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Angel Messages - Horse ( Archangels Mary & Christiel)

We are blessed to share this planet with some amazing creatures - animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Like us, they too are on a journey to realize their soul purpose and when our journeys intersect, the animals bring us important messages from Spirit. Today’s angel messages come from an animal in The Archangel Animal Oracle Cards deck created by Diana Cooper and given to me by a dear friend.

You may remember that this deck brings us messages exclusively from animals and their respective Archangels. When we encounter nature’s creatures, it is important for us to understand and respect them. Whether they enter our lives fleetingly or for longer periods, they have important messages for us. They may demonstrate behaviours that have meaning to us or communicate with us telepathically. (Source: Archangel Animal Oracle Cards Guidebook) The messenger in today’s card is the Horse with Archangels Mary and Christiel.

According to the author, Archangel Mary is “a vast Cosmic Angel, who radiates unconditional love and is always accompanied by unicorns.” Archangel Chrisitel brings peace and love to the planet. Both Archangels also bring in the feminine energy much needed in the world right now.

My Messages:

It is not surprising that this card presented itself today as its message and Archangels align

with a project I have been working on earlier in the day – a presentation about the heart chakra. The heart chakra’s energies of love, compassion, truth, forgiveness, gentleness, empathy, and grace not only are embodied in the card’s message but are also reflected throughout the card’s image.

The first “horse” to catch my attention is in fact, a unicorn who is present to remind us to embrace the magic of life, to look beyond the challenges of the day and see the possibilities, the hope, the beauty, and love in life. The unicorn’s golden horn is located over the third eye providing an antenna for the arrival of spiritual messages. The golden colour represents higher thought, again pointing to our connection to Spirit in living a magical life. This unique creature is a symbol for the uniqueness of each and everyone one of us.

The unicorn’s mane has a rainbow streaking through it which reminds me not only of the good fortune that could bring on the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, but it is also a symbol of diversity. Spirit is reminding us to care for or love all equally – another quality of unconditional love. This equality includes loving ourselves and setting ourselves free as well. The rainbow also holds the colours for Archangel Raziel who is said to know the secrets of the Universe. Who better to help you realize a magical life?

The unicorn is situated in front of a full moon bringing to mind a spiritually led life and the magic it brings. When we are connected to Spirit, we are connected to our purpose, and are conscious of the amazing journey we are on to achieve it. The full moon is approaching us next week on April 23 and, as always, it is a time to release all that does not serve us including lovingly setting free anyone we have a relationship with that no longer is in our highest good. Part of the energy of the heart chakra as well as horse symbolism is forgiveness. Forgiving others and ourselves, helps us to set them free. Do you need to release someone from your life? Do you need to set them free?

The mare/foal pair on the card are a beautiful example of the unconditional love shared by a mother and her offspring. The pink and green energy swirling around the mare’s chest are the colours of the heart chakra and the higher heart. At some point all mothers, all parents, all caregivers of the young need to set the youngster free so that they can proceed along their

unique life path. The card’s message of “Care for others and let them be free” is so simple yet so meaningful on many levels. When it relates to a relationship with someone we care about, we are reminded about lessons to be learned regarding control and/or responsibility. When we love or care for someone, we need to have the wisdom to set boundaries for ourselves so that we do not become overbearing, controlling, and take over responsibility for their lives. We must learn to set them free so that they can assume responsibility for their path and exercise their free will unencumbered. On a broader scale, in this year of the heart energy, and in the face of so much conflict in our world, Spirit is reminding us to live a heart centered life having love and compassion for all. When that love is the unconditional love of the higher heart, it is truly a love that sets those involved free because there are “no strings attached”, no conditions. The love is given and received freely.

Horses also symbolize strength and freedom. It takes strength to set someone you care deeply for “free.” When that other person for some reason, seems vulnerable due to age, mental capacity, stage of life, etc., it is very difficult to set them free. We want to run their lives for them and protect them because we love them. In some instances, we will not set them free because we will suffer in some way by letting them go. This reminds me of a saying I read many, many years ago. The saying from Richard Bach’s 1970’s book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” is “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours: if they don’t, they never were.” Does this lesson in unconditional love and responsibility sound familiar to you?

The moon and the mare also symbolize the Divine feminine energy, which is heart centered, another encouragement to embrace the heart centred energy of this year. This year as the Divine feminine energy continues to rise on our planet, we will be observing the decline of masculine energy until we reach a balance between the two. The light and dark colours of the mare and foal represent the duality of the light and darkness in life that need to reach a balance. Are you able to recognize where the light and the dark are balancing for you? Remember to ask Archangels Mary and Christiel for assistance with the Divine feminine.

There are three horses in the image although the mare/foul pair can represent the number two and the unique unicorn can represent the number one. Three is the number of communication & creativity which are elements also tied to the heart chakra. It is also the angel number that tells us our spiritual team – Guide, Ascended Masters, passed loved ones, beings from other dimensions, etc. are all with us and supporting us. You are being supported in this journey of learning to care for others and setting others free. Number two is the number of cooperation and partnerships which are also characteristics of Divine feminine energy. We are being remined to bring love and compassion into our partnerships and to set anyone free with love who wishes it. Number one is the number of independence and self. It is reminding us not to forget to have that compassionate forgiveness and unconditional love for ourselves as well.

Guidebook Messages:

“About Horses:

Horses incarnate from Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius, and these elegant, refined, magnificent creatures are all fifth dimensional. Their soul contract is to look after humanity, while in return we agree to look after them, honour them, and let them be free. These beautiful animals have huge heart centres and there has always been a strong bond of love between them and humans. They are great healers and have a special closeness with children. They are linked with Angel Mary who pours her Divine healing light through them.

Recently, when enough people raised their frequency, Archangel Christiel entered the universe through the cross-shaped stargate in Lyra and poured divine feminine light through the moon into the casual chakras of all. It affected everyone, but particularly the sensitive, refined, high frequency horses, and it reactivated their higher mission which is to bring earth into divine perfect balance.”


“This card calls you to expand your heart centre and focus on your noble qualities and aspirations. You are reminded that in order to honour others and let them be free, you must first respect yourself and set yourself free. So, tune into the great universal Angel Mary and let her wonderful divine feminine, healing light bathe you and dissolve the old. Then take decisions that chime with you and light you up. Visualize the full moon or look at it if you can. Be aware of Archangel Christiel shimmering, milky white light expending to your third eye, and a magnificent pure white unicorn walking along the light to touch you. This will start to activate your own personal great soul properties. Watch a higher path unfold.”

I hope this was helpful for you. For me, today has highlighted the need to lead a heart

centred life. It has reminded me about forgiveness as part of giving unconditional love and to be open to receiving it as well as giving it.  

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with caring for others and setting them free, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels, the meaning of numbers and colours, or the animal kingdom, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



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