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Angel Messages - Release

The Angel Card drawn for today is from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck created by

Radleigh Valentine. It is the Major Arcana card #13 Release.

As you know, Guardian Angels are messengers from Source who love, protect, and guide us as much as we are open to that. You may remember that they are with us from birth through our entire lives, never leaving us and loving us unconditionally. Many of us have more than one Guardian Angel, with each coming forward at different times of our lives depending on our need. They will answer to any name that makes sense to you. They give us many signs that they are around, from a slight tickle at the back of your neck, to random occurrences of white feathers, to spontaneous intuitive thoughts about them.

Do you notice any signs from your Guardian Angels? You can connect with them through quiet meditation or with one of the many guided meditations available online (such as Radleigh Valentine – How to Get your Guardian Angels Names - free), journalling, or just sitting quietly and asking them to come forward. Everyone experiences their presence a bit differently. You may feel chilled to the bone even when in a warm environment or feel a gentle breeze when you are indoors and all the windows are closed, or you may see a sudden bright flicker of the flame of a candle you may have burning. Guardian angels also connect with us particularly through our emotions and spiritual gifts. You may experience an overwhelming sense of love that brings you to tears. You may “see” a pillar of light or you may just “know” they are there. Trust the answers to your questions that you receive. They love communicating with you.

Because this card deck will be used by many people and because each Guardian Angel’s message is particular to the person they are connected to, the author worked with the Guardian Angel Council to ensure the messages for these cards would resonate for everyone who worked with them.

My Messages:

The image that immediately stands out to me on this card is the phoenix, the mythical bird that

is reborn from the ashes of its predecessor. (Source: Wikipedia: Pheonix (mythology) ) It is the perfect symbol for transformation or endings leading to new beginnings. This card’s title is “Release,” urging us to release all that no longer serves us. Do you have anything you need to release or let go of so you can more forward into a “new life”, or new circumstances – to, in essence, be reborn? That which needs to be released may be from this life or something – an event, and emotion, etc.- from a past life. It no longer aligns with your greatest good.

Currently, on Earth, many people are waking up to their spiritual origins and beliefs. They are learning, growing, and transforming into the being they came here to be. They are getting in touch with their soul and life purpose. They are transitioning to a higher level of consciousness. As this transformation occurs, the person may see many things end to create space for the new to come in. This may include changing relationships, careers, physical location, and even changes to the person’s body. This is all part of what we need to release. As you release past parts of your life are you awakening to your true self? Are your interests and passions shifting? Do you have new skills and gifts that are opening?

Some call the body’s physical changes, symptoms of ascension. They may include discomfort/ aches/pain for no reason, headaches, bursts of energy running through the body, erratically moving between joy and love to depression and despair, a yearning to “go home”, intense dreams/unusual sleep patterns, changing relationships, and heightened sensitivity. (For more details see Ask Angels – 8 Ascension Symptoms That Are Signs of a Spiritual Awakening) These symptoms come from trying to hold onto what we should be releasing. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, ask your Guardian Angels to help you release everything that no longer serves you.

Note that the Guardian Angel is holding his right hand up as if to release the phoenix, to set him free. As we move into our higher selves, we experience unlimited freedom. As we release the old and embrace the new, we become free. Are you ready to release and be free?

The field of white roses on the card symbolizes that beautiful new world/life we are transitioning into. White is the colour of spiritual cleansing and clarity. The gold surrounding the phoenix and angel is the colour of higher thought encouraging us to listen to our inner self for guidance as we transition. The purple foreground that the Guardian Angel is standing on is the colour of leadership, destiny, and purpose. He can guide us to recognizing our true purpose. Lastly, the orange background is the colour of balance and perception. As we transform our perception shifts and we can learn to balance the interests of the body, mind, and soul. What colours are you drawn to these days?

Lastly, this is card number 13. This angel number tells us that we are in a time of manifestation and that our guides, ascended Masters and loved ones who have passed are all present to assist us in that manifestation/that transformation.

Guidebook Messages:

“It can be very liberating to leave the past behind. So often we hang on too long. We look backward to the past when we should be looking at the present or planning for the future.

While this card often signals endings, it leads the way to new beginnings. It askes you to stop resisting the necessary change that will make you more fully alive, vibrant, human angel here on Earth. When experiences no longer serve your higher good, it is time to let go and trust in the Divine to lovingly guide you towards joy.

Angel Message: Let go and we will walk with you, and help you spread your wings so that you may fly higher than ever before. A new beginning awaits you.

Additional meanings of this card: Changing your life by changing your thoughts. An anticipated ending. Transformation. Reincarnation, Resurrection. Freedom.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I know, personally, I am experiencing physical symptoms that have me feeling like the phoenix burning to ashes to start anew.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help navigating change, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Radleigh Valentine – Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck


Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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