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Angel Messages - Find the Meaning of Enchanted Dreams

One of my newer decks has been calling to me for a few days now for today’s card. The deck is called Magical Dreams & the Power of Determination created by my friend and amazing artist, Louise P Rouleau (L’OR Artiste). This beautiful deck helps us access our intuition through the messages we see, hear, or feels from the intricate images on the cards. Their depth and complexity are truly magical. Today’s card helps us access that magic through dreams. It is card #18 Find the meaning of enchanted dreams. Claim your own power and beauty.

My Messages

As I look closer and closer at this beautiful card, I see not only one fairy but three at the water’s edge - one standing, one sitting, and one leaning over the water. The card speaks of

enchanted dreams, and I see the fairies as magically representing our dreams - three magical beings as transparent as our dreams are when they threaten to fade away on awakening. The dark background and murky waters remind me of nighttime when we most often dream.

Our dreams can be like the first fairy – large, looking forward to the future, and full of ideas as brilliant as the bright yellow lights in front of her. Her crown and the purple mist about her hands are symbols of leadership and power. She stands strong atop some dark rocks just as we can realize our brilliant futuristic dreams to overcome dark thoughts. Is this the fabric of your dreams? Or are they more like the second fairy? Slightly behind the future, sitting calmly anchored in the present, with stepping stones for “next steps” at your feet? This fairy is perhaps not as mature as the first. Do your dreams take you back to childhood or are they a connection with your inner child, helping you to resolve any issues you have carried forward to today? The third fairy is small and further into the background, perhaps further in the past. But she is surrounded with the most light. Do the dreams this fairy carries bring forward some illumination, some understanding gained in the past that you should access today? Do your dreams about the past have helpful messages for you? Which fairy represents the type of dreams you are having? Which one holds your attention the most?

There is symbolism in the creatures in the image. There appears to be a cat and a rabbit at the foot of the first fairy. Both animals tell us to trust our intuition or instincts. Both are adaptable and can easily change direction. Both are described as resourceful or clever. The cat was a revered animal in ancient cultures, seen as mysterious and magical. The rabbit represents those with psychic powers. The two swans on the water are symbols of grace under pressure, spiritual growth, magic, and the future. What better collection of creatures to encourage us to claim our power as the card suggests? What better animals to draw our attention to our enchanted dreams? What meaning do they hold for you?

There is a bright pink light at the foot of the first fairy as well as a very predominant pink butterfly over the water. Both are the colour of Archangel Jophiel who is the Archangel of faith, trust, and happiness. Just as the cat and rabbit do, this eye-catching colour also reminds us to have faith in our intuition and in our dreams. It is telling us to trust what messages we receive from our dreams and, above all, to remind us that we deserve the happiness we can have when our dreams come true.

The golden harp at the fairy’s feet seems to remind us to “tune in” to our inner self, to what we dream of to who we truly are. It is telling us to “tune in” to how magical life can be. This makes sense as the harp is a symbol connecting heaven and earth, a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. It also represents creativity and story telling, so an appropriate symbol for dreams as well. The gold or yellow colour of the harp as well as of the reeds in the

foreground in the image are the colour of the solar plexus chakra, the power chakra. Having the yellow “up front” tells us to bring our power forward.

There are many references to feminine energy in this image – creativity, communication, cooperation. The cat and rabbit are connected to the creativity of feminine energy. The harp also represents creative expression. The swans and the butterfly are symbols of transformation which embodies creativity. Feminine energy also supports communication. The number three is the number of communication and shows up in the three fairies, the three orbs in front of the fairies, the three types of objects at the first fairy’s feet, and the three branches at her feet. The feminine energy also supports cooperation. This is also reflected in the two swans. Swans are symbolic of partnership and union. The number two is the number of partnerships. We are in a time of the rise of feminine energy. This card reminds us to embrace the feminine elements to “claim your own power and beauty.”

The angel numbers brought through in the card’s image also have meaning. The number two tells us “don’t stop believing”. It encourages us to look to our dreams for the secrets to claiming our power and beauty. Angel number three tells us that our Guides, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Dragons, ancestors, passed loved ones, etc. are with us, helping us to claim our power. The four stepping stones in the water show us angel number four which reminds us that our angels are with us and to stop worrying. The number of this card is 18. Angel number one is all about manifesting and eight is about abundance and prosperity. When you add the two numbers you get nine which is the angel number of being on your purpose, to move forward aligned with your purpose. So, the angel numbers are saying to listen to the messages in our magical dreams, to tune into ourselves, not to stop believing in our dreams, and to use those messages to move forward in our purpose to manifest an abundant life with our entire spiritual team supporting us.

The water in the image is asking not to be forgotten. Water symbolizes emotions. In this image it is relatively calm reminding us to go with the flow of life to find its joy and beauty. Spirit is also using the water to remind us that when we look into calm waters, we see a reflection of ourselves. This is the same as life reflecting ourselves back to us and the choices we have made on our journey. What we see in others is what we need to see and possibly address in ourselves. And, like the fairies, we have a choice on how to address that. We can turn our back on the reflection and march forward; we can sit quietly and contemplate what to do, possibly to step over it; or we can peer directly into it facing whatever that reflection brings up for us to deal with. What choice are you making to claim your power and beauty?

Lastly, this card reminds us that life is beautiful and enchanted. It is reminding us that spirit is always speaking to us and very often through our dreams. The messages are woven in the themes, characters, situations, locations, colours, numbers, sounds, and feel of our dreams. As we turn to our dreams, let’s embrace the magical curiosity and innocent connection of children unraveling the dream stories to find the joy, power, and beauty in life.

Guidebook Messages

“A journey within your enchanted dreams, like a portal to a world beyond the waking, carries a message of transcendence. It encourages you to delve into the realm of dreams where your imagination takes flight, where your hopes and fears intertwine, and where the truths we often overlook come to the forefront.

Don’t be afraid to claim your power, to acknowledge the potential that lies within your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Be the architect of your dreams, consciously constructing the reality you wish to inhabit.

Accept to receive and understand the signs the Angels are sending you. These signs all have meanings that could lead you to be empowered and unique.”

Bonus Card

You may remember that this deck also includes six bonus cards which are to be drawn after the reading to provide “supplementary details, area of concerns and possible actions.” Spinning the beautiful key that came with the deck as a pendulum, a card was chosen. Interestingly, it is the same card that presented itself the last time this deck was used: “Faith contributes to your success!”

My Messages:

Consistent with the messages from the card for today, this card tells us that faith and trust is

vital in our life. Faith in our dreams, faith in ourselves, and faith in our power and beauty. Faith in ourselves and our power is how we make our wishes come true. Faith in the voice of Spirit coming to us through our dreams contributes to our success.

The colours of yellow and pink are repeated in this card. The yellow being the colour of our power center, the solar plexus chakra. As on the card, we are all stars and we shine the most brilliantly when we trust in spirit, in our intuition, in the messages we receive through our dreams. The pink emphasizes the messages of the beauty and joy we will live in when we become reconnected with our inner self, our soul, our higher self. So have FAITH!

I hope these cards have meaning for you at this time in your life. Interestingly, I have encountered many people lately having frequent vivid dreams that they are remembering more of on waking. Messages from Spirit are coming through more often and more clearly. What about you?

I would love to hear your feedback about how these messages fit for you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with learning more about interpreting messages from Spirit through your dreams, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and tarot or oracle card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about intuition, the meaning of numbers, colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Magical Dreams and The Power of Determination Oracle Deck by Louise P. Rouleau (L’OR Artist)

Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser



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