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Angel Messages - The Seas of Mintaka

Spirit had me wait until today to draw a card for this week. It brings forward a profound message from Spirit for all of us. It is from The Starseed Oracle deck created by Rebecca Campbell. The card is The Seas of Mintaka.

As you may recall from the card from this deck featured in May, the deck is different from the Angel decks I most often use. Interestingly, I find that many people who I do intuitive sessions for, choose this deck to have their card reading from. The deck was created for Starseeds and for all those who “are interested in the mystery of the human experience” and I know there are many Starseeds amongst you, so this deck resonates. The intention of this deck is to connect to the wisdom you have within, to connect with your heart and soul. To learn more about this deck see

Interest in the stars transcends time and geography. Many of you know of the monuments to the stars that exist across the world from the ancient pyramids of Giza in Egypt to those of the Sun, Moon, and Quetzalcoatl in Mexico – all of which align with the stars of the constellation Orion. The famous Stonehenge in the UK aligns with the sunrise on summer solstice. Many ancient cultures looked to the stars for our origin, as many of us do today – the Mayans, ancient Greeks, Australian Aboriginal peoples, Mali’s Dogon tribe, ancestors of the U.S. Hopi people, our own Canadian First Nations people, and many more. They pondered many questions – Where does the soul come from? How did we come to be on this planet? Where do we go when we die? What and who else exist amongst the stars? Are these questions that weigh on your mind too?

Starseeds are “old souls” who have experienced lives on places other than Earth. I know for me, I feel a connection to the planet Venus – perhaps I spent a past life there. My meditations often take my awareness out into the cosmos, whereas others find themselves most comfortable amongst nature when they meditate. What about you? Starseeds often feel misplaced on Earth and spend time in their life “trying to fit in.” They have a yearning for the stars and to find the place that feels like home. Rebecca Campbell notes that “they are souls who have a longing for all that’s mysterious and unknown.” Do you ever look up into the night sky with a sense of wonder or yearning? (To learn more about Starseeds see Gaia – Am I A Starseed? Starseed Types and Characteristics Revealed, Ask Angels - Starseeds… What Is A Starseed? Plus 20 Signs You Are One!) Do you have characteristics of a Starseed?

My Messages:

This beautiful card is the perfect continuation of the messages from last week regarding “Who

am I?” Almost immediately, I am reminded of the well known depiction of the iceberg used to remind people that the majority of it sits beneath the surface, that there is more to it than meets the eye. In the same fashion, this is true of us. We are more than what we show on the surface. There is so much of our complexity and truth beneath the surface that this card is encouraging us awaken. It encourages us to go deep within, to go below the surface of who we are, to find the answers about our true self, to connect with our light, our soul.

This card refers to “Seeing potential” and to “Bringing unconsciousness to light.” Spirit is encouraging us to allow the water to buoy us up in life energetically to see our potential and rise to it. It is time to realize our purpose lying under the surface and bring it to light. It is time to awaken to who you truly are and shine your light. Under the surface we have a deeper knowing and sense of who we really are and right now that is waking up in so many people. Many are finding their bodies and their lives are changing as their inner self awakens, as they become more connected to their soul and Source, as they discover their unconscious self and bring it above the surface, to light. Some have already gone through this process and are now helping others who are ready to do the same. If you are reading this, then this is meant for you. Where are you in this process?

Most of the image on the card is of water. Water makes up 71 % of our planet’s surface. (Source: Nasa Science – Space Place – How Much Water is on Earth?) It also makes up, on the average, 65% of the human body. (Source: ThoughtCo – How Much Water Is In The Human Body?) It makes sense then, that we are connected at least, energetically, with the water of the planet. It holds much wisdom for us. Are you drawn to water or do you fear it or are repelled by it? Why? What messages does it have for you?

When I read the title of the card I wonder where are the Seas of Mintaka? Are they of this earth or from our home planet? The name reminds me of a beautiful lake in the Canadian Rockies with an amazing waterfall – perhaps a message for me to revisit there? Do you have a place this card reminds you of? Is the water calling you? The last few years I have been called to the Canadian west coast to be with the ocean. I wasn’t sure why the compulsion to go there was so strong or what enlightenment it would bring me but I just knew I had to go. I needed to have an expansive view of the ocean that made me feel more connected to Spirit, perhaps to my soul. The last two years I returned home with my body, shifting and purging what no longer served me through every pore of my skin. This year I also reconnected to parts of my soul group from the waters to know that they are still with me. What experience does the water bring for you?

The water in the image is also clear, transparent, and bright. There is no darkness within. As children of the Divine, as coming from Source, there is only light. The water on the card is a reflection of our light within that only gets brighter and clearer the more we purge old wounds, reconcile issues from this life or past ones, and complete the learning of life lessons. As we grow our love for ourselves, for others, and for all on this planet and beyond, our light gets brighter as we remember who we truly are.

The image on the card also includes the sky and the cosmos beyond. There is a vastness to this landscape just as there is to your soul. There are no restrictions like those we create in our material existence. The soul is free – free to create and experience, free to experience the love of source that is its origin.

The waters in the image are relatively calm encouraging us to have no fear, only love. Spirit wants us to know that this image reflects the calmness we can find within where we have the knowingness of the love that we are and that surrounds us on our journey. Everyone is supported by the beings of the cosmos – angels, guides, ascended masters, beings from other worlds – whoever you resonate with. They are there buoying you up. You are the light at the centre of the image and your light is rising to the surface. This is your true self, your gifts, your purpose. This is especially a reassurance for those lightworkers who are here to help others awaken to their true potential.

