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Angel Messages - Deeper Insights Are At Hand

The Angel Card drawn for today is from The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is card #8 Deeper Insights Are At Hand.

This deck brings us messages exclusively from Archangel Michael who is often referred to as the “warrior archangel”. But his channelled message tells us that he does not care for that label. He states that there is “no war amongst God’s angelic children” and that the only fight he is in is one “against fear, worry and the illusions of lack and separation from the Divine”. His main assignments as an Archangel are to protect us, help us feel safe and to assist us in discovering our true life purpose. He also wants us to know how much we are truly loved by our Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and the Divine. He states that if we knew the depth of that love, we would never question our value, our beauty, or our perfection as children of the Divine.

Archangel Michael carries a sword of light as a symbol of his role as our protector. As we work with Michael, he will also help us live according to our own truth and bring us clarity about our life purpose. All we need to do is ask for his guidance and then listen and watch for signs.

My Messages:

As we are still in the strong energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal (Aug 8), we are still in a time of

enhanced manifestation. As card number 8, it reinforces this message. Angel number 8 is the number of abundance and prosperity. So, as we move forward in our plans to manifest abundance, Archangel Michael tells us to pause and consider the deeper insights that are at hand by telling us “Your overall plan is good, but the details need work. Reflect before moving forward.”

When we look at the picture on the card, the figure of the woman is looking ahead but her horse is stopped and is looking backwards as if to say, “Are you sure?” Complete with a halo, the horse symbolizes our angelic team asking us to slow down in our actions and double check the details, to check the “insights that are at hand.” Are we on the right path? Are we headed in the best direction for us? Did we forget anything for the journey? What else should we be prepared for?

The sky’s golden glow in the distance speaks to moving towards a bright future. The colour gold is that of Archangel Uriel who is the Archangel of epiphanies and bright ideas. The white at the center of the golden glow reminds us of Spirit. Her planned destination appears wonderful. Is she on a brilliant journey to enhance her spiritual growth? Are you? The golden glow is off in the distance and the terrain she has to cover is a darker shaded orange, the colour of balance and perception. The darker shades as on the card, show the shadow side of orange which relates to scattered energy. Will she have some challenges along her journey? Will she be too scattered to get there successfully if she does not pause to check the details and perhaps prepare for those challenges? Are you prepared for any challenges you might be facing?

The bright destination is to the right of the rider not ahead of her. Does she need to make a course adjustment? Do you need to make one in your journey? There also appears to be a haze around the golden glow. Is this telling us she is not quite clear on what her destination should be. In this great time of manifestation are you clear on what you want to manifest? We need to be clear on the positive changes we want to manifest in our life and especially not give energy to any negative thoughts or speech. In a broader sense, are you clear on where you want to go next on your spiritual journey? Archangel Michael is telling you to look deeper to find clarity. He will be there to assist you.

When we look closer, the woman’s hair is blowing forward. Her body is leaning forward but her head is turned towards the golden glow, her destination. Are these the winds of change that are propelling her forward versus to her right towards her true destination? Will these changes cause some resistance to a direction change towards the bright future? The angels say she will get through the changes as long as she keeps her sights on her destination. Is this message relevant for you too?

The horse is at a standstill, giving its rider the chance to pause and check her plan, to take her time, not to be rushed, to be patient. The horse appears to look straight out of the card at us emphasizing the importance of this message. Is he looking at you? Are you rushing forward in your plans toward abundance perhaps pushed quickly by changes? Are you facing an opportunity to learn the life lesson of patience?

The horse’s colours reflect those of his rider’s destination – Spirit. The horse itself is a symbol of your soul racing towards freedom. His mane is golden, aligning with the epiphanies and golden opportunities of Archangel Uriel. The rider has the mane in her grasp – a visual reminder that “deeper insights (epiphanies) are ‘at hand’.” She just needs to pause, as her horse has, to look at those insights. Have you taken pause on your journey to reflect on it? To look at what you are leaving behind as you move forward, to see what you have learned? To see the insights? Archangel Michael is telling you those insights are easily accessible now to fine tune your plan before moving forward on your journey.

Guidebook Messages (channelled from Archangel Michael):

“Your current plan is not as good as it could be. The details might need to be thought through

again, or maybe you just haven’t gotten around to the finer points and the time to do so is now.

If it feels as if there are roadblocks on your path right now, then either your overall plan needs to be overhauled or the way you’re trying to implement the big picture isn’t working in your favour. If you’re thinking of becoming self-employed you should consider different timing.

Remember that the Divine wants you to live a life of joy. It’s possible that what you think would give you joy is incorrect. Or there would be more joy available if your plans were to change.

Ask your guardian angels for signs and message indicating what to do next. In particular, ask for insights into whether the problem is in the details or if the big picture is flawed. I will also send you information to guide you in a new direction.” In alignment with Archangel Michael’s role as a protector, this card is giving us a word of caution. Michael can also help us have heightened awareness of our intuition, inner thoughts, and true feelings and he will help us act on them. We can use these skills to look at the “deeper insights at hand.”

I would love to hear your feedback. If you find that you are wanting help in finding and understanding those deeper insights, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels or the meaning of numbers and colours here are a few resources I have found helpful:


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