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Angel Messages - Luminous Messengers - The Unicorn

Today, I am honoured, thrilled, and extremely proud to pull a card from a new deck created

for me as a Christmas gift by my youngest daughter. The deck is called Luminous Messengers. Over the month before Christmas, Spirit provided my daughter with the titles, images, and messages for the forty cards in the deck. She then digitally created the cards using the assistance of AI for the images and finishing some of them by hand when the AI could not get it close enough to the picture she was seeing in her mind’s eye. She discovered a wonderful printer who printed the cards just a few days before Christmas. Then, with the help of her boyfriend, she created a beautiful wooden box for the cards to live in – complete with my initials inscribed behind the name of the deck. This labour of love was conducted in the precious spare time she has outside of working as the CEO of her own company. The love, hope, and inspiration embodied in this beautiful deck not only support me in my Spiritual work but will also be passed on to you in the messages from Spirit that the cards bring forth. Today’s card from this very special deck is The Unicorn.

My Messages:

The Unicorn – what a perfect card to wrap up the introspective, spiritual growth of this past

“seven year” (according to numerology) of 2023 and bring us into the super charged abundance awaiting us in the “eight year” of 2024. I discussed unicorns in the July 7 Ripple Effect Newsletter – Rainbows and Unicorns. After looking at the references to unicorns throughout history, we concluded that unicorns seem to mostly represent something unique, rare, and magical, as well as pure and powerful. These beautiful unicorns first bring in the magic of manifestation setting the stage for the new year and all the abundance that awaits us. As the card tells us “Magic truly does exist. Anything is possible!” So, the unicorn is encouraging you to set your sights high as you move into 2024 knowing you can make your dreams come true. You are as unique and powerful as the unicorn. You have your own specific purpose, and this is the time to advance along that path. The unicorn is poised to charge forward as you should be. There is no need to look back at regrets or perceived failures of the past. It is time to release them so you can have the freedom the card refers to.

When you truly believe in your heart that “anything is possible” you will be able to dive into the wonderful life that you create for yourself. To manifest that “anything” you will also need to release any guilt, obligations, and ties to anything, anyone, and any situation that no longer serves you. Take time to listen to your intuition, your inner voice, that is always supportive and always speaking the truth to you. That voice will help you see what no longer serves you. As the card points out, that information may come to you in “meaningful dreams.” Once you release what no longer serves you, you will have the freedom to be your true self and move forward on your unique journey.

There are two unicorns in the image. Two is the number of partnerships, connecting with and working with others and the card encourages us to “Share your vision with those who support you.” In angel numbers, the number two tells us “don’t stop believing,” to have faith, and to not give up. The angel number two reminds us to keep our thoughts positive. Keep your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions as pure as the unicorn and you will truly create magic. It also tells us to reach out to others when needed whether it is friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers. Remember too, that you are never alone as your spiritual team is also there to partner with you. Keep this advice in mind as you move forward in your purpose.

Just as in the July 7 newsletter, these unicorns are also paired with a rainbow in the image. Rainbows are a sign of hope, love, good fortune, cooperation, and diversity. So, the rainbow is re-emphasizing the message of cooperation/partnership and to move forward in the positive energy of love and hope. What could be a better symbol for moving into a year of abundance than the rainbow? Remember the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? What will be your pot of gold this coming year?

The rainbow holds the colours of Archangel Raziel who helps us in so many ways to realize our life purpose. He is able to help us unravel the secrets of the Universe as he supports us in our spiritual growth. He is the embodiment of Divine wisdom helping us to understand all things metaphysical and spiritual as well helping us to understand those “meaningful dreams.” He also assists us in making our creative ideas become reality and works with Archangel Ariel in helping us to manifest our dreams.     

The unicorns are shown in a beautiful natural setting. The trees, however, are not the expected green but instead, appear to reflect the luminescent white and golden glow of spiritual energy. To me, it is a reminder that Mother Earth is on her own energetic journey, and we must stay connected to her and support her in that journey. This beautiful image reminds me that, in fact, all beings on this planet are connected. So, as you embark on your magical journey and realize your dreams, you will influence those around you to do the same. As you grow spiritually and live in the magic, you will also be supporting Mother Earth on her journey, and she will support you.

Lastly, the background colour of this card is orange which also speaks to your magical future. In Buddhism orange is the colour of spiritual radiance which is the highest state of spiritual evolution. What better colour to support you on the magical journey of fulfilling your purpose? Confuscianism considers orange the colour of metamorphosis and renewal. As we release 2023, we are ready to change and grow into abundance. Internationally recognized psychic, author, and cosmic coach, Dougall Fraser, sees orange as the colour of balance – balance between all things but most importantly between psychology and spirituality. As we move into balance, orange askes us to be present and be in alignment with our core being. As we become balanced, we experience the freedom to be our true selves. Canadian artist L’Or, also sees orange as the colour of joy. It’s vibrancy and warmth bring in confidence as well.

Orange is also the colour of the sacral chakra which is about how we relate to our emotions and the emotions of others. This speaks to how we work within a community, again reminding us about “sharing your vision with those who support you.” One of the major themes brought forward by Spirit for next year, as discussed by several Intuitives at a webinar I recently attended (Ann Perry Numerologist – 6 Psychics Under One roof) is that of unity. Next year will be a year where we come together as a community to bring forth the light to the world. The sacral chakra also governs creativity and sexual energy. We are working with this chakra when we create the future for ourselves. So, the colour orange brings many gifts for us as a reminder to stay in balance as we work together to change and grow on our magical journey of creating and living our dreams.

Guidebook Messages:

Currently this deck does not have a guidebook. My daughter and I will be working together to create one in the future.

I hope this reading was helpful for you. As you continue to focus on the image on the card, listen for the messages it brings specifically for you. Focus on the warmth of orange and open your sacral charka to allow in the positive energy of working with community. Work with all the colours of the rainbow and Archangel Raziel to manifest your magical abundant life in 2024. Like the unicorn, believe anything is possible!!

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance finding the magic and moving into an abundant year, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

In love and light,



If you would like to learn more about the meaning of animals, colours, or numbers here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Luminous Messengers Oracle deck by Maggie Young

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