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Angel Messages - Ride The Waves

Today’s card is perfectly appropriate to close out this fast paced, slightly chaotic month. The card is Ride the Waves from The Healing Waters Oracle deck created by Rebecca Campbell. Through several mystical experiences on her journey, Rebecca developed a deep relationship with water. She emphasizes how water is intrinsic to life. We are water beings on a water planet – we drink, eat, and breathe water. Life only exists where there is water. In fact, we come into life in water. She describes water as recording information which it then distributes as it circulates around the Earth. She speaks of the duality of water – it can be still and calming or fiercely destructive in the chaos of storms. It can protect and hydrate us or it can make us vulnerable and drown us. She describes water as being sacred as it plays an important role in many spiritual traditions and is connected to healing and transformation. Her hope is that we all see the waters around us and within us as sacred and protect them for generations to come.

My Messages:

Interestingly, Ride the Waves continues the message from last week’s newsletter “Getting Into the Flow” . It is telling us to carry on, to go with the flow, with the last bit of fast pace and chaos of this month. As we look at the figure on the card, we see that she is upright, appears strong, and even confident in her stance despite the huge waters all around her. Spirit is

encouraging us to be the same, to stand tall and confident in the face of the chaos around us, to be confident in who we are. We are also reminded of our inner strength as we come through this nine global month when it is meant for us to complete the lessons presented to us over the past year. The card notes “life lessons and growth” assuring us that we will attain spiritual growth from the lessons we have worked through. Just as the waves are propelling the figure on the card forward, so too do the lessons propel us forward on our spiritual journey.

The water in the image appears to have many roles for the figure as it does for us in life. The huge wall of water behind her appears protective. It is not overtaking her or crushing her, but rather rises behind her as if “it has her back” on her sacred journey. The waves beneath her are supporting her as they carry her forward. If we look closely the shore is close for her and the waters at its edge are calm. The varying volumes and characteristics of the water in the image tell the story of our journey. The huge wall signifies the turmoil and hard work we have come through to be where we are now, riding smaller, less turbulent waves but still needing to work to keep our balance and move forward. Soon though, we will be in the clam waters and “arrive” on shore where a new phase of our journey begins as we walk on land.

Water is seen to represent emotions. From the emotional perspective, the card shows us the huge turbulent emotions are behind us. We are in a phase now, where Spirit is asking us to change our perspective of our situation to more positive and allow ourselves to be buoyed up by emotion to carry us to the calmness at the shoreline. Like the figure on the card, the intense emotion behind us will not wash over us at this point. We can relax and emerge from that wall of intense emotion into calmer waters. Even though it appears as if the emotion is surrounding us as the water is to the figure on the card, we can look forward as she is and be reassured by the words on the card that “you will get through this.”

As the beautiful waters on the card also reflect the constant ebb and flow of the majestic ocean and seas, we are reminded that our lives have an ebb and flow as well. Spirit is saying that the great waters of Mother Earth are showing us the rhythm of life and that we “get in the flow” to move forward on our journey. As we relax and move forward, we will soon approach the shoreline which will provide us with the stability we have been looking for. From the shore, we can still be witness to the ebb and flow of the waters as it is in rhythm with the ebb and flow of our lives.

If we look closely at the image there is an abundance of fish in the wall of water to the right of the figure. Fish symbolize the higher self and intelligence/thought processes, and water also represents purity and healing. Spirit is reminding us to listen to our higher self/our intuition and to keep our thoughts positive and pure to heal and have a smooth journey forward. The fish also tells us to dive deeper into our subconscious, our awareness to address any remaining belief systems that need to be released or changed to support our spiritual growth. For some, the fish may be bringing forward messages of change, luck, rebirth, and stretching our limits as we step into the next phase of our spiritual development. In Christian doctrine the fish also represents abundance and charity. This message may be significant for some especially coming forward in the first month of an “eight year” which is one of abundance and prosperity.

