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Angel Messages - Angels & Auras: You're Ready!

Today’s card comes from the Angels & Auras Oracle deck by Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser. You may remember that this deck brings us messages from Guardian Angels and nine of the Archangels as well as from colours as seen in auras. We know that all angels are messengers from God/Source/the Creator/the Divine and interestingly almost every formal religion speaks of angels. Guardian Angels are those assigned to each individual on the planet. Each person has at least two Guardian Angels who are with them constantly from birth to death in every lifetime. They know us often better than we know ourselves. The Archangels can come and go in our lives depending on our needs and askes of them. They are omnipresent so can be with many people at once assisting all as needed. The Archangels also have specialty areas of focus where they can be of great assistance to us.

This deck also reflects the most common colours seen in people’s auras/energy field as studied for over twenty-five years by Dougall Fraser, well known Psychic and Cosmic Coach, who is an expert in colour therapy. The aura’s energy and its colour are constantly changing based on our mood, life circumstances, and our environment. Colours have meaning in terms of representing qualities we have or events we are currently involved in as well as suggesting a need for shadow work or messages that tell us there is work to be done in a specific area. This deck also speaks to us about colour activation, or how we can use the colour of the card to assist us with the messages on the card. When we activate a colour, we include it in our environment and our thoughts. The card we have for today is #43 You’re Ready! 

My Messages:

This card is perfectly aligned with the new month of June that we are moving into. Many of us

have spent the last year or more, working through heavy life lessons and clearing out things, people, and places that no longer serve us. We are moving into June which according to numerology, is a “5 month” (June 2024 = 6+2+0+2+4 = 14, 1+4=5) Angel number 5 is about change coming so watch for opportunities. Lee Harris, prominent Energy Intuitive, Channeler, Author, and Musician, tells us June will be a month of “change overwhelm” where we feel exhausted, confused, and worn out by the energy of change that may be happening to us personally or from the energetic and global changes we are feeling the ripple effect of. He talks about lightning-fast changes to occur over the next while which may be negative or positive as well as changes within us.

So, with the coming change energy, this card is telling us that we are ready to face it, that we are finally ready to move forward on our path. We have done the work as well as the learning. The training wheels are off the bicycle because we are no longer in the learning phase. We are ready to go! And “go” is exactly what this “8 year” is beckoning us to do – to move forward into manifesting the life we want. Ann Perry, well known Numerologist, and Harris tell us, we may feel stuck or confused about what direction we want to take. This card is reassuring us that we have the ability to go forward. The path in front of us is wide and straight. The destination may be a bit blurry, but it is OK because we also see the light of Source in the image showing us the way.

The other numbers of the month are also reflected in the image. The 4 part of June being a 5 month (1+4 = 5) is about stability and having a plan to move forward. The training wheels represent that stability, so this card is telling us we have the plan and now we have the balance to proceed based on having had that plan. The 1 is about independence which we will definitely find riding the bike forward on or own without those training wheels. However, because we may be fatigued and will still be dealing with the ripple effect of conflict energy from around the world and perhaps in our own life, Spirit wants us to know that they are there to support us. The number of the card (#43) tells us that. #4 in angel numbers tells us that our angels are with us and supporting us. #3 in angel numbers tells us our entire spiritual team is supporting us – guides, ascended masters ancestors, passed loved ones, etc. With his sapphire blue t-shirt and the angel feather tattoo, the individual on the card is Archangel Michael also reassuring us he is there to support us as we move forward. He can help us release all that no longer serves us – all we need to do is ask.

Archangel Michael is also the archangel of life purpose. He helps us decipher what we are here to do on this planet. Adding up the number of the card (#43 = 4+3=7) we discover a 7 which in angel numbers means you are on the right spiritual path illustrated on the card by the road Archangel Michael and the bicycle are facing. The words on the card tell you as well that you are validated and prepared to move forward, and Spirit is encouraging you to do so.

Spirit is also reminding us that we need to keep the momentum going as we travel on our path, so that we don’t stray from it. Just as we do when riding a bicycle, if we don’t keep moving forward, we will fall off. Do you feel as if you have fallen off your path, or lost your way? If you have, simply reach out to your angels and spiritual team to help you get back on track. Another concept important to stay upright on the bicycle is balance. It is also important in our lives so that we can move forward with ease – balance between the physical world and the spiritual one, balance between work and play, balance between independence and reaching or for help or collaboration.

Lastly, Spirit wants us to note the size of the bicycle. It is a child’s bicycle, so it is reminding us to reconnect with our inner child. Interestingly I have spoken with several people this past week about revisiting our inner child to discover any blocks we might have created in childhood that are stopping us from moving forward on our path. The number 3 on the card also points to support from our ancestors and passed loved ones who may be key in discovering blocks carried forward from past lives or along the family lineage. The child’s bicycle also tells us to have some fun. Do you recall the exhilaration you experienced as a child riding as fast as you could on your bike, wind blowing your hair back from your face, your feet going round and round as fast as they could? That same joyful feeling is like the freedom Perry speaks of coming in this month with the “5 energy” and the appearance of more miracles that Harris predicts.

The colours for this card are yellow and blue. Yellow/gold is the color of Archangel Uriel who is all about brilliant ideas, epiphanies and transformation. Yellow is also about goal setting and higher thought. The colour supports us in creating that vision of what we want our reality to be and having a clear perception of why we are here, currently, on this planet. Blue is Archangel Michael’s colour and, as discussed earlier is connected to life purpose and releasing what no longer serves us. It is also the colour of truth and wisdom which lies within all of us – our true selves and the wisdom we can access to live our purpose. It is interesting that the bicycle is blue as well but combined with the colour green. Green is the colour of healing as well as communication and creativity. So, the card is letting us know that along the route to our true purpose we will find healing – it is time as we strike out independently. And with that healing we will be even more ready to create our reality. Working with all the colours will move us forward along our path.

Guidebook Messages:

“Your angels are validating your progress to this point. It’s important to keep the momentum going by not questioning yourself or your current path. It’s time for you to spread your wings and be fully in your power. If you’ve been holding back going to the next level, the time for procrastination is over. Just do it!

Colour activation: Gold and Blue

Golden light is activating your self confidence and desire to take action. Radiant blue light is sweeping away all fear and self-doubt and helping you trust yourself.”

I hope this reading was helpful for you. As you continue to focus on the image on the card, listen for the messages it brings specifically for you. Think about the change you have been experiencing and the supports you have to move forward. Know that it is time and that “Spirit has your back.” Are you ready?

I would love to hear your feedback about how this card’s message has resonated with you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with moving forward, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and angel card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light, 



If you would like to learn more about the meaning of the archangels, colours, or numbers here are a few resources I have found helpful:



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