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Angel Messages - Page of Water

This week Spirit asked me to pull a card from the Angel Wisdom Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine. The card is the Page of Water. The suit of water is about all the emotion we experience in life, especially those deeper emotions tied to family, homes, and childhood memories. It also represents our spirituality and intuitive gifts. As a court card, the Page may represent someone in your life, a situation you are experiencing, or you.

My Messages:

The Page is speaking specifically to or about the young people in our lives. Now, being of

retirement age, I may consider some people as “young people” where others may think of them as “old”! So let me clarify that in this context, “young people” refers to adolescents and young adults in their twenties and thirties. The Page reflects the sensitivity and openheartedness of the young people today as well as the moodiness that can arise for some when they are faced with a new experience they are needing to navigate. Is this you or someone in your life currently where you are involved in their struggle with new emotional experiences? Or is this a younger part of you with unresolved emotional experiences, perhaps a relationship, that this card is suggesting you revisit?

As a mermaid, the Page is tied to the Divine Feminine which is the rising energy on the Earth at this time. Expressing this energy, the mermaid is about understanding emotions, especially in their role as empaths, and connecting with the inner child. Mermaids are magical and represent strong psychic abilities. Is the Page advising us to “dive deeper” into our emotional experiences to reconnect with our inner child and open up our psychic abilities? This is occurring for many people over this past year as more and more are connecting with Spirit and discovering their gifts. Can you identify with the mermaid? Are you experiencing waves of strong emotions? Do you have psychic gifts opening? The mermaid suggests you “go with the flow and let the magic happen.”

This suit being about emotion, illustrates a vastness of emotions around the Page – the ocean behind her and the overflowing cup in front of her. Yet, she herself, appears to be quite neutral emotionally, or perhaps a bit wistful. Does the abundance of the water represent the “new emotional experiences” and the “social invitations or events” that the card refers to? The Page’s detached neutrality seems to reflect the card’s description of her as “inexperienced. Are you the Page? Are there new experiences and opportunities surrounding you and right in front of you, as the cup is for the Page, but you are not seeing them? Are you missing opportunities to experience new emotional encounters or a romantic encounter? Or are you wishing for new opportunities but just can’t see that they are right in front of you? Is the Page reminding us to be clear what we wish for and tie your emotions to it to help it manifest? With the vast opportunities around us it is wise to be mindful and, in the moment, to pick up on those experiences that will serve us well.

Is the Page thinking about her romantic relationships? Are you? Is there a wish for a romantic encounter? OR is there heartbreak and is it time to move on? OR is there a solid relationship to be grateful for? Are you open to a coming romantic encounter? What will you learn from it?

The dolphin in the background is leaping out of the water and appears to be very happy, but the Page has her back to it and appears to be oblivious to it. The dolphin is a very smart and communicative creature. Is the dolphin trying to tell the Page something? Is it the “message about a relationship” the card refers to? Is the card suggesting to be more tuned into what is going on around you and be open to all sorts of communication so as not to miss a new relationship or romantic encounter? Is the dolphin also showing us another emotion to strive for? Just “go with the flow” and be joyful.

The colour of the card is indigo which is the colour for Archangel Zadkiel who assists us with forgiveness and remembering our Divine Spiritual origin and mission. Are you searching for your purpose? Do you think you will find it in relationships with others? The Divine is telling you it is within you – in that inner child. When you discover and connect to your true purpose you will experience a whole continuum of emotion as you embrace it. Your “cup will overflow” with joy as you become more aligned with your purpose. The mermaid’s tail is silver which is the colour for Archangel Haniel who also helps us develop our psychic gifts. The raised tail is Archangel Haniel “raising her hand" to remind us she is available to support us in our journey.

Guidebook Messages:

“’Let me know if you need a hug.’

You or your situation: Given that Pages tend to be the first to get a glimpse of something coming, and the suit of water is about emotion and intuition, you can probably take a wild guess as to what’s on its way. That’s right – new emotional experiences.

Most often this card indicates a new romantic relationship, but it can just as easily be an unusually close friendship or some other deeply emotional experience that conjures up feelings of affection. If you are already in a relationship, watch for it to experience a resurgence or a move 'to the next level.'

As the Page of Water, you embody everything you might remember about new love. You are excited but shy, innocent but optimistic, openhearted but also afraid. Frankly, you’re a hopeless romantic and you know it.

As the Page of Water, you communicate the only way you know how – from the heart. If someone tries to talk to you from the intellect, you’ll just look at them as though they are speaking in a foreign tongue (because to you, they are). If you give someone a hug, it will be so heartfelt that they’ll be almost overwhelmed.

This card can also indicate the beginning or expansion of intuitive gifts and psychic experiences. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving.

Words of awareness: Don’t obsess over people. Try not to be so moody. Be cautious with our heart, lest you get hurt unnecessarily. Don’t take it personally. Don’t always wait for someone to reach out to you first. Take an emotional risk – you might learn something.

Other people: Young or inexperienced, romantic, sweet, sensitive, discreet, giving, adoring, trustworthy, devoted, compassionate, moody, easily manipulated, jealous, naïve, gossipy.

Additional meanings of this card: Daydreaming. Social invitations. Showing your feelings. Love letters. Confidential information. Interpreting dreams. Artistic projects. Cosmetic surgery."

I hope this was helpful for you. As the high emotions of change continue, I hope they are positive for you and you discover more of your psychic abilities.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help dealing with emotional issues or awakening gifts, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the topics from today, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Angel Wisdom Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine

Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals by Dr. Steven Farmer


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