some invisible force known as my Guardian Angel would protect me, especially from things that went ‘bump’ in the night! One of the earliest biblical stories I learned and remember was that of the Archangel Gabriel telling Mary she was to give birth to Jesus. In fact, I was so proud to play the part of Archangel Gabriel in my grade three Christmas concert. I remember how sick I was with the flu on the day of the concert but I begged my mom to let me go, just for our play. She finally agreed but made the teacher place a chair on stage behind me ‘in case I felt faint’ (I had a habit of fainting quite often when I was a kid). I remember how regal I felt in my angel costume – the long white gown (I think one of the moms sewed it from a sheet), my silver pipe cleaner halo, and most importantly, the silver edged cardboard wings. To this day, I can even remember some of the script!

As an adult, I have had a couple of intense experiences where I know there was angelic intervention to keep me and my loved ones safe. In the first instance, I was driving to our cabin on a lake with my two oldest girls, who were very young at the time, and my mother in the car. As we approached an uncontrolled railway crossing, I was slowing to a stop just prior to reaching the tracks. The crossing was located at the peak of a slight incline so I did not have a complete view of who might be coming from the other direction. The unpaved road was narrow with the gravely bank on my side dropping off sharply into a slough. Just as we reached the peak, a car came flying over the tracks in the middle of the road! I saw it hang in mid air as if coming at us in slow motion. It was partially in our lane! There was nowhere for me to swerve to so I did all I could do – slam on the brakes. At that same moment, a very vivid picture of our car upside down in the slough flashed across my mind. Within a split second, the car landed behind us and careened off down the road in a cloud of dust. We were stopped just prior to the tracks unscathed! I started to shake but mustered up the fortitude to proceed down the road. For the rest of the drive, I thanked the angels over and over again for saving us from ending up like the vision that had flashed before me – drowning trapped inside the car on its roof in the murky water. We could have been put there by me swerving to avoid a crash, or by being pushed there by the other car hitting us. To this day, I can recall the incident as if it had just happened and I cannot explain how we escaped a horrific outcome. I don’t know why I didn’t automatically react to avoid a crash by swerving which would have landed us in the water, and I cannot see any logical explanation as to how that car missed hitting us as it was flying through the air directly at us. My only explanation is angelic intervention and I am forever grateful for it! The second instance was when my husband and I were flying over a heavily forested area in Ontario in our small plane. We had lost our bearings and our fuel was running low. We were also flying in and out of the clouds so our visibility of the ground was partially obstructed. As my husband radioed on an open frequency hoping to get our bearings, another small plane appeared out of nowhere passing us almost wing tip to wing tip. The pilot gave us our bearings and then within seconds, the plane disappeared into the clouds and there was no further radio contact. It was a surreal experience and we both felt it was Divine intervention. We used that information to safely land at a remote airport with just minutes of fuel left. Someone else may have logical explanations for both those experiences, but in my heart, I know it was our angels keeping us safe.

On further reflection, I have always kept angels in my life through art. I have also always loved pictures of angels. The only picture I remember from my childhood hanging in my bedroom was that of a Guardian Angel tenderly looking down from heaven at a child praying kneeling by her bedside. Later in life, having had the wonderful opportunity to see the fantastic art at the Vatican and at the Louvre, I was always enthralled with the depictions of angels. In the last several years, my collection of angel art and books about angels has grown considerably. I have also included angel themes in some quilting and painting projects.

I guess, then, it was a natural progression for me to indulge in even more endeavours with the angels when retirement freed up more time for me. What were those endeavours? I began to learn more about how I could work with the angels in addition to just appreciating art and stories about them. I wanted to have the type of relationship with them that I was reading others had. So, I started to meditate more, read more, and take some online courses. I have learned more about the angelic realm, especially about the Archangels. I have learned that they are only part of the Spiritual realm and that they are truly non-denominational. I have learned about ways that angels touch our lives, how they love and support and communicate with us. I have learned about how they can help us heal and how they can assist me in helping others heal. As a result, I began to see and hear more from the angels. I have benefitted from their help and have been able to pass on helpful messages and healing from them to others.

So, what message or learning would I like to pass on to you today? It is to reassure you that angels are real. They are there for us, always available to help and support us on our life’s journey. Here are the three simple key things you can do to bring their help and support into your life:

  1. Ask: Your angels are just waiting for you to ask them a question or for extra guidance and assistance. Because the angels respect our free will, they will not interfere with the choices we make. On the rare occasion, they will step in without our invitation if their intervention is needed to avoid a terribly negative outcome that was not supposed to be part of our lifepath or that of another. (More on our life path in a future newsletter.) Don’t our Guardian angels just automatically save us from danger you ask? Our Guardian Angels are a special group of angels who are with us every moment from birth to death. They gently provide signs regularly to help us move along our life’s journey. You can access extra help from them or from any of the other angelic realms whenever you choose, but you must ask.

  2. Watch and listen: Once you ask for assistance you will need to watch and listen for the answers. Angels speak to us in many different ways which might include:

    1. Signs: You might start finding physical items that are a symbol for the answer you are expecting. Finding feathers or coins in unexpected places are often a sign from the angels. The words in a song on the radio or catching an unexpected glimpse of a book title might provide insight into the answer you have been looking for. Seeing number sequences repeatedly are often a sign from the angels. Messages on angel oracle or tarot cards can provide meaningful information as well.

    2. Seeing: You might see an answer in a sudden picture that pops into your head or one that catches your attention in your environment. For example, you pull up behind a car that has a word on its license plate that has relevance for you.

    3. Hearing: You might start to ‘hear’ in your head or even as a gentle whisper or think about a repeated word or phrase that provides an answer to your question.

    4. Sometimes the messages are not as clear as we expect them to be. If that is the case, ask the angels to provide a clearer answer.

  3. Believe: When you ask the angels for assistance, you must want to receive a response! Most importantly you must trust that an answer will come and that it will always be aligned with your greatest good. You must believe that even if the answer is not what you expected or even wanted, the angels always have your best interest at heart.

(PS: You should know that other members of the Spirit realm such as Guides, Ascended Masters and passed loved ones can speak to us in much the same manner as Angels – more on that in future newsletters.)

I’ll end our conversation here. I hope some of this resonates with you if need be or perhaps even

starts a bit of reflection on your own experiences with angels. Do you have any childhood memories or angelic beliefs that bring a smile to your face? Have you had any mysterious ‘Divine intervention’ that sustained you through a crisis or helped you avoid one? Maybe you already talk to your angels. If so, how are they helping you today? If not, it’s never too late to start or restart having conversations with your angels. They are always with you, loving you, listening and waiting to be of service. As you move through your journey, through the amazing times as well as the challenges, I hope your life will be touched by the angels as mine has been.

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the angels here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Kyle Gray

Lorna Byrne

Melanie Beckler

Radleigh Valentine

Intuitive Counselling and Angel Card Readings

If you have questions for the angels that you think an angel card reading might be helpful for, I am offering intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

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