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Angel Messages - Seven of Raphael

The Angel Card drawn for today is from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is the Seven from the suite of Raphael.

As discussed in the last Angel Messages newsletter, this deck works with the Archangels who give us help and assistance when we ask for it. They are messengers of the Divine and work with humanity to provide love, guidance, healing, and support. Of the fifteen major archangels, the four chosen to represent the four suites of the minor arcana of the deck are Gabrielle, Raphael, Michael, and Ariel. The suite of Raphael is about emotions – dreams, hopes, and deep desires. The suite is about relationships as well as the development and expression of psychic gifts and intuition.

Archangel Raphael is the archangel of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. His name means “God heals.” He assists healers in their work. In addition to helping with human healing, he also assists with healing pets or finding lost pets. He often works with Archangel Chamuel to support romantic relationships. Archangel Raphael is the patron of science and knowledge as well as the patron of travel and the blind. He is often depicted with a caduceus which is the traditional symbol of the Greek god, Hermes. Despite different earlier associations for the caduceus, it is now commonly considered a medical symbol. Thus, seemingly fitting to be associated with Archangel Raphael.

My Messages:

The Seven of Raphael is indeed a card of choices as the card refers to a time for making a

decision. What first strikes me about the card is that the stone structure reminds me of a wishing well – that you can make your wishes come true. You just need to decide on what you want. The caduceus at the top of the stone structure may indicate that the well is about your wellbeing.

The buckets of different colored substances are the colours of the seven chakras or major energy centres of the body. If you pay attention to which colour you first noticed or were drawn to, that may indicate an area of your life or health where you need to decide or where you can find strength to assist in your decision making. (For a bit more information about chakras see Wikipedia: Chakra) The decision you are to make may be a major one or perhaps minor for you but could have a great impact on someone else. We are also drawing close to that time of year when many people make decisions for some type of change in their life in the form of a New Year’s resolution. Are you facing any decisions as we approach year end or will you in the near future? Remember Archangel Raphael is there to help you. He has the ability to assist in removing negative blocks and transmute them to love.

This card urges you to take action once you are clear on what you want; what wish you would like to come true. Without action, your decision is meaningless. Some of us are hesitant to take action on some of our decisions because that implies we accept responsibility for that decision and the outcome. What if the outcome is not ideal; is not what we anticipated? Does that mean we made the wrong decision or that we are a failure? No! Everything happens for a reason. If the outcome is not what you desired look for the lesson in it. It is there for a reason. The seven angels in the background are also there to support you in your decision making so that the outcome will align with your highest good. Remember to ask them as well as Archangel Raphael for their assistance if you are struggling.

The last message on the card is about a need for detoxification. This could simply refer to a physical detox (some may feel that is needed after indulgences of the season!) This can also refer to an emotional or spiritual detox. Perhaps looking at things with a different perspective to be more positive emotionally and shed negativity, judgement, fear, anger. Spiritually it may mean examining belief systems that no longer serve you or choosing to allow your spiritual gifts to open and integrate them into your daily life, embracing your spirituality and sharing it with others. Are you feeling the need for a detox?

The number seven is the number of introspection, turning inward to do the work we need to do on ourselves and for ourselves. The decision making may include connecting with and trusting your inner guidance and intuition to help make the decision. Raphael’s signature colour is emerald green as is the colour of the heart chakra. Perhaps your decision making may involve opening your heart to yourself and others.

Guidebook Messages:

“Time to make a decision! You may feel the situation is too complicated, but further research will reveal the right course of action. Intuition provides useful guidance on how to sort through all of the possible choices. Listen to your inner voice!

Don’t be lulled into daydreams. Get clear on what you want, and then take action without holding back. If you are drawn to a particular bucket on the card, the chakra colour holds meaning and guidance in making your choices.

Additional meanings of this card: Unrealistic expectations. Procrastination. Confusion. Indulging in excesses. (Archangel Raphael also assists in healing addictions) A need for detoxification.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I know, for me, the bucket colours that stood out are definitely signifying areas I want to work on and move forward in this coming year. It has prompted me to go inward to clarify my decision so I can act on it.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting further clarification, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels, chakras or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Radleigh Valentine – Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck

Radleigh Valentine – The Big Book of Angel Tarot

Vikki MacKinnon – Take a Number

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