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Angel Messages - Eight of Water

I have been guided to start sending out Angel Card messages starting this month on alternate Fridays to my biweekly newsletter. It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized the significance of today’s date for starting to send you these messages from the Angels. What is even more amazing, is that the meaning of the numbers for this date align with the messages from the Angel card I randomly drew for today.

So, let’s start with a brief discussion of the numbers… As the 11th day of the 11th month of the 22nd year (2x11), today has very significant spiritual meaning reflected by the number 11. When we look at the Angel number 11, it points to spiritual awakenings or a spiritual wake up call to remember who we are at a soul level and why we are here. In other words, powerful new beginnings. Kyle Gray reflects this in his book Angel Numbers where number 11 tells us that “You are in a state of expansion and getting to know your true self better than ever. Know you were born to shine.” Angel number 11 also indicates powerful new beginnings with support from Spirit using signs and synchronicities to point us in the right direction. When we look at the number 11 from a numerology perspective, number 11 doubles the

intensity of number 1 which is the number of independence, creativity, leadership, and authenticity. Some of you may have a birth date that adds up to 11. This, in fact, is a Master life path number in numerology. Individuals who have a Master 11 life path are often “visionaries” and are here to develop confidence, show leadership, use their creativity to inspire others, as well as having the responsibility to share their spiritual knowledge with others. They are the Spiritual messengers. Also, the numbers of the entire date (11/11/2022) add up to 1 which number 11 is simply a double expression of. So, no matter which way you look at it, this day has a potent energy.

According to astrology, Nov 11 also falls on a day ruled by Venus, which is the planet of connection, love, socialization, and resources. This aligns with the numerology of our current year as a 6 year which is all about responsibility within our families and community.

First, a quick explanation about the process I use for card readings. To start, I must point out that divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, runes, etc. are just aids to help us express or put words to the interpretation of the messages that we receive from Spirit. To clarify, when I say Spirit, I mean the Divine/God/the Creator/the Universe, as well as Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, those who have passed including ancestors, and importantly, your soul/your higher self. After asking for Spirit’s assistance, I draw a card randomly once Spirit has told me that the deck has been shuffled adequately. When I provide a card reading, I will give you the information that comes through for me as well as the information for the card from the deck’s guidebook. The guidebook’s info will be in italics below. Anything not in italics are my comments. What is important to understand, is that each of you will pick up on different pieces of information that resonates with you and has meaning. Just looking at the card or reading the text may also bring in additional messages for you through your intuition, a dream, or synchronicities.

Now, let’s look at the Angel card drawn for today. Today’s card is from the Angel Wisdom Tarot deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is the Eight of the Suit of Water.

My Messages:

The card is about big changes. It is about moving into your authenticity, connecting more with

spirit, your soul, your true self – a Spiritual quest. Look for signs to lead you along your new path and don’t negate your intuition. Spirit is talking to you and these days it is getting louder. Spirit is always looking after your greatest good so don’t be afraid. Stop to look at what is really important to you and align your life path forward with it. Seek more from life. You are worth more. Your true authentic self is amazing. It is realizing your responsibility is also to yourself for when you are true to your self, you can be responsible to and serve others more fully.

Let’s look more closely at the image… There are many gold and silver cups in a chest, what appears to be a treasure chest, that the person is leaving behind. They are the valuable lessons/treasures learned in the past to build on. The colour gold symbolizes higher thought and goal setting. Its shadow side is selfishness and unapproachability. The colour silver symbolizes wisdom and home. Its shadow side is lack of compassion and imbalance in the home. There are seven cups in the chest – 7 is the number associated with spirituality and introspection. The individual is taking one cup with him, taking “little baggage from the past” and only bringing the learnings, goals, wisdom from a past time of inward spiritual exploration but moving on from the shadow side. It is time to leave what is not serving you behind. It is ok. Just as we remember our veterans who have passed on this special day, we move on. They are still with us but in a different state – in our hearts. We don’t abandon everything to move forward. We take our memories and what we have learned from, or thanks to, them. Life is richer because of those treasures now left behind. The cups are not tarnished despite being left. They are ready as it is now someone else’s turn to learn from them. The single cup he is taking with him also aligns with the powerful vibration of the number 1 for this date – moving on to new beginnings, leadership, your authentic self.

The individual is walking through a door into the light – not darkness despite the moon being visible. This is reassuring and reminds us that there is nothing to fear. The white colour of the door symbolizes Spiritual cleansing and clarity – part of that Spiritual quest and new beginning. He is walking towards the colour purple - the colour of leadership, destiny, and purpose - and pink - the colour of perfection and unconditional self love. Both colours are in alignment with the number and planetary vibrations for the day. He appears a bit uncertain as he moves forward but the moon is directly in front of him. The moon is the heavenly body is associated with Archangel Haniel who is the Archangel who supports us, shows us the way, in developing our spiritual gifts.

The dark green leafy walls feel as if he is leaving the comfort of the womb/Mother Nature to explore but will still be grounded in the fresh green of nature at his feet just outside the door.

The individual is also travelling with his companion, the dog, at his side. The dog is looking back perhaps a bit reluctantly to be leaving, but none-the-less, is by his master’s side. He is a symbol of loyalty and unconditional love - a reminder that that despite our quest for independence, we are loved and never alone in our journey. He also symbolizes trust, perseverance, and protection – trust the messages you receive in your journey, don’t give up on your goals, and know that you are protected. Lastly, he reminds us to be playful, to find joy in our creativity.

The water suit is about emotions. Open your heart and allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of what lies ahead. If there is sadness about what is being left behind, acknowledge it, thank those experiences for the lessons you have learned, and then move forward. Do not hang onto something that no longer serves you because of sadness, guilt, or fear of the unknown.

As the eighth card in the suit, the number eight often is associated with abundance, money, power, and balance. All these things that can be attained when we make changes in our life and align with our authenticity.

Guidebook Messages:

“It’s time to move on. The things that once interested you or held your enthusiasm now seem flat and unfulfilling. You have a desire for something more. Your spirituality has grown to the point that mere material things are of virtually no interest. You seek enlightenment, happiness, and the knowledge that you are on your Divine path (or if you are restless and not sure why, this may be the underlying meaning). Situations that no longer serve you (or worse, make you feel trapped) should be abandoned.

Of course, this doesn’t need to be completed by tomorrow. You can take small steps if you need to. But it’s important that you embrace this new adventure in your life and begin to take action. There’s nothing to fear. You’re ready. Time to get going.

Additional meanings: Departing from a painful situation. A sense of longing. Leaving home. Spiritual growth. Dealing with feelings of burnout.

Wisdom card (This is the Archangel card associated with the 8 of Water): This is a poignant and powerful moment as you choose to seek a deeper, meaning in life. Archangel Jeremiel helps bring renewal into your life by guiding you in your assessment of your personal truth.”

Last words:

As you read the messages or look at the cards, certain elements will stand out for you or feel applicable to your life. For those things that do, you might want to meditate or journal on them for more clarity or ask the Archangel associated with those pieces for assistance. If nothing feels applicable to you at this time, that is OK. It may mean many different things – that you are in a place where you are not needing any assistance or guidance right now, or the messages are “on hold” until such time as you need them, or you are getting or will be getting your messages via another method.

I hope this was helpful for you. I know personally, this card brought in huge validation for me on many things as today was a day of unbelievable synchronicities.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting further clarification, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in


Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the meaning of numbers, colours and animal symbolism, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


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Radleigh Valentine – Angel Wisdom Tarot deck

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Websites: Spirit Animal Ann Perry Numerologist Vikki MacKinnon on Facebook

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