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Angel Messages - Knight of Fire PLUS Page of Air

Today as I resume my biweekly Angel Card readings for you, we start with a bang! Spirit has provided a “jumper card,” an extra card that jumped from the deck as I was shuffling prior to drawing today’s card. A jumper card provides us with additional information that Spirit is drawing our attention to.

The Angel Card drawn for today provides an exciting restart as it is the Knight of the suit of Fire from the Angel Wisdom Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine. The Fire suit is all about our creativity, career, and our passion. It also asks us to plan for the future. The Knight can represent you, someone in your life, or a situation you are facing.

My Messages:

This card is in total alignment with the energy of yesterday’s solar eclipse and new moon. According to well known Moonologist, Yasmin Boland, the time after an eclipse is a time to “harness the energy of transformation, growth and possibility.” It is a time where we can take action to make changes in our life so that we get back on path, to follow our passion. The eclipse brought us the fiery energy of taking action which is exactly what this card encourages in referring to “events that require immediate action.” It describes the Knight as “passionate” and “restless.” We see the Knight taking action racing forward on his galloping horse. The passion can be about anything you desire in life – a career, an artistic talent, a new environment, a changed life circumstance, or, as the card indicates, “a passionate relationship”. What is your passion you feel the urge to race towards?

As this eclipse also involved the new moon, it is a powerful time to set intentions as we bring an end to old patterns and look forward to new beginnings. Changes can be abrupt so we need to be flexible and adaptable. There can be some challenges with the changes. The horse is galloping through sand – not an easy feat. This symbolizes the obstacles we may face in our journey, especially those brought about by the intense energy of an eclipse. The horse, however, appears to be undeterred, reminding us of our own strength to triumph over any obstacles. Horses also symbolize personal power, success, and self actualization.

The Knight is also intently focused on looking forward and the card tells us he is “confident”

and encourages us to “stay focused” and “trust your instincts.” A positive attitude and a focus on the opportunities that the challenges bring, can get us through this time of intense energy. Self care is also important to address any stress that you experience at this time. Remembering that everything happens for a reason and that the course is always for our highest good will help you recognize when things work out for the best.

When you set your intentions, it is not only important to know what you want, but more important, as my best friend reminded me yesterday, to also know who you want to be in this life’s journey. So, ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” Set your intentions for your dreams, feel gratitude deep in your heart, and know that you will achieve the outcome you desire. Be ready for the fast pace of changes and opportunities to come. As you are excited about your journey, there is a ripple effect into other’s lives because we are all connected. So spread your fiery enthusiasm and the love for who you are and will become.

The majority of this card is in muted colours but yet there is a brightness to the images despite the night sky it depicts. This symbolizes to me, that we are moving towards a bright future even if we are sometimes “under dark skies” or facing challenges. Three bright colours stand out, each bearing a message. The Knight’s pink feather in the cap is the colour for Archangel Jophiel who is the Archangel of joy, reminding us to move towards our joy in life. The lighter pink roses on the staff are the colour of Archangel Ariel who is the Archangel of abundance and manifestation, reminding us to set our intentions on manifesting whatever abundance we wish for the future. The turquoise scarf is the colour of Archangel Sandalphon who expedites the delivery of your prayers to Source as well as the answers back to us. What prayers have you offered up about your dreams for your future? What action are you taking to manifest them?

Guidebook Messages:

“You or Your Situation: The Knight of Fire is the action that comes immediately following the inspiration of the Page of Fire (the previous card in the tarot deck). The time has come to act, and to act swiftly! Sure, you’ll give some thought to what’s next, but you won’t linger too long! “Who has time to sit around and chat?” you tell people with a wink and a smile. You completely trust your instincts and moss certainly doesn’t grow under your feet! Your feelings are probably more insightful than your intellect right now, so you rely heavily on them.

Should there be a need to multitask, that’s no problem. You can ride to the rescue, save the day, and make toast all at the same time. Hey! You’ve got this. You have every confidence that you’ll succeed, but if anything goes wrong, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again! Oh… and of course, you’re always smiling for the camera, because people are watching you with excitement and anticipation! (Why wouldn’t they be?)

Words of Awareness (Behaviour exhibited when not in a good space):: Would it kill you to have a backup plan? How about just a plan, any at all? Beware of hasty assumptions and don’t judge others too quickly. Don’t be reckless. As with the Page of Fire, it would be supercool if you’d follow the project through to the end (if that’s not too much to ask.)