Spirit reminds us that water flows as should your energy. Allow the light to flow through you to lift you up. Do not attempt to hold onto it due to fear of the darkness. The light will always be there because it is who you are and where you come from. It is everyone because we are all connected. The intricate pattern in the foreground of the image shows us the complexity of our connection to one another as well as the beauty of it.

Water also washes us clean physically but also emotionally and energetically. Water can also represent emotion. It can show us what we are holding emotionally and it can wash away the weights, the negativities, the fears of our current or past experiences. The water is reminding us that it is how we feel that impacts the world we create for ourselves to live in.

We are reminded that “seeing potential” is based on our perspective. The image shows the seas being the largest piece of the composition to focus our attention on the message from the water. The cosmos is shown as the smallest component in the image when another perspective might show it as the largest to relay the messages from a different perspective. So, if you don’t see potential in yourself, Spirit is encouraging you to change your perspective to where you CAN see your potential for growth. There is opportunity in everything in your life. As I often say, “Everything happens for a reason.” If you change your perspective about a challenge to reframe it as an opportunity, you allow yourself to learn and grow.

“Seeing potential” also refers to the psychic abilities or gifts many Starseeds have. Do you ‘just know’ when something is going to happen? For example, do you have a sense of an impending negative situation so take actions to avoid it? Do you think of someone you haven’t talked to in a long time and then out of the blue, they call you that day? Can you ‘feel the energy’ when you enter a room and know instructively how to approach different people? Do strangers often tell you their life story and woes? Do you ‘hear’ to change lanes in traffic and moments later discover that resulted in avoiding an accident? These are all everyday examples of your unique gifts and abilities working for you. They are connected to who you are and what you are meant to do in this life and when. Do you ‘see your potential’?

The colour of the sea is turquoise which, according to Dougall Fraser, intuitive, author, spiritual teacher, and colour expert, is a powerful colour symbolizing forgiveness and kindness. It is a combination of blue which represents truth and honesty. It reflects our soul’s desire to live our truth and to see the truth around us. To find that truth that is within us, deep below the surface, and to bring it forward. Blue is also the colour for Archangel Michael who helps us release all things that no longer serve us. The second colour in turquoise is green which is the colour of communication and creativity. The green in turquoise is encouraging us to freely speak our truth that the blue brings forward, to make our true selves that is emerging known to the world.

As the colour of communication, green also supports us to speak our forgiveness to others so that we can both move forward. Sometimes those things we need to release of forgive are

experiences, people, places, or possessions from this life or another, that bring up feelings or behaviours that are not in our best interest, that divert us from our true path. Some of what we may need to release or forgive are grudges, pain, hurt, or anger – all which have a negativity to them and hold us at a lower vibration. Spirit is reminding us that we may also need to forgive ourselves. Many of us are finding these things are coming to the surface now so that we can move forward. We can ‘see their potential’ from a different perspective and address them as opportunities for soul growth versus challenges or things to ‘bring us down.’ Are you ready to release or forgive what no longer serves you so your light can shine brightly? (Learn more about one way for forgiveness through Ho’oponopono)

This work is part of our healing and is supported by Archangel Raphael whose colour is emerald green and who is the Archangel of Healing – of healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This healing and speaking our truth help us to live our soul’s purpose. It is also Archangel Michael’s role to support us in that journey. The process of going deep within to “bring our unconscious to light” allows us to create the lives we are meant to live.

Turquoise also reminds us of the kindness we can employ every day in everything we do. This raises our vibration and that of others. In doing so, we shine our light and create a better reality for ourselves and the world. Have you experienced ‘a random act of kindness’? When was the last time you delivered one?

Guidebook Messages:

“Mintaka is thought to have been a water-based planet containing the most crystal clear waters you could ever imagine. So clear that you could see for miles and miles underwater.

The Seas of Mintaka card represents this crystalline clarity of potential and possibility. It’s about the ability and choice to see the potential in all people and situations. This could be one of your natural traits, or it could be a sign that what you’re currently doing has great potential. Mintakins are thought to have been a galactic race who saw the light in everything and everyone.

You may have received this card as confirmation that a situation or project has extreme potential and will receive fruition. If it appears in a spread, it is a very positive sign that things are working out for the highest potential of all involved. It’s a very uplifting, light-filled card that brings harmony, contentment, and positive outcomes.

According to Carl Jung, ‘that which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our life as fate.’ When water appears in dreams and art, it often represents the unconscious mind. Pulling this card also means you may be called to bring to light any unconscious patterns of which you’re unaware. To look at them and see them clearly and consciously so they don’t appear in your life as fate. What unconscious patterns or behaviours are ready to be brought to the light of day?

Starseed Soul Enquiry: How can you see the potential in a situation you’re facing? What unconscious patterns are you being called to bring to light?”

I hope this was helpful for you. As you encounter water in your day, be it an amazing view of a lake or ocean, the sound of a gurgling stream or roaring river, the smell of rain of the first fresh snow, or the taste of water that you take in to support your body, ask the water what messages it has for you. Bless it and honour it as a sacred messenger and listen. What does it have to say about ‘seeing potential’ and ‘bringing the unconscious to light’?

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with forgiveness, seeing your potential, or connecting with your inner self, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

For More Assistance with Forgiveness:

Book an Introductory Session with Chris Morton, an Intuitive Counsellor who believes forgiveness is the root of all healing.

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about Starseeds or the meaning of colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


The Starseed Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Rebecca Campbell

Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser


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