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Discover Unique Insights to Your Relationships
With 2 Counsellors in 1 Session

Are you struggling with the relationships in your life?

Would you like to enhance your relationship with your:

  • partner

  • family

  • friends

  • co-workers

  • yourself?

Would you like to learn what makes successful relationships tick?

2 Counsellors in 1 Session

Access the wisdom of 2 gifted counsellors in 1 session.

 (60 or 90 minute)

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Joining Me for Selected Intuitive Counselling Sessions This Month

Meet Eileen Head

Intuitive, Transformational Coach


Eileen is an expert in helping you Live Your Best Life and supporting you to Thrive in all your relationships - personally and professionally. 

She is an amazing coach and can help you change your life with insightful personality typing, with the Enneagram.

She can also teach you how to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams no matter what your relationship status is!

Allow us to assist you to have more meaningful and loving relationships as part of living your best life!

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