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Angel Messages - Nine of Air

This is the second Angel Card messages that comes to you on alternate Fridays to my biweekly newsletter – the Ripple Effect.

First, a quick reminder about the process I use for card readings. To start, I must point out that divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, runes, etc. are just aids to help us express or put words to the interpretation of the messages that we receive from Spirit. To clarify, when I say Spirit, I mean the Divine/God/the Creator/the Universe, as well as Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, those who have passed including ancestors, and importantly, your soul/your higher self. After asking for Spirit’s assistance, I draw a card randomly once Spirit has told me that the deck has been shuffled adequately. When I provide a card reading, I will give you the information that comes through for me and then we will look at the information for the card from the deck’s guidebook. The guidebook’s info will be in italics below. Anything not in italics are my comments. What is important to understand, is that each of you will pick up on different pieces of information that resonates with you and has meaning. Just looking at the card or reading the text or comments may also bring in additional messages for you through your own intuition, a dream, or synchronicities.

The Angel card drawn for today is from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is the Nine of the Suit of Air. Before discussing this specific card, I have just a bit of information about Guardian Angels in case you are wondering, “Who are the

Guardian Angels?” Guardian Angels are messengers from Source (as are all angels) but are unique in that they are with us for our entire lifetime. Their role is to love, protect and guide us as much as we are open to that. Many of us learned about our Guardian Angels when we were children. In fact, one of the few pictures in my room as a child was that of a guardian angel. According to the author of this card deck, most people have at least two guardian angels and some have more. There might be a ‘primary’ Guardian Angel who you hear from the most or some may speak up more depending on what you need help with. Their names, appearances and gender are whatever you are comfortable with. They are just as happy to be called ‘Fred’ as ‘Emmanuel.’ You can ask them for a name either when you are meditating or journaling or whenever you speak to your Guides and Angels. Your Guardian Angels never leave you and love you unconditionally. For this particular card deck the author chose to highlight the Guardian Angels to remind us of our constant companions. Because each Guardian Angel’s message is particular to the person they are connected to, the author worked with the Guardian Angel Council to ensure the messages for these cards would resonate for everyone who worked with them. Now, back to the Nine of Air

My Messages:

On first glance at the card, one might think. “Oh dear! This doesn’t look good!” Please be

reassured that, that is just our own fears coming up that, in fact, the card will help with. All cards have only positive messages to help guide us. When we remember that the messages are coming from Spirit, how could they possibly be anything but positive?

This card is a reminder that we have the support of our Guardian Angels especially when we are experiencing negativity, worry, or fear that can lead to sleepless nights and difficult days. We are never alone. Our Guardian Angels are always with us to help us through difficult times and to the learn the lessons that they present for us. They will help us lessen worry, anxiety, and negativity in our lives. All we need to do is ask for their help and thank them for it. The best way to do this is to actually say, “Thank you Guardian Angels (or call them by name if you know it) for helping me to this is where you insert a description of the positive outcome you desire.” It is better to state the positive outcome versus naming the problem you are working on. The Universe/Spirit can be quite literal at times so putting into words a positive outcome helps move you towards it. For example, instead of saying, “Please help me to not mess up my job interview tomorrow,” you might want to rephrase it as “Thank you for helping me find the perfect job that aligns with my highest good.” The Universe will look after the details as to what job that will be and when it will appear for you so that it aligns with your highest good. It may not even be the job you are interviewing for tomorrow because an even better one will present itself the following week. The picture of the angel above the person on the card is a reminder that our Guardian Angels are always ‘behind’ us, cheering us on, supporting us, and watching over us.

This card also reminds me of a conversation I have had with a few friends this past week regarding not getting stuck rehashing negative experiences from the past or past lives. It is sufficient to review the experiences and see the lessons in them so we can move forward. If we spend time and a lot of emotion going over and over something in the past with regret, guilt, fear, anger, worry or any other negative emotion, we will only manifest more of the same in our future. We create anxiety for ourselves about the same negative experience potentially happening in the future again. The more anxious we are about it, the more likely it will occur. It is important then, to let those experiences go so we can create room in our lives for better experiences in our future.

When I look at the card, what strikes me initially, are the nine swords at the end of the bed. Depending on one’s perspective, they could feel like prison bars if you are facing them or they could feel like protection. Negativity, worry and anxiety can have one feel like they are in prison or that they are stuck. Those feelings, along with fear, can also have a person thinking they need protection. What would be your perspective? Which would lead to a more positive picture? The wings on the handles of the swords not only remind me of angel wings but also remind me of freedom. If the person in the bed let go of negativity and worry, he could “fly to new heights” supported by the wings on not one, but nine swords! He could see the bigger picture from a higher perspective. Would this be helpful for you?

