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Angel Messages - Page of Water

The Angel Card drawn for today is from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is the Page of the suit of Water.

Remember that our Guardian Angels are messengers from Source who love, protect and guide

us as much as we are open to that. They are often depicted with children because they are with us from birth through our entire lives, never leaving us and loving us unconditionally. Most of us have two or more Guardian Angels, each of whom come forward at different times of our lives depending on our need. For this particular card deck, the author chose to highlight the Guardian Angels to remind us of our constant companions.

If you haven’t yet connected with your Guardian Angels, you can do it in many different ways – quiet meditation or with one of the many guided meditations available online (such as Radleigh Valentine – How to Get your Guardian Angels Names - free), journalling, or just sitting quietly and asking them to come forward. When you do sense their presence, you may feel extremely chilled or see a flicker of the flame of a candle you may have burning. Guardian angels also connect with us particularly through our emotions and spiritual gifts. You may experience an overwhelming sense of love that brings you to tears. You may “see” a pillar of light or you may just “know” they are there. Trust the answers to your questions that you receive. They love communicating with you. Because this card deck will be used by many people and because each Guardian Angel’s message is particular to the person they are connected to, the author worked with the Guardian Angel Council to ensure the messages for these cards would resonate for everyone who worked with them.

My Messages:

The Page of Water comes to us with a message from the Guardian Angels about being

sensitive, openhearted and intuitive. The Page in the minor arcana in tarot symbolizes youth (or young at heart) or someone new to you or a new situation. This is fitting as we enter the month of March which according to numerology, is a “one month,” characterized by new beginnings. The suit of water is about our emotions and more importantly our intuition, our innate abilities and spiritual experiences.

In this card’s image, the Guardian Angel is directing her attention to a fish she has in her goblet. Out of the vast body of water behind her, she has managed to scoop up a fish. To me, the fish in the goblet symbolizes a great and rare opportunity or meeting a new person, starting a new relationship. Being held in a golden chalice, perhaps a new golden opportunity is headed our way! Indeed, in Christianity fish symbolize charity and abundance. Do you see any new opportunities on your horizon?

The fish appears to be speaking to her as well. The Guardian Angel is showing us that we need to pay attention to new opportunities that will be coming our way, allowing them to “speak to us”. We will need to use our intuitive gifts to “tune in” and in fact, the new opportunity may be for us to discover and explore our gifts. (The fish is also said to symbolize our higher self and deeper awareness.) Whatever the conversation is about, it appears to be pleasant (and not anything to fear or be anxious about) as she is smiling and standing in a relaxed posture. Ask your Guardian Angels to assist you in working with your gifts.

Her Guardian Angel feather on her necklace is illuminated as it hovers over her heart chakra and her green shirt reflects the colour of that chakra. This is a visual reminder to be openhearted and heart centred when we greet the new opportunities or new people coming our way. For some of us it may also symbolize that we will need to do some focused work with our heart chakra to open up our gifts, progress in our life lessons, or be successful in a new relationship. Can you be open to any “matters of the heart” that might come bubbling up? Are you in a new relationship and need the Guardian Angels to guide in maneuvering your feelings?

The chat that the Guardian Angel and the fish appear to be having against the backdrop of a body of water, brings to mind that we may need to navigate sensitivities, remain openhearted and trust our intuition amongst a “sea of communication”. These qualities will assist us in perhaps communicating with a new person or in a new situation.

Being a water creature, the fish is connected to emotions. We may be coming into a time where we feel we are sensitive to many different or heightened emotions or emotional situations. The card is reminding us that remaining heart centred and trusting our intuition will help us stay calm in facing and sorting out the emotions or a new emotional experience. The body of water in the image is also calm which is reassuring that whatever emotions that are coming, we will be able to remain calm. Have you been feeling more emotional lately? Can you sort out what they are trying to tell you? Ask your Guardian Angels to help you.

The colour of the Guardian Angel’s orange skirt situated over the area of the sacral chakra draws our attention to that chakra’s association with creativity, emotions, and sexuality. For some this could mean the opportunity of new creative projects or even a pregnancy. Symbolically, fish were also associated with the Divine feminine energy by the Greeks and the feminine energy is emphasized by the illustration of the Guardian Angel as a female, bringing us back to the concept of creativity. What are your creative projects you are entering into this month?

If the image of the Guardian Angel resonates with you, it may be because she looks similar to one of your Guardian Angels. Perhaps it is an invitation to “dive deeper” to get to know your Guardian Angel a bit more.

Guidebook Messages:

“Situation: This is the beginning of an emotional experience that could grow into something deeper. You may receive a letter, or a call, or a text or email conveying feelings that you hadn’t realized were developing. A friend or colleague may provide you with information that generates an emotional reaction in you. It’s safe to let your feelings show! Sparks of intuition give you insight into a situation you wouldn’t otherwise have.

People: A very gentle and loving person who has only the kindest of intentions. Someone who wants to open their heart to others but feels shy or uncertain about doing so. An avid daydreamer. An intuitive youth. An inexperienced romantic. An artistic and sensitive individual.

Angel Message: We know that human emotions can be scary. You may want to trust a person or embrace a situation without knowing if that’s safe. We are here with you always. Invite us to join you in this new experience, and we will help you find the courage to move forward.

Additional meanings of this card: Invitations to events. Giving or receiving an apology. Revelatory sleeping dreams.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I know, personally, I have been having periods of intense emotion, especially when working with my gifts. I am looking forward to the new opportunities they signal as I grow spiritually.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help in navigating new emotional experiences, relationships, or opportunities, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Radleigh Valentine – Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck


Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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