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Angel Messages - The King of Roses

Today’s messages from Spirit come from a new deck that Spirit has prompted me to work with.

The deck is The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor. I will explain a little bit about the concept of this new deck… Some of you may know the meaning of the word “Akashic.” For those who are not familiar, the word refers to “Akasha” which is the etheric, the Divine mind, or the collective consciousness. The more familiar term the “Akashic Records” refers to all the wisdom, information, creativity, knowledge, inspiration, and discovery from throughout time – past, present, and future - held in the ether. They hold individual records as well as all the truths of the Universe. They hold records of every being’s past lives and all future potentials. The Akashic Tarot is a tool that helps us open the Akashic Records and access the wisdom within.

The messages today came via the card The King of Roses. The Roses suit in this deck is about relationships, emotions, families, children, homes, personal and inner conflicts, and communities in life. The authors of the deck remind us that the rose has been the symbol of royal and noble families throughout history. The rose’s beautiful soft petals and sharp thorns represent the extreme ends of the continuum of personal experiences regarding the heart, home, and family. The gender of the cards in this deck can either represent the individual receiving a reading or the yin (masculine) or yang (feminine) energy. The card was also drawn upside down or reversed indicating challenges or conflict in the theme of the suit – relationships. The Guidebook messages also include an Akashic Forces message. The Akashic Forces are “The etheric energies and psychic powers that move through and catalyze all things, all thoughts, and all actions through all time. Also, the force and will of the higher mind and heart.” (Source: The Akashic Tarot Guidebook)

My Messages

My first impression of the King of Roses is the energy of quiet contemplation. Although his

physical appearance is that of a powerful leader, he seems to be lost in thought as he gazes at the two roses in his hands. Those two roses are red and white- red symbolizing passion and the colour of the root chakra/our roots, family, relationships; white symbolizing purity, clarity, cleansing/fresh starts and sometimes seen as the colour of the crown chakra/our connection to Spirit. Is he contemplating the distance and differences between the two, perhaps challenged by needing to make a choice between focusing on his passion or family and roots or focusing on his Spiritual growth? Or is he conflicted on how to marry the two? How each one enriches the other? Are you struggling with the duality of life right now? Do you have pulls in different directions – your roots, providing for family, pursuing your spiritual interests, or having spiritual gifts opening? How are you reconciling the duality of your situation? Is either area causing conflict or challenges for you? Take heart. These questions can be reconciled! Looking to lessons learned in the past and asking Spirit for assistance, will help you move forward.

The other predominant colour is the colour of the many yellow roses. Yellow is the colour of inspiration. Archangel Uriel’s colour is yellow and he is the Archangel of epiphanies and great new ideas/new beginnings. The King is surrounded by the yellow roses but he appears not to see them. Is he too preoccupied or near sighted to see opportunities around him? Are you? Perhaps the roses are trying to tell us to look up and see the bigger picture and opportunities around us.

The King is also alone at the bottom of the garden stairs. There is only one chair there. Has he had a falling out with the Queen? It feels as if she is waiting in the wings, at the top of the garden, for a reconciliation. All he needs to do is climb the stairs/do the work to make that happen. The arches at the top of the garden feel as if they symbolize the many choices he has/the many doors he can walk through. The lush garden also feels very comfortable. Will the King forgo the effort and remain in the soothing environment? Are you struggling with a relationship? Will you put in the work and decide, choose from the many doors that are open for you? Or will you prefer to stay in the same familiar situation because it is a comfortable place even if it holds conflict for you?

On a more symbolic level, is this King of emotions representing the masculine energy through his physical appearance but the feminine energy with his gentle contemplation? Is he the balance between the two being loving and caring as well as strong and protective? Is he showing us to stay grounded in that balance? Is the duality of the two flowers representing the Yin/Yang of energy? But perhaps there is only one chair because only one energy can be dominant. Because the card we reversed, is it representing a conflict with the masculine energy? Is this card encouraging us to seize the opportunities provided by the incoming feminine energy, releasing the masculine? Like a King, are those of you reading this, leaders in bringing the new feminine spiritual energy to the planet? Are you sensing the planetary energetic shift from forceful, focused, goal oriented, and directive energy to intuitive, nurturing, heart centred, creative energy? Can you facilitate this shift but maintain some balance like the King? Again, ask Spirit for assistance and find your tribe. There are many of us!

Guidebook Messages


This card’s reversal shows a potential disruption in a relationship with a male, whether it’s a friend, family, or romance (or masculine energy.) Sparks may fly here. Although the emotional upheaval may seem overwhelming, don’t let yourself get swept away. With every ending, there comes the potential for new beginnings (the feminine energy). This may, in fact, be a reference to an old love that you haven’t been able to release. If so, it’s time to let go of the attachment and open your life to new – and better – things to come.

When referring to you, this card could signify a time when your role as a father or husband is greatly diminished whether due to desire or just logistics. If you have a deep pattern of self negation, it’s time to create a truly caring relationship with yourself. (This refers to anyone, not just fathers and husbands.) No matter what your patterns are, you do have the power to calm your heart, look at things clearly, and take control of your perception of yourself and your life. Your union with yourself is up to you!

Akashic Forces

Close your eyes and step into the robe of the King of Roses. You are the King of family, home, and community. Feel a sense of care swell within you. What would you like to bring to the world around you now?”

So, this card may have a personal message for you as the King or it may be a more general message about the energy of the world we live in. What do you see in this card? Are you the King? Or is he someone in your life? Or does he represent your environment? I hope, that whatever message resonated with you, it was helpful.

I would love to hear your feedback about how this new deck’s messages fit for you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with learning more about your Akashic Record, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and tarot or oracle card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Akashic Records, masculine and feminine energy, or the meaning of colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor – The Akashic Tarot deck


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