The person in the bed has his eyes covered – a posture taken by many people when they are worried, anxious, or faced with a negative situation. What does he (or you) not want to (or can’t) see about the situation he (or you) is facing? We often can’t see the positive if we are stuck in the negative. Worry and anxiety keeps us from seeing and experiencing the positive. Also, is the person missing something that he could see if he took a different perspective? For instance, if he doesn’t want to see the swords at the end of the bed because they make him feel like he is in jail or that he is trapped in a situation, is he missing the perspective that he could easily leave by getting out of the bed on either side where there are no bars? Are you feeling like this?

The other thing to note, is that one of the lamps is on and one is off. The person on the bed is positioned exactly at the halfway point between them; between the light and dark. This reminds me of our conversation about duality in last week’s The Ripple Effect. Sometimes a negative situation is there to help us learn and push us to the other end of the spectrum towards the positive. But we need to remember, we always have freedom of choice regarding which direction we will take. We can choose to leave the negativity and worry behind us. If the person on the bed is positioned in the middle, is he actually in balance between the light and dark? Is he actually in a better position than he thinks he is in? Do the covered eyes mean he is blinded to the reality of his situation because worry and fear do not let him see the truth? Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The card mentions sleeplessness. Are you having sleepless nights? Is a worry keeping you from sleeping? What is the significance of sleep or the lack of it? When we sleep, we can be open to other levels of consciousness or dimensions. Some people experience astral travel when they sleep or have vivid dreams. All these experiences can provide us with answers to problems we are pondering or inspiration for new creative endeavours. When worry or negativity keeps us from sleeping, we are denied these tools for positive living.

Do the colours in the picture have meaning for you? There is a lot of gold in the image – golden winged sword handles, gold filigree in the four corners of the card, gold patterns on the sheets, bed headboard and walls. Gold bases on the lamps. Golden angel image in the pictures. Gold symbolizes higher thought, epiphanies, insights, understanding, emotional healing. These are all the things that our Guardian Angels can help us gain when we are experiencing negative situations. Blue and purple seem to be the next most predominant colours symbolizing truth, wisdom, leadership, destiny, and purpose. Those are all the things we can move towards once we release negativity, worry, anxiety and fear. These three colours are also associated with Archangel Michael, who, like our Guardian Angles is often thought of as providing protection for us but he also helps us work towards our life’s purpose. The last colour, light green, seems to stand out the most and is in the centre of the image directly behind the person, perhaps supporting him. This colour is associated with enthusiasm, change, and life force with its shadow side being anxiety, hyperactivity, and poor health. As we move through the shadow side, we can realize the positive. This is also the colour associated with Archangel Chamuel who supports transformation and awakening. Along with our Guardian Angels he can help us move from negativity to positivity by helping us connect with ourselves and others, removing stress, worry and overcoming obstacles. He helps all of us resolve conflicts to find understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, and love facilitating personal peace as well as world peace. Which colour, if any, did you notice? Do their meanings resonate with you and your current situation?

The air suit is about intellect. The mind creates thoughts which create our actions that play a role in creating our reality. It is easy to get caught in the negativity of the mind. We have many things in our environment pulling us to the negative – for example, the daily news! We can learn from it but not hold onto it and with the help of our Guardian Angels live in the positive and help others do the same – there is a ripple effect.

As the ninth card in the suit, the number nine often is associated with living in alignment with higher principles, and wisdom. When we are locked in the negativity of the mind, we are out of touch with our heart and intuitive guidance. With the help of our Guardian Angels, we can release worry and fear to move towards positivity and once again be in tune with our higher selves.

Guidebook Messages:

“There is no need to worry! Your misplaced focus upon your fears and feelings of uncertainty is leading you to expect the worst. It’s time to change your thoughts into something more positive and uplifting. (Ask your Guardian Angels to help you with this) Anticipate only your highest hopes and dreams, and the Divine Law of Attraction will bring them to you.

Please don’t be so hard on yourself! Nothing is to be gained by reliving the past over and over again. Release what was, and instead reach out with loving arms to what is and what can be. (Practice being mindful and in the present in order to release the past.)

Angel Message: Ask and we will help calm your fears. Guilt and regret about the past are useless. Let us help you quiet your mind so that you can enjoy peaceful nights of restful sleep.

Additional meanings of this card: Sleepless nights. The need for optimism. Torturing yourself needlessly. Useless guilt. Taking on more than is necessary.”

Last words:

As you read the messages or look at the cards, certain elements will stand out for you or feel applicable to your life. For those things that do, you might want to meditate or journal on them for more clarity or ask your Guardian Angels for assistance. If nothing feels applicable to you at this time, that is OK. It may mean many different things – that you are in a place where you are not needing any assistance or guidance right now, or the messages are “on hold” until such time as you need them, or you are getting or will be getting your messages via another method.

I hope this was helpful for you. I know personally, this card reflects many conversations I have had with friends this week about letting go of worry and anxieties of the past to make room for a new and wonderful future.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting further clarification, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in


Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the meaning of numbers and colours or how to talk to your Guardian Angels, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Kyle Gray – Angel Numbers: The Messages Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences

Radleigh Valentine – Guardian Angel Messages Tarot deck

Vikki MacKinnon – Take a Number

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