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Angel Messages - Wise Counsellor

The Angel Card drawn for today is from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck created by

Radleigh Valentine. It is the Major Arcana card, Wise Counsellor.

Guardian Angels are messengers from Source who love, protect, and guide us as much as we are open to that. You may remember that they are with us from birth through our entire lives, never leaving us and loving us unconditionally. Most of us have more than one Guardian Angel, with each coming forward at different times of our lives depending on our need. Lately for me, my Guardian Angel Enoch is front and centre each time I connect with my Guardian Angels. This is the first time he has come forward. He is usually quietly in the background preferring to have my other Guardian Angels connect with me. Lately, thought his quiet apparent strength has been more noticeable. I have yet to ‘hear’ what he has to say but I am sure it will come through when it is the right time.

Do you connect with your Guardian Angels? If not, you can do it in many different ways – quiet meditation or with one of the many guided meditations available online (such as Radleigh Valentine – How to Get your Guardian Angels Names - free), journalling, or just sitting quietly and asking them to come forward. When you do sense their presence, you may feel extremely chilled or see a flicker of the flame of a candle you may have burning. Guardian angels also connect with us particularly through our emotions and spiritual gifts. You may experience an overwhelming sense of love that brings you to tears. You may “see” a pillar of light or you may just “know” they are there. Trust the answers to your questions that you receive. They love communicating with you. Because this card deck will be used by many people and because each Guardian Angel’s message is particular to the person they are connected to, the author worked with the Guardian Angel Council to ensure the messages for these cards would resonate for everyone who worked with them.

My Messages:

When looking at this card, the first thought to come in is a question, “Are you the Wise

Counsellor or do you need to connect with one?” Will you find the Wise counsellor in a friend, a stranger, a professional, a spiritual mentor, your Guardian angels and Guides, or your higher self? We all have the wisdom of Source within but sometimes we need assistance to access it. Is this card a message for you to look within to find the answers you are seeking?

The Wise Counsellor stands on top of the Earth with the light of Source behind her. She is grounded but open to Spirit. This is what enables the wisdom of Source to flow as Divine intended. I am hearing the phrase, “As above, so below.” Spirit is telling us that the wisdom of Source is available to us in our everyday lives on the Earth. That wisdom is reflected traditional knowledge along with new learnings as indicated by the message on the card. It helps us acquire our sense of belonging as it reveals our true self and how we relate to our world.

This is card number 5 which is the number for change or transition. The Wise Counsellor is there to assist with the coming change. So many are facing change in our world currently. Are you being called upon as the Wise Counsellor for some to assist them? Are you facing a coming change where you need to access your inner Wise Counsellor? Have you been feeling restless lately? Do you feel as if something is shifting but you can’t quite put your finger on it? These are signs of a coming change for you. Do you feel that you need the assistance of a Wise Counsellor to get you through the shifts? Spirit is reminding you that you can access the Wise Counsellor and your Guardian Angels are there to help you with that.

The angel on the card is wearing a purple robe. Purple is the colour of leadership, destiny, and purpose. Dark purple is also the colour for Archangel Jeremiel who assists us with developing our spiritual gifts and conducting a life review for enlightenment of what is next. Perhaps the change that is coming for you or for others is to align with your purpose more closely or to develop your spiritual gifts. Is it time to step into your destiny? Many are finding their spiritual gifts opening now and are confused or bewildered. Are you the Wise Counsellor to assist them with this great change? Or do you find yourself being the one who needs assistance?

The angel is also wearing a golden scarf. This is the colour of great ideas, epiphanies, and higher thought. Perhaps this is the wisdom the Wise Counsellor holds. Her robe displays many symbols of the world’s religions and one of the card’s messages is “traditions.” Some of the wisdom we seek may be found in traditional world religions. The other message, “Learnings,” tells us there is still much for us to learn and to be open to those new ideas, or epiphanies, that come to us. Spirit wants us to be patient in deciphering some information that comes to us that we may be tempted to reject. It will all have meaning for us as we access the Wise Counsellor to assist us with the deciphering. Everything that comes to us, comes for a reason. Some of the information may be for us, but some may also be for us to pass on to someone else as we fill the counsellor role.

As we access the wisdom of Source, we develop a sense of true belonging. We recognize truth and that brings a certain calmness to life. We know we are all connected and as children of the Divine, that we are loved and protected. We understand our purpose and how to fulfill it. We appreciate the uniqueness of every soul and respect their journey. As we all embrace the changes we will be facing, knowing that they come to us for a reason, we will grow spiritually. Those changes may find us leaving some traditional thought or actions behind, as we recognize that their time is over and we move towards something more aligned with our purpose. Some of what we leave behind may also be the people or places we are accustomed to as we search for a greater sense of belonging. Spirit wants us to know that our “tribe” is out there waiting for us to ‘come home’ if we have not found them yet. The key is to be patient, aware, and open on our journey. All that we need will present to us but we may need to access the Wise Counsellor to recognize it.

Guidebook Messages:

“It is so important to surround yourself with supportive, loving, and understanding souls! That may include people you already know, or perhaps it is time to join a new group of like-minded individuals. This card especially asks you to spend time with those who can help you grow spiritually and emotionally. Look for friendship or assistance from people who have their arms and hearts wide open!

This card can also speak to the way in which you are trying to accomplish something. Remember to make your choices with compassion and kindness towards others involved. If you are approaching a project or task in a very traditional way, then drawing this card may suggest that you should pursue a more creative path. However, if your attempts to do things in an unconventional way are generating challenges, perhaps it is time to return to methods that have already been tested and proven.

Angel Message: We love being a spiritual bridge between you and the Divine. If you are feeling disconnected, ask us to help guide you back to your Source.

Additional meanings of this card: Educational or religious institutions. Seeking guidance form spiritual leaders. Taking or teaching classes. A need to be more flexible. Discovering what really matters in life.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I know, personally, when I access my inner Wise Counsellor and really listen, I am rewarded with a sense of calm and a feeling ‘all is right in the world.’ When I struggle to understand change or messages from spirit, I ask my angels for help or turn to my ‘spiritual buddies.’ As I continue to explore the changes ahead, I know they will be a part of my spiritual growth.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help navigating change or accessing the Wise Counsellor, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Radleigh Valentine – Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck


Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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