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Curious about the topic?

Click below to watch the Masterclass "Bringing Spirit into Health Care"

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Bringing Spirit into Health Care

Join Our Community!

Let's work together to find your power, align with your purpose, and bring Spirit into health care.

This caring community is for you if...

  • You are a health care provider wanting to find power in your purpose

  • You are ready to find the answers to challenges you face in your work

  • You are ready to embrace your spirituality

  • You want to expand your spiritual perspective of your life and your work

  • You are open-minded and receptive to new and different information

  • You want to be in service to humanity and have a meaningful impact on another's journey

  • You want to find your tribe to receive support in your journey and to support others on theirs

Find your power
Align with your purpose

When you join our community you will:

  • Find the freedom to be who you are – no more hiding in the spiritual closet!

  • Enjoy the company of others who share your beliefs and speak the same language as you do

  • Be part of a community that understands your challenges and struggles

  • Benefit from the guidance and wisdom of your tribe

  • Learn more about those woo-woo topics you have been wondering about

  • Embrace the true you and be valued for who you are

  • Be encouraged to share and grow your knowledge and skills

  • Have renewed energy to continue your great service to humanity

Your membership includes:


Access to our private members portal where you can have honest discussions, share resources, and find support.


Two 75 minute meetings per month:

  • 1 educational presentation including guest presenters

  • 1 open forum

  • All meetings are recorded and available in the members portal


PDF handouts, videos, links, and other resources to support your spiritual growth


Soul Messages' free weekly newsletter delivered directly to your email inbox


Advance notification of Soul Messages promotions and events

Your Membership Plan Options

Need a payment plan? Contact me at

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