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Angel Messages - Justice - Archangel Raguel

The Angel Card drawn for today is from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is card eight of the Major Arcana – Justice - Archangel Raguel.

This deck works with the Archangels who give us help and assistance when we ask for it. There are many different beliefs regarding angels and archangels amongst the various religions of the world. Some believe, that like us, Archangels are sparks of Divine

consciousness and are spiritual beings who have never walked the earth. Others believe they are incarnations of people who once lived on earth. (Source: Wikipedia: Angel) Some believe that there are various levels of consciousness where different spiritual beings exist according to their progress along their own journey of evolution. In Christianity, part of that leveling is a complete hierarchy of angels. Some attribute the documentation of this hierarchy to St. Dionysius the Areopagite, an Athenian judge believe to be converted to Christianity by St Paul. (Source: OrthodoxWiki - Dionysius the Areopagite) He outlines nine “ranks” or “orders” of angels with each rank having a specific role. The Seraphim rank as first and closest to God and the Archangels rank as eighth. (Source: Ask Angels by Melanie Beckler - Angelic Hierarchy– Understanding the 9 Angel Ranks)

Most religions consider all angels to be messengers of the Divine. The Archangels specifically work with humanity to provide love, guidance, healing, and support. There are fifteen major archangels and each has a “speciality” in terms of their role. However, all of them can help us in any area of our life when we ask.

My Messages:

The Justice card addresses a time in our life when we are learning about or facing some of the injustices in life and need to learn to address fairness and equality. It also reminds me of a time where we need to look at whether we are being judgemental or being judged and

whether we need to look at, or help someone else see, a situation or someone from a different perspective in order to ensure fairness. Is there a situation you currently face that involves judgement? Can you release the judgement and see the situation from all perspectives to make a fair evaluation of it?

Archangel Raguel is known as “the Friend of God” and the Archangel of Justice. He is there to support the ‘underdog,’ to help bring fairness to situations where individuals or groups of people feel disempowered, manipulated, or oppressed. Does this feel like your situation or perhaps that of someone you are trying to help? Or is it a characteristic of a group of people you are thinking about or worried about? Raguel is telling you not to give up your fight in these situations; that you will win!

Archangel Raguel also brings harmony to relationships helping to resolve conflict between individuals or groups of people. Are you in a conflict currently? Are you in a difficult relationship? Perhaps with an aggressor or a narcissist? At this time of year when family and friends usually come together to celebrate the season, are there frayed relationships that need to be healed so that you can gather with loved ones again? If you or someone you love, or are concerned about, is in a situation where you are fighting or praying for justice, Archangel Raguel is here to let you know that you will be triumphant. Stay true to yourself and stand in your power. Align yourself with truth and the situation will resolve fairly. Raguel is supporting you in your efforts and encouraging you not to give up! Relationships that are meant to be healed will do so as Divine intended.

Raguel also helps us in achieving harmony in our relationship with ourselves. If you are struggling with choices you have made, berating yourself for past actions, or having difficulty loving yourself, Raguel can assist you. He can help you overcome those challenges. He can help you learn to treat yourself fairly.

Looking at the image on the card, what strikes me initially, is that even though the objects that hang from Raguel’s hands are different in size, his extended arms are relatively straight across. To me, that signifies that no issue or problem is too large or too small and, in each case, he will help you find justice and equality despite the size of the issues at hand. There is also an image of a face behind Raguel’s head which I believe represents God or Source and highlights that God stands behind and supports anyone who fights for justice or equality. The lighting in the images appears as if the sky is lit up at sunrise while the foreground appears darker. This perhaps represents the saying “It is darkest before the dawn” and is a reminder not to give up as victory is near. Raguel’s colour is pale blue – a darker version of which is the colour of his robes. When you are struggling with an injustice be reminded of Raguel at your side when pale blue appears in your environment.

This card is from the major arcana in the deck. The major arcana addresses major turning points in our lives and can also represents different phases of the lifespan from childhood to old age. It is possible that the justice or fairness you are fighting for will lead your life in a new direction.

As the eighth card in the major arcana, the number eight is associated with material abundance, often considered a sign of success. More importantly, the figure eight is an even structure symbolizing karmic balance, fairness.

Guidebook Messages:

“The angels have sent you this card as assurance that the right decision will be made! Court cases, settlements or other issues decided by third parties will be ruled in your favour. Where situations had previously become unfair, Archangel Raguel can help restore balance between the people involved, and you will soon be able to put this challenge behind you.

This card also brings a message of empowerment that the situation you find yourself in was partially created by previous choices you made – and therefore, new choices can bring about new results if you desire! It is very important to make fair and carefully measured decisions at this time. Kindness and justice must always be extended to everyone involved.

Additional meanings of this card: Seek equality. Set aside emotion. Do the logical thing. Review legal papers carefully.

Archangel Raguel is the angel to call upon whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation with someone else. He can soften the energy between two people (or even groups) so that a peaceful and harmonious resolution can be found.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I know, for me, this card reflects two conversations I had with friends, just today, about difficult relationship issues they are navigating towards a just and fair outcome.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting further clarification, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


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Radleigh Valentine – Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck

Radleigh Valentine – The Big Book of Angel Tarot

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Websites: Ann Perry Numerologist Ask Angels by Melanie Beckler Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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