Other People (Someone who might show up in your life): Passionate, adventurous, charming, confident, enthusiastic, courageous, charismatic, dynamic, spontaneous, daring, exuberant, sexy, arrogant, braggart, restless, exhausting.

Additional meanings of this card: A passionate love affair. Travel. Moving or relocation. An emergency. Brainstorming. Inspiring others.”


Bonus Card:

Our jumper card or bonus card is the Page of the suit of Air from the same deck, Angel Wisdom Tarot. The suit of Air is about our intellect and the often addresses the worries and fears we focus can on. It also addresses choices or decision making and communication. The Page can also represent you, someone in your life or a situation you are facing.

My Messages:

This card gives us additional messages that align with the energy of the recent eclipse and

new moon. The youth in the image reminds me of the new beginning brought forward by the new moon eclipse. The blue butterflies and sword are symbols of Archangel Michael who helps us with our life purpose, as the eclipse’s energy gets us back on path. The colour of the sky reflects a similar meaning to the background of the previous card – brightness overtaking the fading shadow – symbolizing us overcoming challenges. In fact, the card refers to a situation you may experience such as “an exciting intellectual challenge” and “information that you need but might be challenging to receive.” However, despite the challenge, the youth is perched on a stone and appears calm and confident telling us that whatever challenges he faces, he is on a “firm ground.” The sapphire blue in the image – butterflies and the youth’s clothing – is the colour of Archangel Michael which also tells us the youth is supported because Archangel Michael’s other main purpose is to protect us.

The other colour of the youth’s clothing is gold which is the colour of Archangel Uriel who is the Archangel of epiphanies, ideas, insights, and intellectual understanding. These are precisely the qualities we can harness when entering a time of transition and growth or manifesting our desires put forward with the new moon. This is echoed in the qualities on the card of “Logical, Perceptive, Insightful.” Does this describe you or someone in your life? The card reassures us as we face challenges and changes, we will work through them with “brilliant insights.” Being paired with the Knight of Fire, we may rush into action but this card reminds us to take the time to “Review all documents very carefully” should that be relevant for you.

Lastly, there are ten butterflies which reduces to the number one. In numerology, one represents the confident leader who inspires others with their creativity. In this card, Archangel Michael is supporting the brilliant leader. Is this you?

Guidebook Messages:

“You or Your Situation: It could be debated whether the Page of Air is the most challenging of all court cards. If you identify with this Page, then you’re brilliant, perceptive, realistic, logical, truthful (maybe too much), and blunt (definitely too much), and yours is a mind that races at 100 miles an hour. You may also be prone to unintentional rudeness (well, usually it’s unintentional), taking charge without permission, and asking way too many questions.

You can be both a dream come true and a nightmare for any project. Someone needs data analyzed? Oh please. You can do that in your sleep. Someone needs to brainstorm something? There’s never been anyone more insightful than you. The challenge starts when the data analysis comes with three hours of your thoughts on why the creator of the information was a moron. Exhaustion sets in for your listeners when the brainstorming turns into a recitation of the multitude of reasons why your way is the only way. Honestly, it’s not intentional. The use of the word moron was not meant to be an insult. It was just meant to be, well, you know… ”factual.”

The Page of Air represents the perfect metaphor wherein you want to shoot the messenger (I mean, like you really want to shoot him), but you know you can’t because you know his message was … well, frankly, it was brilliant. Okay, fine! It was a stroke of genius. Happy? This is where you get to see the Page’s “smug face.”

Words of Awareness (Behaviour exhibited when not in a good space): Entertain the idea that you really don’t know everything (despite what you may think). Don’t be mean. Think before you speak. Don’t spread rumours. Stop being so paranoid. Know that there is such a thing as being too assertive. (Honestly, if you ask one more question…argh!)

Other People (Someone who might show up in your life): Brilliant, quick, helpful, honest, clever, insightful, analytical, productive, suspicious, defensive, aloof, rumourmongering. Additional meanings of this card: Conspiracy theories. An unpredictable person or situation. Secrets revealed. A repository of useful information. New technology. An Indigo child. (See Indigo Children for a definition) Victim mentality. High anxiety. Suicidal thoughts."

I hope this was helpful for you. For some of us the eclipse energy has been intense. This week’s cards show us we have the strength, confidence, insight, and support to overcome challenges and look forward to harnessing the new moon eclipse energy to manifest our best future, or brightest ideas, our passion. How will you use this energy? What opportunities do you see arising for you? Who do you want to be?

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help in working with the new moon eclipse energy, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


Dougall Fraser – Your Life in Colour

Radleigh Valentine – Angel Wisdom Tarot deck


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