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Angel Messages - Akashic Tarot: Archangel Raphael

Today’s angel messages come from The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the word “Akashic” refers to “Akasha” which is the etheric, the Divine mind, or the collective consciousness. The more familiar term

the “Akashic Records” refers to all the wisdom, information, creativity, knowledge, inspiration, and discovery from throughout time – past, present, and future - held in the ether. They hold individual records as well as all the truths of the Universe. They hold records of every being’s past lives and all future potentials. The Akashic Tarot is a tool that helps us open the Akashic Records and access the wisdom within.

The card presenting itself today is Archangel Raphael. This card is part of the tarot deck’s Major Arcana and as such is of major importance. A Major Arcana card may also refer to a time of great spiritual growth, that brings about significant changes, a time of higher revelations of power, vision, and wisdom. (Source: The Akashic Tarot Guidebook)

My Messages

Archangel Raphael comes to us as the Archangel of Healing. His appearance is timely as healing is something the world could use a lot of right now!

Healing From the Heart

Archangel Raphael is approaching us with a wide-open heart. We can see the pink energy of

the higher heart shining brightly with unconditional love and compassion. This beautiful heart energy is where we should work from when we work with healing as it offers healing without judgement/without bias. It is truly unconditional and can be of the highest benefit for the receiver. We can also work with Archangel Raphael to intensify the healing energy that we are working with. Just as we send healing with love, we also must receive healing with love; love for ourselves; love and gratitude for the healing. Love will truly allow us to integrate the healing as much as possible and as needed.

We Are All Healers

Archangel Raphael wants to remind us that we are all healers. Just like the energy in the hand of Archangel Raphael, we all have the healing energy “at hand/at our disposal.” When we are in a profession of healing such as a physician, nurse, counsellor, therapist, naturopath, herbalist, energetic healer, etc. we have learned knowledge and skills that come from the mind for us to implement in offering healing to others. For example, we learn what signs and symptoms indicate an illness and then we can offer a medication or treatment to treat the illness. As a health care professional, whether consciously or subconsciously, we offer energetic healing through our intentions set to help and the loving, healing emotions and thoughts attached to the actions we take. As a non-health care professional, but as a parent or loving friend or family member we also offer healing with different knowledge and skills we might have as well as thoughts, energy, or actions. For example, a parent may give a child medication for a high fever but also cuddles them through the night to sooth their discomfort and prays for their speedy recovery.

We are also healers for ourselves. Not only do we heal by using our free will to choose to accept healing from others, but we can also heal our body, mind, and soul through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We can direct healing energy to the area of concern. We can ask for help from Archangel Raphael and others as well. Remember that Spirit may send us healing in the form of others made available to assist us. What is key to making healing work is believing that the healing will occur and that the healing we direct towards ourselves is also from the heart sent with unconditional love and compassion. If we don’t believe we can heal ourselves, or don’t believe we are worthy of healing, we won’t heal. Do you believe you are a healer?

Physical and Emotional Healing

Archangel Raphael is most commonly called upon to assist individuals with physical healing. His emerald-green healing light can be visualized and brought into specific areas of the body in need of healing. He is not only the archangel of physical healing but also healing of the mind and soul, of relationships, of pets, and even conditions from past lives. Just as Archangel Raphael can assist us with physical healing, we can call upon him to help us find the root of destructive thoughts and feelings that impact our lives in a negative way. Often that root is in core beliefs we formed before we reached the age of seven or it is carried forward from past lives. Beliefs formed so early in life are not even truly ours as they came from other adults in our lives at that time so we can work with Archangel Michael to release them and Archangel Raphael to heal from them. For issues brought forward from past lives, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel can help us heal the trauma we have brought forward.

Archangel Raphael is also a support for healers in doing their work. I often call upon him, to assist me in offering healing to loved ones or clients and I can feel his powerful energy working for the person’s highest good. In this card Archangel Raphael is holding that healing energy in his hand and offering it to us. As with everything in our lives, we have freedom of choice with regard to healing. We can choose to heal or to continue to suffer. We can choose to offer healing or turn away from it. What choices are you being offered for healing?

Healing the Soul

When we start to heal disruptive and destructive core beliefs, as we heal trauma we have experienced, we are able to learn the life lessons more easily we agreed to learn in this lifetime and, in turn, our soul grows. Because we are all connected energetically, when we heal and grow so does everyone else on the planet. Archangel Raphael is offering us assistance with that soul growth through healing. In the image on the card, the light of Source behind him tells us that Source is also supporting us in the healing that allows us to move forward in our purpose. In the image, Archangel Raphael is wearing orange coloured clothing. Orange is the colour of balance. As we heal on all levels we achieve balance of the body, mind, and soul. Do you feel in balance?

