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Angel Messages - Nine of Fire

Today, Spirit has us return to the Angel Wisdom Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine for the Angel Card for this week which is the Nine of Fire. You may remember that the Fire suit is all about creativity, career, and our passion. It is also about taking action or asking us to plan for the future.

My Messages:

This card speaks to staying true to our passions, our creations especially when we are

challenged about them. Many of us are feeling profound energetic shifts lately. As we experience change, it is important to stay connected to our core, to our true self and our core beliefs as expressed through our creativity. Often, as more people are waking up to the beauty of our world, our interconnectedness, and the love and joy that makes our world a beautiful place to be, others may feel threatened as old belief systems fall to the wayside and current realities shift. As the negativity of the past ways of the world struggles to survive, those holding onto the “old ways” may threaten and even attack those who are awake to a more positive way of living and viewing the world. How are you faring lately? Are you able to live aligned to your core beliefs or are you challenged by others?

The figure on the card reminds those of us who are awake (all of you reading this), to stand strong against those attacks and to protect our creations, be they physical items, relationships, new found spirituality, thoughts, emotions, or beliefs. For many, our newest creations may be our spiritual gifts opening. The figure carries a large protective shield and wears a suit of armour in Archangel Michael’s sapphire blue reminding us that he is always available to help us protect our creations, our passions, our gifts. The nine wands surrounding her hold orbs in the colours of the various Archangels perhaps representing those connected to the gifts or beliefs we are protecting:

  • Violet for Archangel Metatron who assists highly sensitive people especially youth.

  • Pale Blue for Archangel Raguel who brings harmony and healing to situations and relationships.

  • Deep Purple for Archangel Jeremiel who assists with developing our gifts and enlightenment.

  • Deep Indigo Blue for Archangel Zadkiel who helps us with forgiveness and assists us in remembering our Divine origin and spiritual mission.

  • Turquoise for Archangel Sandalphon who assists us in sending our prayers to the Divine and receiving answers quickly.

  • Emerald Green for Archangel Raphael who assists with the healing of people and animals and helps us to find our soulmates.

  • Sapphire Blue for Archangel Michael who helps us find courage and feel protected. He also helps us explore our life purpose.

  • Dark Pink for Archangel Ariel who oversees nature and the environment as well as helps us with manifesting material needs.

These Archangels are also available for us to call upon at any time if we need assistance standing strong against any attack or opposition. Interestingly, the figure is holding a wand with an orb that is Archangel Haniel’s colour – silver. She assists us to release the old and awaken and trust our spiritual gifts. The large moon in the background also brings to mind Archangel Haniel as that is the heavenly body she is associated with. The moon also reminds me that we are coming up to a new Moon on Sunday June 18. New moon is a time to create new dreams and wishes, to manifest new desires. This card is telling us we may need to protect what we wish to create. It urges us to be prepared to stand strong and move forward with our dreams.

The number nine is also significant. In numerology, nine is the number of the completion of a cycle. Many of us have done deep reflection during the first half of this “seven year” and coming through the month of May, a “five month” which is all about change, we have released much of what no longer serves us. As we move forward creating a life of higher vibration with more love and joy, some of what we have left behind rises up and tries to impede our progress. This card tells us to be prepared for that and to call on the angels for assistance.

The last pieces of the image that stand out for me is the wand with Archangel Ariel’s orb that is planted firmly in the ground at the figure’s feet – “up front and protecting” and that the figure is also standing at the top of a hill – strong and victorious. These two pieces may be pointing to the card’s comment about environmental activism and animal rights. As we approach summer solstice on June 21, we are reminded of the seeds planted in spring now coming into bloom. As we move into summer with the longest day of the year on solstice, we expect to see Nature come into full bloom and flourish. However, in many places Nature is also experiencing negative energetic impacts.

The solstice is the time when the light of the sun is available to us for the longest day. Some say the sun’s light represents the light of life and consciousness. During this coming time of much light, we have an opportunity to expand our consciousness, to open our hearts to expand the reach of love across the globe. We can expand the light within to feed our gifts. This card is telling us to shine that light brighter in the face of adversity, to “never give up.” Our creations, our gifts, our passions are important to us and to the world and are so very worth protecting.

Guidebook Messages:

“The journey through the Fire suit is one of working hard to make your dreams and passion come alive. It’s only natural that you’d want to protect what you’ve created against loss or prevent it from being diminished. Of Course, it’s wise to ask your angels every day to help you protect yourself and the people and things you love. Still, sometimes it’s up to you to do the hard work of defending your magical creations. Have courage! Stay positive and work with the Law of Attraction.

This card can also be considered a representation of environmentalists and animal advocates. They too are working hard to protect this magical creation we call planet Earth.

Additional meanings of this card: Physical strength. Being prepared for whatever lies ahead. Having a strong immune system. Keeping your resolve.

Wisdom card (Major arcana card cross reference): You are far stronger than you realize! Archangel Ariel brings you Strength (Card XI) to help you protect not only your own creations but also those of nature and the world.” I hope this was helpful for you. For some of us who have been working hard and going through a lot of change, this may seem disheartening that we could have challenges coming. However, the card reminds us of our strength as well as the support we have from our angels. What are your creations and passions that are worth protecting if need be? What cycle have you completed so you can move forward and create with the new moon and solstice?

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help in working with your passions and creativity, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Radleigh Valentine – Angel Wisdom Tarot deck


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