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Angel Messages - Sandalphon - Turquoise

Today’s card comes from another new deck I have had for a while but has not called to me

until today. The deck is called the Angels & Auras Oracle by Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser. This deck brings us messages from Guardian Angels and nine of the Archangels as well as from Colours as seen in auras. You may remember that all angels are messengers from God/Source/the Creator/the Divine and interestingly almost every formal religion speaks of angels. Guardian Angels are those assigned to each individual on the planet. Each person has at least two Guardian Angels who are with them constantly from birth to death in every lifetime. They know us often better than we know ourselves. The Archangels can come and go in our lives depending on our needs and askes of them. They are omnipresent so can be with many people at once assisting all as needed. The Archangels also have specialty areas of focus where they can be of great assistance to us.

This deck also reflects the most common colours seen in people’s auras as studied for over twenty-five years by Dougall Fraser, well known Psychic and Cosmic Coach, who is an expert in colour therapy. The aura is the energy field we all have around each of us. The energy and its colour are constantly changing based on our mood, life circumstances, and our environment. The aura is not readily seen by most people, but I am told that with a little training and practice, everyone can see it. Colours have meaning in terms of representing qualities we have or events we are currently involved in as well as suggesting a need for shadow work or messages that tell us there is work to be done in a specific area. This deck also speaks to us about colour activation, or how we can use the colour of the card to assist us with the messages on the card. When we activate a colour, we include it in our environment and our thoughts. The card we have for today is Sandalphon – Turquoise.

My Messages:

This brilliantly coloured card starts our year off perfectly with Archangel Sandalphon ready to assist in having our prayers heard and answered. As the image shows, he is said to be so tall that his feet are on earth and his head is in heaven. He and his twin Archangel Metatron are the only two Archangels said to have walked the earth as humans, so they know what life in our reality is like. Sandalphon was the wiseman Elijah who went to heaven in a burning chariot and became an Archangel. In his Archangel role he carries our prayers directly to the Divine and ensures that we see, hear, and know what the answers are. What a wonderful Archangel to reach out to us at the beginning of the year. Whatever we set for our goals for this year, Archangel Sandalphon is offering to take our wishes and prayers quickly to Source and as they are answered he will ensure that we get the message!

The words on the letters in the image remind us of the things we can ask for assistance with acquiring, for example, peace, abundance, charity, forgiveness, and healing, or issues we need to overcome, learn from, or heal such as grief, pain, loss, chaos, greed, betrayal, and lack. Many of these reflect the current situation on our planet as we grapple with working through negativity to create a better world. Archangel Sandalphon is reminding us that nothing is too big or too small to ask for assistance with. The angels and the Divine love us and are always waiting to help.

Dressed as Sikh, Archangel Sandalphon represents the diversity of people who pray to a higher source and that all prayers are answered no matter where or who they come from. He is wearing a Kirpan, a short, curved knife, which is a mandatory article of faith for baptized Sikhs. It symbolizes the wearer’s duty to “defend the needy, suppressed ones, to defend righteousness and the freedom of expression.(Source: Wikipedia: Kirpan) This aligns with some of our motivations to pray – needing something, feeling suppressed, or righteous. It also highlights the message on the card “Seeking Freedom”.

The messages on the card, “Forgiveness, Seeking Freedom, Healing” reflect perhaps the bulk of the theme of prayers to Source over the last few years and currently. The planet and all its people need healing. Globally, those who have perpetrated ongoing harm to others need to be forgiven. All of humanity is seeking freedom from all the things that contribute to harm, loss, despair, and desperation. These messages not only pertain to us as individuals, but to the entire population on the planet. In our chaotic world at present, Archangel Sandalphon reassures us that God/Source is listening and is answering us. Sometimes though, we cannot “hear” or receive the answer because it is not what we expected. It may involve work to learn the life lessons all the negativity is teaching us. The answer is, however, always in our highest good. If you have difficulty understanding the answer, Archangel Sandalphon can assist you.

Turquoise is the colour of kindness and forgiveness and isn’t that exactly what the world needs more of right now!?? It is also the colour of someone who has been through deep trauma. I believe Spirit had us draw this card to acknowledge all the trauma everyone worldwide has experienced over the past few years and is currently experiencing with all the poverty, illness, conflict, etc. that is so prominent. Spirit is encouraging us to pray for healing from that trauma and for the events causing it to stop. We are asked to elicit Archangel Sandalphon’s assistance in having those prayers heard and answered quickly. It is then up to us to exercise our free will and take action towards manifesting the answer.

Lastly, this is card number nine. Nine in numerology is the number of completion, encouraging us to wrap things up. With the answers to our prayers, we can address and resolve the negative bits in our life so we can move forward into this great year of abundance. Nine is also the number of the humanitarian reminding us to think of and pray for our fellow man. It reminds us to align with our higher purpose and in angel numbers it tells us to pursue our passions now. It reassures us that as we follow our purpose which involves being of spiritual service to others, we will function at a higher vibration.

Guidebook Messages:

“The meaning of Sandalphon’s name is fuzzier than most of the archangels. Some say it means “brother together” in reference to his relationship to Archangel Metatron who has a similar back story. Many think of Archangel Sandalphon as the archangel of music. And that’s true. However, we prefer to focus on what we consider his higher purpose as the conveyor of prayers. He is known to carry our prayers to Heaven and to deliver answers back to us. In fact, he is said to be so tall that his feet are on Earth, and his head is in Heaven! When we need compassion for others, prayer can deliver. It can push away our egos and wash away the human urge to hold a grudge, allowing us to be in a place of charity, grace, and forgiveness toward others fully.

Turquoise is the colour of kindness and forgiveness. It’s also known as one of the colours of ascension because of its high vibration. Turquoise energy allows us to rise above any situation (no matter how challenging or painful) to see it from the most Divine perspective. Allow turquoise to help you see the wisdom of the situation and ultimately set you free. Remember that forgiveness is a journey and not a destination.”

I hope this reading was helpful for you. As you continue to focus on the image on the card, listen for the messages it brings specifically for you. Think about the prayers you have and how Archangel Sandalphon can assist you. Consider engaging him to take your prayers for the earth and humanity directly to Source and to expediate the answer. Perhaps 2024 will see our prayers for healing, compassion, and peace become a reality!!

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance getting your prayers answered, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about the meaning of Archangel Sandalphon, colours, or numbers here are a few resources I have found helpful:



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