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Angel Messages - Divine Masters - Lady Venus

This week’s angel message is from another oracle deck I have recently acquired – the Divine

Masters Oracle also created by Kyle Gray. The deck brings messages from a group that the

author describes as “a congregation of light beings, spiritual guides, and souls who have dedicated themselves to the healing and nurturing of the world.” Also know as “ascended masters” the Divine Masters includes many members who have walked the planet as humans so they understand the complexities of being human as well as spiritual at the same time. They are all available for assisting us in healing and transformation.

The Divine Master speaking to us today, is Lady Venus whose message is about Light Activation. According to Gray, Lady Venus is an advanced being of light who is dedicated to helping us connect with Divine wisdom. She is the representation of Divine love and brings in a higher consciousness that aids in the ascension of the Earth. She is the twin flame of Divine Master Sanat Kumara and the queen of the Venusians from the planet Venus. Venusians are a race of light beings similar to angels and consider themselves our ancestors. Lady Venus and all Venusians can assist us in making a difference in this life.

My Messages:

The immediate message from the bright, glowing image on the card and the phrase “light

activation” is for us to shine our light. Now is the time to shed all old beliefs and blockages that keep us in a lower vibration. As we come to the close of a seven (spiritual) universal year, it is time to release all the emotions, memories, beliefs that no longer serve us. As we have explored in previous newsletters, many of us have been pulled down back into negative challenges by the ongoing chaos and conflict in our world but Lady Venus is inviting us to release all of that and shine our light brilliantly. It is time to access or inner light and spiritual knowledge within, to activate who we truly are as beings of light coming from Source.

The “call to action” is that the time is now for us to embrace our true worth and inner light. All the work that we have done recognizing lessons in judgement, releasing old traumas can be wrapped up with embracing the pure love that Lady Venus brings forward for us. We can find comfort in the fact that as part of healing, we need to feel worse before things get better. This is because we were paying attention to the pain and lessons we needed to wade through. We needed to see the issues so we could release them. Now, Lady Venus is helping us free ourselves from those challenges by reminding us to embrace the pure love that she embodies. With it we can free ourselves from the darkness and move our world out of these dark times.

The message “power surge” is reminding us that now is also the time to take our power back from all the challenges we have encountered. To recognize our own Divine right to that power, that only we have the power and control over our lives – no one else does. The radiant beams of yellow light are the colour of our solar plexus chakra which is our power center. Experiencing health issues such as digestive concerns (colitis, ulcers, acid reflux, constipation, gastrointestinal flu, eating disorders), diabetes, gallbladder issues, or skin disorders are all related to an imbalance of the solar plexus chakra. Emotionally an imbalanced solar plexus chakra shows up as lack of confidence, egotistical behaviours, aggression, close-mindedness, pessimism, and lack of trust. In the last few years global events as well as personal ones have chipped away at our power base. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Repeated or prolonged symptoms are signs of challenges we need to deal with. If they are connected to a life lesson we are here to learn, then we can only avoid them for so long but we can never escape them. Lady Venus is bringing us healing to regain our power. She can assist us in changing our behaviour to bring our power back – healthy eating, turning away from situations that are not in our highest good, facing our fears, etc. Our body will tell us when something does not serve us. Have you ever had a “gut churning” experience? That is telling us our power center is being impacted and we need to address the situation by walking away or confronting it and learning from it. Energetically we can bring in the element of fire as Lady Venus’ crown of fire shows us in the image on the card. Fire can burn away all that does not serve us.

The rays of light emanating from Lady Venus’ heart are the green of the heart chakra and the pink of the higher heart. The heart chakra is connected to healing and love of self and others. It is also connected to the Divine Feminine energy as is Lady Venus. In our Nov 10 Ripple Effect Newsletter – Diamonds in the Rough, we discussed the Divine Feminine energy we are moving into now which embodies the energy of gentleness, kindness, heart-centeredness, creativity, intuition, acceptance, receiving, emotionality, communication, compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. All these energies are needed for us and the global community to heal. Last week, we spoke about the healing and compassion we can find in our heart to bring us peace and share that peace with others. During this Christmas season, difficult memories may surface for some – memories of past troubles at this time of year, challenges with lack of money, or grieving memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. Lady Venus is encouraging us to move into the Divine feminine where the love we find there helps us to see challengesas opportunities for growth. That love and compassion helps us to heal not only ourselves but others.

The message “earth mission” reminds us that our soul chose to incarnate on the Earth at this time because we have a purpose. If you are reading this, part of your mission here is to assist others in finding their inner light, in reconnecting with their soul to move out of the darkness. But first, Lady Venus is here to help you activate your own beautiful light so you can reach out to others. The pink background on the card shows us that once you connect with your own inner light, you will radiate the love and compassion so desperately needed by the world right now. You will be part of the world’s healing.

As we see the golden inner light and the pink of compassion on the card blend, we find the colour orange which is the colour of balance. The energy of the planet Venus improves balance and harmony. That is what we are striving for globally – balance between the Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies as well as harmony amongst all the beings on this planet. Lady Venus is reminding us that when we activate our inner light, when we connect to our inner power, we are part of bringing about that harmony and balance to the world.

Lastly, if you look closely, you may see the image of a mouse superimposed on the forehead of Lady Venus. As a Spirit animal, the mouse is described as a “powerhouse tucked into a tiny package.” In this context, the mouse brings in the message of self care, again encouraging us to find our power and love. The mouse is also symbolic of abundance which Lady Venus is as well. Now is the time to move into our power and a state of love and compassion so we are ready to manifest the abundance available to us next year in a universal “eight year.”

So, as we wrap up this year and head into an eight universal year in 2024– one of manifestation and abundance, let’s work with Lady Venus to take back our power, to return to love, to shine our inner light more and more as we heal. Open your heart to the love she brings in. Find the passion of your mission here to love and support one another, to bring in the peace of this holy season to the world. As you look up into the night sky, find the brightest star, Venus. It is a reminder from Lady Venus to look to her and your spiritual team for assistance in bringing more love and peace into the world.

Guidebook Messages:

“For hundreds and thousands of years, those on earth have prayed for a better way. You were born in response to those prayers. You were called to earth on a mission. Everything you have faced, overcome, and healed from is preparation for leaving a legacy. You are someone who will make a great change.

This work can be overwhelming, though, so the Universe won’t place any expectations or pressure on you. But just by making small shifts, you are showing those around you what is possible. If you feel you are constantly helping, healing, and guiding others, that’s because this is a calling from deep within your soul. Lady Venus is here now to give you a surge of power and inspiration to take this work further.”

I hope this was helpful for you. As you continue to focus on the image on the card listen for the messages it brings you. Allow your solar plexus and heart chakras to open and find your true power and the love within. You have a mission while here to help others and Lady Venus is there to support you.

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance finding your power, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending you love and light,



If you would like to learn more about Lady Venus or the meaning of animals, colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Divine Masters Oracle and Guidebook by Kyle Gray

Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser



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