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Angel Messages - Daydreams and Decisions

For today’s card, Spirit guided me to draw from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck created by well known psychic medium and spiritual teacher, John Holland. As a deck that was created to provide guidance for relationships and in matters of the heart, it is the perfect deck to bring us messages for this month of February which has long been associated with love. The author speaks of the deck’s messages allowing us to step back and look at relationships from a psychic and intuitive perspective helping us “to make better decisions that are not based purely on emotion.” Today’s card is from the deck’s Suit of Emotions which further focuses us on “relationships of the heart, feelings, desires, love, and joy.” The card is #7 Daydreams and Decisions.

My Messages:

This beautiful card comes with a timely message as we approach the New Moon tonight and

the Lunar New Year for the year of the Wood Dragon. As many of you know, the new moon is a time for new beginnings, for manifesting your desires. The year of the Wood Dragon is rare (the next one will not occur for another 60 years). It is also said to be very special because it combines the dragon’s power with wood’s creativity. So, this Lunar Year is a time to pursue your dreams and explore opportunities for growth. The Wood Dragon is also said to be generous, loyal, and compassionate. So, as we enter an intense time of new beginnings and growth intensified by the “eight year” of abundance, our card is reminding us to focus our dreams and take decided action for our relationships or matters of the heart.

In reference to relationships, Spirit is saying this card first refers to our relationship with ourselves. The hands outlining the heart in the image tell us that this is our time to drop into our heart and reconnect with our true selves. There, we will see ourselves for the true light that we are and all that that means, and to reconnect with our purpose. Spirit reminds us to value ourselves and know that we can bring our dreams to fruition as we align with that purpose. We are also reminded that relationships with others are to be honoured and valued as we are all connected. Therefor when we value and honour others, we do the same for ourselves. The heart also brings in the compassion of the Wood Dragon year.

The image on the card seems to float in the air, perhaps representative of time spent in the mind, thinking, or daydreaming about our wants and desires. The green sash in the image appears to tie the floating figure to the earth, grounding it in the current reality. This grounding allows us to make decisions that we can take action on to move forward in our relationships. Spirit wants us to remember that we always have free will in our choices and decisions as does everyone else. This is an important element to remember when in a relationship with another as sometimes their choices may not align with ours. Should that happen, it is important to stay in a place of compassion and remember that each of us have our own timeline and all that Spirit brings to us is always for our highest good.

The colour of the sash is green, representative of the heart chakra, for it is the heart that connects our spiritual and emotional world with the physical. The green earth that the figure is connected to, as well as the sash, are also the colour of healing showing us that working through the heart can be healing for us. The turquoise colour of the sky and the figure’s robes is the colour for Archangel Sandalphon, who expedites the delivery of our prayers to Source and the return of answers to us. This colour reminds us that our wishes, our prayers, daydreams, are being heard by the Divine and will be answered. The darker blue borders are Archangel Michael’s colour – sapphire blue. The borders appear to be telling us to “narrow our focus”, to really concentrate on what we want and align with our purpose as Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Life Purpose. The tie around the figure’s head is blue and yellow. Again, the blue is Archangel Michael’s colour and what comes to mind is the connection to thoughts aligned with our purpose. The yellow is representative of Archangel Uriel who represents new beginnings, epiphanies, brilliant ides, and transformation – all of which support dreams of manifesting new relationships or perhaps a new type of relationship with self or others. Therefor, the tie seems to be another indicator of connecting the dreams of relationships to your purpose and to bring that dream into reality by grounding, deciding/choosing what we want and taking action.

The connection between the two major colours of the card also appear to represent elements of the Wood Dragon Year. Dragons posses a lot of intellectual (Yang) qualities, qualities of the mind – intelligence, wisdom, spirituality, and curiosity. The green earth has Yin energy to balance the Yang so that growth can occur. Just as the colours illustrate the balance needed in a Wood dragon year, they also show the need for balance between daydreaming and concrete decision making.

Lastly, this is card #7. This number in numerology has the qualities of spending a lot of time thinking and developing trust in intuition. As an angel number, 7 tells us that we are on the right spiritual path, that we are making decisions, in particular about material things, that serve us, and that opportunities are opening up. Again, the number 7 aligns with the energy of this year and this time of the New Moon and Lunar New Year.

Guidebook Messages:

“When this card appears it often means that there is a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty regarding your love life. What would you like to change or attract? You have many options in front of you, if you will only see them. Do some daydreaming about possible futures. Have fun. It’s through your fantasies and imagination that you transform your desires into reality.

Once you’ve sorted out your options and played about with the possibilities, it’s time for action. While it’s pleasant to daydream, staying in “fantasy land” is not wise. Take your time but eventually decisions will have to be made in order for you to move forward. Reflect on your wishes, decide which feel right, and choose a course of action. You’ll feel powerful for having made the decision and will be on your way to manifesting change.

Key words: Fantasies, imagination, options, choose”

Bonus Card

Today there is another card that literally jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling it to draw the card above. When this happens, it is Spirit being very obvious about an additional message they want delivered to you. This card is #8 of the Spiritual Suit – Success & Growth.

My Messages:

This card is the perfect follow up to the first card. As we make decisions to take actions on our

dreams, we will experience success and growth. AND when we align those dreams and actions with our life purpose, that growth is spiritual growth.

In the image on the card, the budding tree superimposed on the young man represents the growth. The buds are in the shape of hearts, again reminding us to bring our dreams into reality through connection via the heart. The hearts also remind us of the compassion and love we can encounter and give as we grow spiritually. The golden light coming from the corner of the card to the individual’s forehead and face appears to illustrate Divine inspiration telling us that if we follow our intuition to make good decisions about our dreams, we will be successful and grow. The red and pink tones of the background remind us to follow our passion, follow our heart. 

Spirit has also maneuvered to draw attention to the number eight with an “8” card emphasizing the energy of this year. Just like the energy of this year as an “eight year” and as the year of the Wood Dragon, this card is emphasizing the coming massive opportunities for manifestation of abundance. This could be abundance in wealth, health, and loving relationships.


Guidebook Messages:

“The energy of manifestation is around you now. And you’re being moved forward in a positive way. Stay focused on your heart. When this card appears, success is at hand and it may happen quickly. Your past efforts are being rewarded. This is a time of new flourishing relationships and successful resolutions to conflicts and struggle.

This is also an ideal period for greater understanding and personal growth. Listen expectantly for messages that will help you see yourself and others in a fresh and positive light. These messages can come from anywhere – your Spirit Guides, nature, books, or even a television program. They bring new beliefs about love and what is possible. Old ways of thinking and being are coming to an end. Plant these new ideas as “seeds” and watch them take root and grow.

Keywords: Accomplishment, speed, resolution, progress.”

I hope this was helpful for you. In this beautiful month associated most closely with love, I hope you discover and grow the relationships of your dreams. There has never been a better time than now – the energy of the universe supports you.

I would love to hear your feedback about how these cards’ messages have resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with relationships and matters of the heart, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about Starseeds or the meaning of numbers and colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck and Guidebook by John Holland

Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser





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