Global Healing

When we look around us today, there is so much in our world needing healing. On a global basis we see so many needing physical and emotional healing from the trauma of war and crime, of famine and natural disasters, of poverty and abuse, of disease and death. Rather than turning a blind eye or hiding because the trauma is overwhelming, more people are waking up to the positive healing impact their love can have on global situations. As a citizen of the world, we can offer healing energy to those who are suffering whether we know them or not. We can move into our heart space and send loving healing energy to parts of the globe, or to groups of people, or to situations. As healing is energy, it will move to where it is needed, and your efforts will have an impact. We are nearing the tipping point globally when that energy can create a turning point for the betterment of humankind. Archangel Raphael is here to tell us that. As he is emerging from the woods in the image on the card, so too is humanity “coming out of the woods.” The more we send love and healing to others and accept it for ourselves, the more we will emerge.

On an individual level, many people right now are experiencing feelings of being “lost”, having lack of direction in their lives, or being unable to focus on where their life is going. This card is telling us it is time to emerge from the thick forest, from being lost, and to get on path again. As we heal with the help of Archangel Raphael, we will realign with our path and our purpose.

In addition to the physical and emotional healing, the world also needs relationships healed. At a time when recent events have created more divisiveness in communities and countries than ever before, we have much work to do to heal relationships amongst individuals and groups of people. As we remember that we all come from the same source, that we are all connected, and that everyone has their story and their purpose, and that everything happens for a reason, we can release judgement and approach one another with healing love and compassion. We have the ability and the power to do that; to heal the division and hatred in the world.

Healing Mother Earth

Walking in nature, Archangel Raphael is reminding us that Mother Earth is also in need of healing. As her energy is shifting, we can work with Archangel Raphael to offer our love and healing energy to her and all her creatures as well. Just as other people feel the negative events worldwide, so does the earth and her other inhabitants. Although Mother Earth has a powerful energy of her own, she has been under a heavy burden of negative influence for centuries. All the love and healing we can send to her will greatly benefit all on the planet.

Raphael also shows us that being in nature itself is healing because Mother Earth also has healing to offer us. Just as we exchange healing energy with other people, we also exchange energy with her. This is especially true when we walk barefoot in nature as Archangel Raphael is. It also us to have a more direct energetic exchange with the earth and helps us to ground.  

Healing into Abundance

This is card #8 of the deck. Eight is the number of abundance and prosperity. Archangel Raphael tells us that as we heal, learn our life lessons, and live from a heart centred place, our lives will become more abundant. This is not only abundance of wealth but also health and most importantly joy. We are here on this planet to experience joy. So, as we see more joy and beauty around us in small moments throughout our day, we bring in healing, and as we heal, we can experience more joy. In joy we can open our heart and share its compassion and love.

Guidebook Messages

“The Archangel Raphael walks down a path and approaches you, sharing his healing and uplifting light. He is a profoundly loving Spirit who has an important role in bringing the Akashic power to you. This beautiful being carries the energies of love, Family, Miracles, healing, and blessed journeys/ He can share all these intentions and experiences with you - and more.   

Of all the archangels, Raphael most often comes in the guise of a human. This card can indicate that helpful others may be attending you now. It also portends a time of great achievement in your personal life, and Raphael is opening the door. Blessings abound with this upright card. There may be a renewal of a lost dream, a reuniting of family members, or a healing – perhaps of a physical condition or a broken heart. Even if these conditions have been hanging on for a while, now is the time when you can really break through. Let Raphael be your partner in this process, and you’ll soon see why they call him the miracle worker!"

Akashic Forces

The following Akashic mini meditation can be done as often throughout the day as possible. In following the process first read the quote, then close your eyes and take a deep breath to pull the energy into you. This will allow you to feel the Akashic force of the card for learning about the Universal energies at play versus thinking about the card intellectually. Notice how the power boosts your sense of self and purpose. You can apply that energy to any situation you need help with. (Source: The Akashic Tarot Guidebook)

“Open yourself to the presence and touch of the Archangel Raphael, who stands beside you now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel your whole self fill with the healing energy of boundless love. Every cell, every thought, every moment vibrates with the radiant power and love of Raphael.”

So, as you see Archangel Raphael approach you from the card know that the time for healing

is NOW and he is there to help you. Whether you are healing yourself, others, or the planet and its creatures, the healing sent from the heart with unconditional love and compassion will have a resounding effect. You CAN do it and Archangel Raphael is waiting to work with you. Are you ready?

I would love to hear your feedback about how these messages fit for you. If you find that you are wanting some assistance with healing, I am offering individual intuitive counselling and tarot or oracle card readings online or in person (in Calgary).

Sending love and light,



If you would like to learn more about the Akashic Records, or the meaning of numbers, here are a few resources I have found helpful:



Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor – The Akashic Tarot deck



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