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Angel Messages - Be The Real You & Deeper Insights Are At Hand

Archangel Michael has asked me to bring forward messages from him today so the Angel

Card drawn for this newsletter is from The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle deck created by Radleigh Valentine. It is card #6 Be the Real You. There is an additional card that fell from the deck as I was shuffling that holds an additional message from AA Michael. It is card #8 Deeper Insights Are Ahead.

As you may remember, this deck brings us messages from Archangel Michael to help us fight fear, worry and the illusions of being separate from the Divine. He assists us to release things, people or situations that no longer serve us. We can feel comforted and safe whenever we encounter or call in his sapphire blue energy.

Archangel Michael’s can also assist us in connecting with our own inner self and our life purpose. He can help us have heightened awareness of our intuition, inner thoughts, and true feelings and he will help us act on them. He also wants us to know how much we are truly loved by our Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and the Divine.

My Messages For Card # 6 Be the Real You

The first card encourages us to “Be the real you.” As more and more people are feeling the current energetic shifts on the Earth, they are waking up to their purpose in discovering their true selves. Archangel Michael encourages us to let our light shine as our true self; to stand in our own power. This card also reminds me of the messages in one of my recent newsletters, “You Have The Power.”

The expression on the individual’s face on the card reminds us of the joy we will find in the freedom of living as our authentic selves. This is a fitting message as we approach the full moon this weekend on July 2. This full Supermoon offers us an expanded opportunity to release all that no longer serves us, with Archangel Michael’s help if needed, and to prepare to manifest our dreams as they align with our true purpose. This is where our power lies, in living the life we have come here to live.

The colours of the rainbow in the swirls of light on the card encourage us to see and embrace the diversity within and around us. We are all unique children of the Divine. We are all here on this planet, at this time, for a reason. We all have a purpose. We are all equally important and loved by the Divine. The predominant colour is yellow which is the colour of the Third Chakra, our power chakra, again emphasizing to own our power. Do you feel strong in who you are? Do you find strength in your personal power? If you are feeling powerless in your life, you can call on Archangel Michael to assist you in taking your power back.

The number of the card -#6 – is a number associated with love and those who have, as part of their purpose, to spread love, just by being who they are, just as Archangel Michael is reminding us to spread love by being “the real you.” Six is also a number associated with seeing perfection in ALL things, in appreciating diversity, accepting self and others, and being of service to all.

Guidebook Messages (channelled from Archangel Michael):

“The range of variation within human existence is a rainbow like none other. It would simply make no sense for me to present myself in a form that only some people can understand. And so, just like the rainbow of human expression, there is an array of Archangel Michael forms. It is a wonder and a joy for me to shift to a form that matches what your heart can embrace.

When we in the archangel realm look at Earth, we are astounded at and in awe of how beautiful the full spectrum of humanity is. When we look at you, we see not just the incarnation you are in now but all the incarnations that preceded it. We see all the people you have been in the past, we see the magical expression of your uniqueness in the now, and we see all the amazing people your continued life here on Earth would allow you to become.

Every person on Earth is different from every other. Each of you has chosen to incarnate because you had something to offer that no one else possibly could. Stop judging yourself, and instead see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you dearly. Each and every one of you is needed in this moment – here and now – showing up as just exactly who you are. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Live your truth unapologetically. Be the real you, and be that person right now!”

My Messages For Card # 8 Deeper Insights are At Hand

This second card contains a message that Archangel Michael wanted to ensure we received.

When we see the message “deeper insights are at hand” in conjunction with the previous card, Archangel Michael is encouraging us to look deep within to find our “real self.” He is telling us to not stop at what we see just at the surface but to truly do some “soul searching” to ensure we really see ourselves for who we are, that we really see every detail of our true nature. So, when the card states “Your overall plan is good, but the details need work,” it is not only referring to events currently in your life but to your identity as your true self (because this card appeared in conjunction with the first). Do you need to dig a bit deeper in your search for your true self, to find your soul’s power? Do you have events or plans for the future that may need more attention and a deeper second look?

The figure on the card is looking forward towards the horizon symbolizing the future. The landscape before her is bathed in a golden light which can symbolize a “bright future”. Also, the colour gold is the colour associated with Archangel Uriel who is the Archangel of Epiphanies or “bright ideas.” So as Archangel Michael suggests “deeper insights are at hand” or epiphanies are before you. The figure is also on a horse that is standing still and, in fact, looking back. This illustrates the need to pause and, as the card notes, to “reflect before moving forward.” Do you have an important project or decision at hand? Have you been in a bit of a rush to move forward? If “yes”, then this message is for you! Be mindful and take your time so that you do not miss important details and ideas that become available to you.

The white horse also ties this card to the first card. The horse is a symbol of “personal power, the things you master in your life, and your natural gifts.” (Source: Horse Spirit Guide). A white horse may symbolize “purity, strength, victory, and adventures”. (Source: Horse Spirit Guide). Purity reminds us of turning towards our true self, strength is the reminder to own your power, the victory may be that bright future, and the adventure is what lies ahead that needs more reflection and deeper planning before moving forward.

This is card # 8. Eight is a number often associated with the saying “as above so below” because of the number being compromised or two circles, one on top of the other -- i.e., “above and below.” If we consider “above” as Source and “below” as ourselves on this Earth, then the number even points to the previous message about connecting with our true Divine self. The number eight is also associated with power, authority, and money. Are we getting a consistent and strong message about your power?

Guidebook Messages (channelled from Archangel Michael):

“Your current plan is not as good as it could be. The details might need to be thought through again, or maybe you just haven’t gotten around to the finer points and the time to do so is now.

If it feels as though there are roadblocks on your path right now, then either your overall plan needs to be overhauled or the way you’re trying to implement the big picture isn’t working in your favor. If you’re thinking of becoming self employed, you should consider different timing.

Remember that the Divine wants you too live a life of joy. It’s possible that what you think would give you joy is incorrect. Or there would be more joy available if your plans were to change.

Ask your guardian angels for signs and messages indicating what to do next. In particular, ask for insights into whether the problem is in the details or if the big picture is flawed. I will also send you information to guide you in a new direction.”

So, these two cards have a very strong message about being true to yourself and standing firm in your power. The second card has a caution about moving forward without enough detail in any venture you are currently in whether it is connecting with your true self or planning a project at work. Archangel Michael has been very specific about taking time to step back and re-examine the details in order to move forward successfully.

I hope this was helpful for you. As we approach a Full Supermoon it is important to heed the messages from Archangel Michael. We need to release all that no longer serves us and move forward in connecting with and living our true identity. We need to pay attention to details in our future manifestations.

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with connecting with and living as “the real you”, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Lots of love and hugs,



If you would like to learn more about the Archangels Raphael and Michael, or the meaning of numbers and colours, here are a few resources I have found helpful:


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