Lastly, the beautiful turquoise colour of the water is another reminder that Archangel Sandalphon is near and wanting to serve us. He appeared in the newsletter’s Angel card two weeks ago and he is now subtly reminding us through colour that he is ensuring that our prayers are being heard and answered. Dougall Fraser, Psychic, Author, Cosmic Coach, and Colour Intuitive, tells us that turquoise is the colour of forgiveness and kindness. It is also a colour that is a combination of the colours of truth and communication. Turquoise is reminding us that as we “dive deeper” and reconnect with our higher self, we may need to forgive ourselves and others to move forward, to treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion, and to continue to communicate with our spiritual team. Are you ready to release or forgive what no longer serves you so you can move forward this year? (Learn more about one way for forgiveness through Ho’oponopono).  Can you open your heart to live from a place of kindness and compassion? Can you remember to ask your spiritual team for help as you grow through the year?

As a final aside, Spirit is urging me to tell you briefly about my “mermaid sisters” who came forward excitedly when The Healing Waters Oracle was chosen for today’s card. Initially Spirit drew my attention to three decks, so I had to kinaesthetically test to determine which

deck to use. When this deck received a resounding ‘yes’ on testing, my “mermaid sisters” suddenly appeared and were very excited and pleased to have this deck featured. I am told to tell you that I call them my “mermaid sisters” as I have met them previously on a trip to the west coast last fall. I have been incessantly drawn to the ocean in the fall for the last three years - I just suddenly have a very pressing urge to be by the ocean so my husband and I drive out to the west coast for a short stay. Once we have spent a week or so near the ocean, I feel calmer, and we happily return home near the Rockies. Last fall, when my husband and I were sitting on a secluded ocean beach on Vancouver Island, I suddenly “saw” and “heard” (through my clairvoyant and clairaudient senses) an entire group of mermaids as they rose out of the water in front of us. The mermaid who was front and centre called me “sister” and said they were happy to see me as I had been a part of their group in a past life. We had a brief visit and when we went to leave the beach, I had a slight feeling of sadness. Then I heard her tell me they will always be with me. Today, is the first time they have popped in since that trip and they want to add the information about mermaids to emphasize the messages of this card.

Mermaids are obviously also tied to the water element and like water, they represent the Divine Feminine. The mermaids want to remind us that we are into a year where the Divine Feminine energy is rising so we can embrace opportunities to align with that energy by being more intuitive, nurturing, heart-centred, and creative. Being more heart-centred this year is extremely important as we send out our positive energy and love to the chaos on this planet. As we dive deeper into our higher self, we are encouraged to find a balance between the heart and the mind. With the first full moon of the year yesterday, this is the perfect time to release the hold of the ego mind to follow the voice of our higher self more. Also, just as individuality and non-conformity are traits of the mermaid, they are encouraging us to be true to ourselves as we move forward in our growth.  

Guidebook Messages:

You’re most definitely living right now. And while you may be experiencing challenges in your life, they’re shaping you into who you’ll be, someday soon. Just as strong winds blow consistently over the ocean transfer energy to the water to generate waves, the same happens when we feel the pressures of Life knocking at our door.

Life’s pressures and challenges invite us to transform in the process; they can cause calm seas to gain momentum and waves to form. While at the same time it can feel overwhelming, our true character is born through these usually unexpected changes that Life delivers.

Our experiences shape us. The most compassionate people in the world are the ones who know the real depth of Life. The ones who have the capacity to understand us are those who have been through their own choppy waves. The ones who are able to hold us when we feel the most out of our depth are those who have been through it themselves.

Be like the surfer and instead of reacting to the waves or seeing them as things to be avoided, chose to respond. And when possible, see if you can find a way to ride those waves all the way to the shore. There may be times when you fall off your board, but you’ll meet fellow surfers who are riding their own waves back to themselves.

Soul Enquiry:

How can you respond to the waves of life instead of reacting to them? How can you let the transformation happen?

I hope this was helpful for you. As you come out of this turbulent month, I hope you hit some smoother waters to get to the shore. I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance connecting with riding the wave, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about Starseeds or the meaning of numbers and colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



The Healing Waters Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Rebecca Campbell

Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser



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